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Sen. Bernie Sanders: Shulkin's Ouster Is Really All About Koch Brothers' Privatization Push


Maybe so, but it still ain’t a vote FOR anything.


Lrx —

Yes, the Republic party has not only been for privatization, it’s been for creating a “third world America.”
Elites basically believe that whatever exists belong to them – not anyone else.

But let’s also notice here …

Shulkin also spoke with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday and said, “I had been at the VA under the Obama administration and I knew ways that we needed to move forward and transform the VA and it wasn’t to simply privatize. It was to begin to start modernizing the VA, give veterans greater choice, which we’ve done, and this was a path forward.”

That Democrats are also owned by the Koch Bros. – and if the GOP doesn’t get what they want from the GOP, the Dem Party is there second option. Americans basically have NO option when they go to vote.

And from what Shulkin is saying, it’s like that Obama was also looking at ways to “privatize” the VA; perhaps not as drastically as will happen now.

Everyone should also realize that it’s not just the Koch Bros. – the Koch Family/John Birch Society has been dedicated to overturning democracy in the US for more than 100 years.

The $400 million mentioned that they will throw into the next election is 10X what they spent on the last one.

Expect that they will want 10X what they’ve gotten this time around.


“Privatization” is another form of theft - theft of The Commons and aspects of society that must or should be owned by the people. Whether its natural resources, public lands protection, energy, communications, transportation, health care & the insurance industry, bank & pharmaceutical public alternatives, public education, or the Veterans Administration (that should be giving vets the very best care in a very timely manner at zero cost or “overhead” ie profits). The power of great wealth to corrupt politicians, Congress and a complicit president to “privatize” The Commons and aspects of society that should have a strong public sector investment is an outrage that must not be ignored or tolerated!


With all due respect Tom, nowhere in this piece or Sanders’ comments does he apologize (or imply such) for any “lesser evil” nor does he (in this piece at least) condone corrupt acts, he attacks them. I do not defend shulkin at all, I only say Bernie doesn’t deserve to be pilloried for this.


Bob –

Must have been an interesting morning on CBS –

Sadly, Our Founders worked some magic for Elites – all while proclaiming, “All Are Equal.”
The Founders actually created an Elite-Patriarchy, endowing them with land grants, giving
only white males of property the right to vote. Everyone else but these males were second
or third class citizens. They also used “Christiantiy” to enslave and kill the natives here to
steal their land. And, saved and supported the system of Slavery for their fellow Elites
which also guaranteed the Civil War. This also further benefitted Elites by splitting the
nation into two camps of hatred which echo still today.

"Manifest Destiny" and "Man’s Dominion Over Nature" were also gifts to Elites via Christianity
which underpins Elitism. They are the gifts to Elites from Christianity (which underpins Elitism)
which gave them license to exploit Nature, Natural Resources, Animal-Life … and even other
human beings, according to various myths of “inferiority.”

The population, of course, were taught that the Constitution was “Of, by and for the people,”
but that was a lie. Elites/Christianity FEAR democracy and move immediately to ensure that
it will not exist.

Another example of this is The Spanish Civil War where SPAIN which had moved to become a democracy

The Vatican Propaganda Machine: The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson

From George Seldes, the “dean and granddaddy of investigative reporters,” when it comes to issues important to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, “… there is no free press in America.” Seldes’s extensive study of the Spanish Civil War and the related control of the American press by the Catholic hierarchy is exceedingly instructive for all who are concerned about this freedom.

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy that separated church and state, ended State monetary support for the church and adopted the principles of Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press. The Vatican feared for the Church’s very survival in Spain. There had been four insurrections since 1835, and it was the Spanish people, the poor workers and poor peasants, who burned the churches because they blamed the hierarchy for having persistently backed the upper class. The latest uprising against the Catholic Church took place throughout the country in July, 1936. One historian described it as “the work of masses of common people, a spontaneous uprising.” The Vatican feared that the liberal democracy with its freedoms would spell the end of the Church in Spain.

The Vatican, of course, also saw the US and it’s Constitution as a threat.


At long last, Republican politicians have found an even better way to thank veterans for their service.


The country needs a simple, sincere message, like the one used by George Papoon in 1976: Not Insane.


You state: “He knows they won’t. I wish he would just advocate to throw them out instead of pretending the hyenas grow new spots.”

Maybe it’s too much Easter dinner that has got your gut fogging your mind but if you look again you’ll see that Sanders wasn’t talking to the Trump administration or the billionaire class or the Koch brothers. He was talking to the public. And perhaps indirectly to the MSM. The ‘throw them out button’ belongs to the public. The Trump gang can’t be shamed but their shameful intentions can be publicly reiterated.


Love Bernie for this – the Koch Bros. are pretty much in charge of both national
parties and right now pretty much in control of everything that happens in DC.
Don’t forget Murray Energy where they are submitting their “wish lists” in the
same way the Koch Bros. are doing it. And they expect to get what they want.

Last night, I happened upon C-span’s Book TV/Festival of Books – and happily
found Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy Chained – The Deep History of the Radical
Rights’ Stealth Plans for America” was one of those featured.

Tuned in late and have been looking for a repeat, but so far no luck so don’t know
how much I may have missed.

Basically, in researching – she came upon James Buchanan’s, Economist records
which were never filed. Don’t know if she started with researching Koch Bros. or
started off research Buchanan – either way, it led to a large discovery of the truth of
Buchanan/Koch Bros. working together.

Nancy Mac Lean has also written other books – including, “Behind the Mask of Chivalry”
and “Freedom Is Not Enough.”

Anyone interested in Koch Bros. should know that the family was very involved with the
John Birch Society – an organization which JFK had spoken out against in his work,
“If by liberal you mean…” – and whose “Wanted Poster” was circulated in Dealey Plaza
the day of the coup on JFK and our people’s government.
The Koch Family, actually, have been trying to overturn democracy in the US for more than
100+ years.

Basically, Buchanan/Koch represent Libertarian thinking – but wise enough to understand that,
“if the people understood that, they would walk away…”

Part of the discussion which I did catch –

Obscuring census data to give “conservative districts more than their fair share of representation.” Preventing access to the vote. Decrying “socialized medicine.” Trying to end Social Security using dishonest vocabulary like “strengthened.” Lionizing Lenin. Attempting to institute voucher programs to “get out of the business of public education.” Increasing corporatization of higher education. Harboring a desire, at heart, to change the Constitution itself.

James Buchanan headed a group of radical thinkers (he told his allies "conspiratorial secrecy is at all times essential"), who worked to centralize power in states like Virginia.

By the time we reach Buchanan’s role in the rise of Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet (which backfired so badly on the people of Chile that Buchanan remained silent about it for the rest of his life), that’s all you need to know about who Buchanan was.

As MacLean lays out in their own words, these men developed a strategy of misinformation and lying about outcomes until they had enough power that the public couldn’t retaliate against policies libertarians knew were destructive. (Look no further than Flint, MacLean says, where the Koch-funded Mackinac Center was behind policies that led to the water crisis.) And it’s painstakingly laid out. This is a book written for the skeptic; MacLean’s dedicated to connecting the dots.

If you’re worried about what all this means for America’s future, you should be. The clear and present danger is hard to ignore. When nearly every radical belief the Buchanan school ever floated is held by a member of the current administration, it’s bad news.


wolf –

This isn’t just the 2 brothers – the Koch Family has been involved with trying to overturn
democracy in the US for more than 100+ years.

Father very involved with John Birch Society. If you’re familiar with them, you know about
their JFK “Wanted” posters in Dealey Plaza.

At the time that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in LA, 50% of the LAPD were John


I’d also like to use this article to point to the reality of “conspiracies” …
and this is beyond all of the proof that they do exist and have been carried out –

The very existence of corruption at the highest levels of our government and its
agencies is proof of conspiracy …

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s ouster of Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin is rooted in a Koch brothers-led effort to hand federal agencies over to private corporations.

and I’d suggest that’s a pretty clear conspiracy right there –

As Common Dreams noted last week, “the VA has long been a major target of Charles and David Koch, who have used their ‘front group’ Concerned Veterans for America to advocate pushing veterans into the private healthcare market and sharply reducing the department’s budget.”

"We have a Secretary of Education who does not believe in public education, a Secretary of the …EPA who does not believe in environmental protection. So what you’re looking at under the leadership of the Koch brothers is a massive effort to privatize agencies of the United States government and give them over to private corporations. That is what the removal of Shulkin is all about," Sanders said.

As he said in his Times op-ed, Shulkin told Tapper than some political appointees “saw me as an obstacle,” and "when they didn’t see that their way was being adopted, used subversive techniques to be able to change leadership at the VA."

Summing this up, we have corruption of government by conspiracy.

Further, either we have had 9 people on the Supreme Court who want the US government to be up for SALE, or they’re unfit to be on the SC. But many of the members have arrived on the Supreme Court by deception (Sen. Joe Biden rigging the Senate Hearings for Clarence Thomas) – and Clarence Thomas, of course, was rewarded with the nomination because of his favorable ruling for Ralston Purina – and for Sen. John Danforth who is an heir to the fortune. The grateful Sen. Danforth gave Clarence Thomas immense personal support during the Hearing, including assuring him that even if he was guilty of sexual harassment, he would still support him. Recall that Chief Justice John Roberts was rewarded with that position because he designed and ran the fascist rally in Miami-Dade County in order to STOP the vote county demanded by the Florida State Supreme Court. Roberts ran the operation using aides/staff and volunteers from the “W” campaign and brought them down to Florida with “all expenses paid” by the GOP.
And they did indeed stop the vote county with near violent protests which operated totally without
interference from either Miami-Dade Election HQ’s security, or any member of police enforcement.

For those who still fear talk of conspiracies: when you see corruption of government it is clear that there has been conspiracy – which only requires two people.

Corruption of our government cannot exist without conspiracy.

Corruption is the very evidence of the existence of conspiracy.


You commented: “I don’t doubt his (Sanders) sincerity, just his potential as the transformative leader we require to avoid disaster in the near future.”

What is it that you’re saying? That we need a better orator? Or a better ‘brand’? That’s ‘New Dems’ kind of talk, Trump talk, Hill & Knowlton or Burson-Marsteller kind of language. What we ‘need’ is an informed and responsive public. It’s that basic. Regurgitating the line “The only solutions are outside the Democrats and Republicans” is ignoring that no matter what tactics and strategy are used it can only be powered by an informed and involved public. Any successful movement is going to need voters who were registered in one or both of those parties. Not to trick or lie to them but get them to see the truth for themselves.

That’s why talking about Sanders not wanting to give up power is pure propagandistic bs. And from supposedly progressive sources?! His present standing in the polls is because he addressed issues that the public sees as very important, for obvious reasons, and offered solutions that were clear and straight forward, rational and directly benefited the needs of the public. That, and for no other reason, is why the public has the high opinion of him. You don’t start with ‘conclusions’. Start with the issues that are important to people’s lives, give reasons why they weren’t addressed before and why they must be now. This is what builds trust and support. An example that this works is the 2016 Sanders campaign itself. It stares us right in the face. So why do so many ‘progressives’ miss the obvious?

Complex issues abound, but the rules for power and exploitation throughout human history can be written on the back of an envelope. We’re not born with the impulses to obediently accept a hierarchical society based on power and exploitation. It’s the use of societal indoctrination that creates that and perversely we become a part of spreading that propaganda. Quite a system. But underneath that facade the truth still resides. Being informed of that truth is what can set a society’s population free. And it’s what terrorizes the status quo the most. And when one looks around one can’t help be see movements forming. What can this lead to? If there are going to be transformational changes in this country, and the world in general, it wouldn’t be unexpected to have it look as it does now.


If anyone should be considered armed enemy agents, live-firing on our society, it should be the Kock brothers. They are traitors and they are deep into taking over the government under their ownership. We should deal with them same as an invading army.


I said it - there are no solutions within the Democratic party. Bernie can’t move it. He could help end it maybe, but that isn’t going to happen either.

I see two issues: war which makes any other fixes un-affordable, and climate change which is racing American foreign policy to end humanity. Other issues just run out the clock.


Yet the Democrat Party is always assisting them.


Private industry is focused on that 200 billion money flow. Industry is too lazy to create their own so they target the public’s.


Trump, Pence and Ryan are the puppets and the Koch Brothers are pulling the strings. They have corrupted what little democracy we had. They should be deported and/or imprisoned for corruption of the state.


been there, good site, scary truth


Wish that could get some mainstream coverage, some details. The Alaska Project?


Bernie, was used by the deep state, as a shill, it seems to me, to give false hope to millions of his supporters in the last election including me! I knew Bernie had no chance of becoming POTUS, but was hoping I would be proved wrong because I never doubted Bernie’s sincerity, but in my view, the deep state used Bernie’s sincerity to fool me and millions of Bernie’s acolytes like me that sent him $$$!