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Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ro Khanna Introduce Bill to Increase Military Accountability for Civilian Casualties

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/12/sen-elizabeth-warren-and-rep-ro-khanna-introduce-bill-increase-military


Interesting bill. I doubt it will pass and if it does Trump will veto. I’ll be curious to see if Mike Lee expresses support which he should if he is consistent. If Khanna who I mostly like quite a bit wants to be consistent, he should refrain from praising GW Bush.


Hi dara:
After seeing the “Collateral Murder,” video--------how could any elected official not pass this bill?

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How many elected representatives do you think watched that video?

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Hi dara, well that video was all over the news—how could they have missed it?

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Note the “Northern Command” listed among the 7 military operational commands that would be required to appoint two designated officials to oversee casualty prevention and response.

The US military’s Northern Command includes the United States of America (with Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, and sea approaches), and coordinates US military operations inside the USA. Which of course is supposed to be forbidden.

USNORTHCOM was only created as recently as 2002 as part of the “war on terror.” Now it’s part of Donald Trump’s Department of “Defense” (highly offensive, of course, in both senses of the word).

Right now USNORTHCOM is bragging about their support operations to several states’ Covid 19 response operations. Defund the Centers for Disease Control and civilian health programs, and let the US military’s camel nose into the “homeland” tent.

This country is s-o-o-o far down the road to despotism. Most of that road was paved long before Trump was selected.


I guess I’m afraid so many of our politicians are so far down the war rabbit hole they said I’m not watching that because it was illegally released.

As disturbing as that video was, there has been ample evidence of US atrocities in foreign wars for any politicians who cared to look way before that. I’m afraid many of them (including many Democrats and most Republicans except Lee and Paul) don’t care to look.


Warren has been complicit in Obama’s and Trump’s warmongering military budgets. She is a hawk on the military and was known as the “Senator from Raytheon”.

We have good estimates for the dead in Iraq done scientifically by independent third parties like the Lancet:


The Pentagon will never be forced into accurate reporting anymore than the mainstream media can be forced into balanced reporting.

This is another example of virtue signaling for Warren that will go nowhere in Congress.

Khanna is building up a consistent track record since he is also against the wars against Syria and Yemen.


My point exactly. That’s why I actually defend Trump, not that he deserves it, but laying the blame for things his predessors authorised is just not cricket. Why were his predessors not held accountable by these people for their crimes ? Why are they trying to place the blame on Trump for them ???

In the kind of asymmetric warfare the US has exclusively waged at least since Vietnam, the line between civilians and miltary personnel is very blurry. Since everyone including Warren and Khanna knows that, this whole thing can only be viewed as a cynical ploy to provide some kind of a moral figleaf to America’s generally reprehensible foreign engagements. Just bring the troops home and admit it: War is never the answer to any real problem (unless that problem is how to keep an uppity population trying to resist capitalist exploitation in line).


Absolutely meaningless. The US Military HAS by far killed more Civilians than any nation on this Earth.

Ms Warren voted for increased US Military spending.

If they want the US to stop murdering Civilians why not vote to repeal AUMF and why not introduce a bill to cut US Military spending to a 1/10th of what it is today.

That would save more lives then some process to count the dead after another US air strike.

Fucking frauds.