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Sen. Bob Corker Could Save $1.1 Million From GOP Tax Scam 'Kickback'


Sen. Bob Corker Could Save $1.1 Million From GOP Tax Scam 'Kickback'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The estimate comes from a new report by economist Dean Baker, published as outrage grew over the last-minute provision buried in the 500-page tax bill


Johnson sez: "Corker sent a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) … highlighting “concerns” that the provision has raised and requesting “an explanation of the evolution of this provision and how it made it into the final conference report.”

Hatch sez: “How in the name of Moroni would I know that? Go ask the lobbyist who wrote it!”


Or, Hatch to Corker: “Dude, you were the one bitching about how you needed to re-landscape the family’s Hamptons residence! Don’t start pretending you don’t know, clown!”


It is not an entirely appropriate analogy, but the trump/R’Con regime along with all the appointees and mouthpiece co-conspirators, destroyers, and Congressional supporter/liars, should face a new Nuremberg type mass prosecution.

Of course the details are far different but a regime harming millions of people through official policy and employing open and massive untruths and secrecy, often while clearly benefiting/profiting themselves and cronies, including entities and individuals who pay for legislation and political representations/actions one way or another, are all arguably guilty of complicity, collusion, conspiracy and common-guilt for crimes against millions - “I was just following orders” or I didn’t know or I was lied to, do not exculpate the guilt of destroying lives in many ways, destroying environmental health/protections to benefit polluters, common natural resource exploitation, or promoting a small minority of wealth and power that with pre-meditation and intent victimizes the 99% sometimes to death or serious harm, rob through official policy and/or legislation forcing lives into servitude/serfdom/wage slavery, turn our free egalitarian republic’s best interests into personal gain, instead promoting and serving the 1%, corporate greed, extreme destructive exploitation and the dominance of vulture capitalism.

I know this may be seen as extreme and over the top, but there must be a reckoning for the official abuses of power, pattern of untruth in official determinations, contempt for law, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and open truthful equal governance…

Given the return of representation Of, BY and FOR the People, such prosecutions for crimes against the people seem reasonable, just, and very much needed to repair the damage/destruction and attempt to refute such open fascist representation, manipulations, arguably not seen in open governance in the West for the most part.

Extreme? FOS? Ridiculous? Absurd?


Not to mention the icing on the cake. Like all Congresscritters who deliver for the oligarchs, Corker’s vote also gets him a K Street job starting at no less than $2 million per year the day after he vacates his Congressional office.


So, y’all are surprised that a GOP politician can be bought and will vote the way his owners want?


FWIW, Corker’s personal take of $1.1 million/year is a pittance, compared to Twitler’s heirs escaping billions in estate taxes.

This sort of naked self-dealing used to be grounds for impeachment. Now it looks more like a job qualification.


Bob Corker now reveals himself to be a typical money-grubbing Rethug scumbag. So much for any principle from these assholes. This despicable bunch of grifters are assuring the increased suffering of the American people when the full effects of this appalling swindle kick in. I read yesterday that our infrastructure which already is in need to major repair will be even more neglected when the current funds dry up and are transferred to corporations and the oligarchs. One scenarios went like this - these assholes wait until a bridge collapses and they use foreign money to rebuild it and then they put a Toll booth on each end. We’ve already seen some state highways converted to toll roads. Looks to me that as the corporations continue to consolidate their immense power and keep merging we will have to pay more and more for everything. Remember what the psychotic Joker said in the Batman movie - “It’s all part of the plan!”


What a hypocritical, dishonest douchebag. Have a extremely short retirement, ass hole.


Remember the Dems do the same thing, although not quite as bluntly.


If his kickback inclusion and wording is the only concern to Mr Corker…
Well we don’t have to go any further, do we.

Much Like Mr Flake’s (such an appropriate name) reply to the ALS patient on the plane.
" We disagree on things."

Wow talk about a euphemism. Much like “collateral damage” is a civilian victim’s DEATH.

The tax bill assignes a death sentence to one man, and the other man disagrees.

How many more like this man with ALS, how many more have preexisting death sentences if they have no insurance. And Mr Flake is trading a promised DREAMER concession as his kickback.

This is not a difference of opinion, this is not a DIVIDED nation.

This is a case of a Perpetrator Murdering their Victim.

And all the Liars spew, “Well we’ll just have agree to disagree”


Let me get this straight: the Senate GOP is doing whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t lose two votes on the final vote on this bill. If I remember correctly, Corker was the only holdout in the original version, and obviously getting HIM to vote is a huge part of passing this bill.

Nevertheless, he just happened to not have a clue about a provision that wasn’t added UNTIL Mitch et al. started working to get his vote which just happened to get him another $1+M.



I am one, soon to be such person when they slash the safety net. The safety net is the only thing keeping me alive. Just like some 40 thousand others just like me. 40,000 others.


So very well said. Thank-You.


No Democrat is voting for this bill. Bluntly.


And your analogy is not entirely wrong! We already have religious and non-religious racists, elitists, people who hate the ‘brutish ignorant populace’ (that’s what they call us) white supremacists in government. The question is how we begin to stop reacting to their actions and begin to act proactively. We need to begin to study, truly study, the economic model created by and for the super rich and create a new one because we can not repair the neo-liberal/capitalist present model which has been and is (and will be) exploiting a good 6 billion people on this planet as well as all other Life on it. But just consider one and only one aspect of our conundrum. We are part of It. We and our parents and grandparents before us were all born into its ‘culture’ so that we are/have been willing participants on this rigged game designed to benefit a very, very few. There are many people who saw our Trap and who already figured out a way to escape it. Check out David Korten’s writings and Peter Joseph’s work with his Zeitgeist series to name just a few. Yes there is a way out! And, Yes, it requires ‘fundamental’ changes…for the better!


Only political, morons don’t realize Amerika has the best democracy $$$$$$$$$$$$$ can buy!


One wonders just how bad it will have to get before the masses wake up?


“IF” they regain majorities in either branch of Congress, get back to me. They are “almost” as bad as the Republicans. What the fuck did Clinton or Obama really, really do to advance this country forward either financially or socially to help working people? I’ll wait…



Since most Congressional representatives are multi-millionaires, this tax bill is a boon to them all. Anyone voting for it should be voted out and then thrown in jail on conspiracy to defraud the United States.


With a mass execution to follow the trial(s).