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Sell Your Soul to the Testocracy: Kamala Harris’s Faustian Teacher Raises

Sell Your Soul to the Testocracy: Kamala Harris’s Faustian Teacher Raises

Steven Singer

I love the idea of Kamala Harris’ plan to give teachers a pay raise.

But once we get past ideas, it’s way more troubling.

Kamalobama Harris is Hillary 2.0. A center right, tough on crime, AIPAC ass kisser.

Trump would whoop her in 2020, I sure as hell hope she doesn’t get the nomination.

Then again, I think we’re all familiar with the corruption and incompetence of the Ds, right?


FAKE NEWS right here folks…this women has already sold out her soul to big money. Plus if you take a deep look at her past service record…Not even close to progressive . Kamala is what they call a NON_STARTER for me.


hillary with a tan! ugly.


Lucky for Kamala teachers are so easily hoodwinked…



“Testocracy” also has a underlying thrust with the overweening stench of patriarchy… interesting the similarity to test osterone


How can we have a prosecutor for president in the Era of the New Jim Crow? Harris advanced mass incarceration in CA.
She has a clear record of applying a different justice for the rich than for the rest of us.
Consider that the corp Dems would rather see Trump win than a Progressive.

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Biden will get the nomination unfortunately.

Looks like Biden has some splainin’ to do:

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People are too busy living their lives to care about these soap operas.

#MeToo is paying attention. Uncle Joe’s grabby hands are going to cost him.

And Dump actually cheated on his multiple wives. Seems all of the top pols do it- even FDR. Hope Biden doens’t run- he’s BORING!

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What is BDS again?

Big’ol golf clap… :brain: