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Sen. Bernie Sanders: Shulkin's Ouster Is Really All About Koch Brothers' Privatization Push


Sen. Bernie Sanders: Shulkin's Ouster Is Really All About Koch Brothers' Privatization Push

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Ah, the Koch Brothers. The backroom fascists…


The Republican Party is for privatization. They have been trying to privatize schools, national parks, social security, etc. Its their ideology. They don’t believe in the concept of the public good. Basically in the ideology of the Republican Party the country consists of millions of individuals all in competition with each other. It could be called social Darwinism. The Koch brothers believe in this ideology and are spending a lot of money in politics to implement it.


Well over 90% of taxpayers’ money spent on VA medical services actually goes to medical services, unlike Medicare, Obamacare and other programs that include lots of corporate welfare where only 50 to 70% of the money spent goes to actual medical services…the rest is “overhead” which (Wendell Potter serially reminds us) includes big bonuses, dividends, executives travelling in private jets with silver service in the dining room, and bribing politicians.

Unlike other gubmit sponsored programs, the VA is even allowed to negotiate drug prices…something that no doubt irks the 1% to no end.


Excellent article. Thank you.


Privatization is about owning We the People, especially minorities and WE POOR! Privatization is violence upon our Constitution by CORPORATIONS! A corporation-owned elite, who still push a legacy of white supremacy. A white supremacy of colonization perpetrated and lied about: by a heretical interpretation of the Christian New Testament. Less than .01% of these white supremacists’ population, actually just thugs calling themselves Christians. These corporate “its” are out to make our Constitution in their “it” corporate image. These corporate entities, for centuries, have used the excuse of colonization to steal Indigenous lands and to kidknapp and enslave an entire African population into forced labor! All put down in a very intriguing expose this morning by CBS, of all places lol!

"Race. Religion & Resistance" https://www.cbsnews.com/video/race-religion-resistance/

Featuring The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival leaders who will lead a 40-day resistance in over twenty state capitols and D.C. beginning this Mother’s Day! Where the Preachers, Priests, Imams, Rabbis and Spiritual Leaders of churches, tribes, American citizens and others of: Christian, Jewish, Islamist and non-sectarian spiritualist groups - COME TOGETHER! And say : WE ARE FAMILY. DOWN WITH WALLS!


“I would hope whether it’s guns, whether it’s Social Security, whether it is prescription drugs, that the Trump administration start listening to the American people, not just the billionaire class and the Koch brothers,” he added.

He knows they won’t. I wish he would just advocate to throw them out instead of pretending the hyenas grow new spots.


While Shulkin nominally stood up to a privatization scheme, he is not exactly a sterling character himself. He is an Obama appointee, Zionist and millionaire who owned his own private medical services company. He and his wife were caught using the taxpayers’ nickel when they were supposed to be attending a “Five Eyes” Conference in Europe. (The Five Eyes is a coalition of English-speaking countries that band together to spy on the world: the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. [No white supremacy there, nope]).

Shulkin never served in the military, though he was born on an Army base.

So Bernie is once again apologizing for a ‘lesser evil’ who is certainly lesser than anyone good. His evil level fits comfortably w/in the Duopoly immorality structure.


Between the prictator and the koch[suckers] the VA only has one choice: fight … fight … and did l mention … fight … them to the death!?! But the second very important part of that is to fully recognize that under Shulkin (the bush-dark appointee) the VA was already ripe for the likes of Trump and his brothers from another cunther! I.e.: the VA health system was already on a decided downhill slide!


Because [stoooopidly] they think the taxes they pay would be so much better spent on them than on doing what is RIGHT! In other words, they want EVERYTHING and everyone outside of the 2 of them be damned!


The only choice we all have is to FIGHT!FIGHT!FIGHT!

Have a good Spring Holiday and



Unfortunately that has become part of Bernie’s job description.


Oh, I think they came out of the backroom and into the light some time ago. But since they are Oligarchs they are taken more seriously than the rest of us. One of the things the Clintons and Obama were most successful at was to make Oligarchy and Plutocracy ‘respectable.’ And now The Tweeting Idiot of Orange threatens all that with his vile behavior and general lack of aesthetics. He does that because he is an oligarch who stooped to the presidency.


Thank you … and happy April Fool’s Day to you also!**

**I honestly expected some serious cataclysm to happen since Easter fell on April Fool’s Day, but now I realize (being a born-again Christian in a past life) the biggest fools are those who truly believe in organized religion!


We the People Inc. is the only privatization we need.


Bernie’s got Hair Hitler’s number: 666. Democrats handed the Mango Mussolini the election when they ran the toxic Clinton.


At the end of FY 2016, 6M (out of 20.4M) vets used VA medical benefits, so less than a third. Why so low? Could be many reasons. I am a vet and have never used the medical “benefit” nor have any intention of doing so.

As for the privatization issue, isn’t this part and parcel of the move to privatize the military altogether? And in the Koch universe, the privatization of everything including life itself?




When it is shown that socialism works at the V.A., the republicans will do everything they can to shut it down.


The Koch Brothers only contribute to two parties: Democrats and Republicans. Why should we listen to someone who will not distance himself from the corporate apparatus?

I will not listen to Democrats anymore, they are not True.

Bernie, in the final analysis, fears giving up the no power to effect change which he now enjoys, and his fear makes him powerless to do anything but give false hope to the terminally fooled. I don’t doubt his sincerity, just his potential as the transformative leader We require to avoid disaster in the near future.

The only solutions are outside the Democrats and Republicans.