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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls for Total Overhaul of Student Loan System



Sorry Liz. Lowering interest rates on student loans is a drop in the bucket compared to the free public college tuition Bernie advocates, like all developed countries have. It would not do much to help students go to college.

Students who attend private colleges can afford their tuition. Lowering rates on student loans when there is free public college tuition would mostly help out the rich who don't need help.


Why exactly do we need these middlemen at all? If we have to feed the vampires, we'll always need more blood. I prefer single payer for education as well as health care.


Not the most compelling list of reforms, but probably more than is possible these days.

Really, if you want to do one service for student debt while retaining the vile system of indenturment for education, at least reinstate bankruptcy protection for students who can't secure sufficiently paying work to pay off the debt and remain, I dunno, fed. You can even make it a bit tough; like, say, 6 years before able to get a discharge.

But this society is constantly pushing education like it's crack, and that means the government and schools bear some of the responsibility for the creation of this debt in the first place. Too many of us believed that if we worked hard in school, it would lead to a better life. Well, that's largely not true for most.

So split the difference. Reinstate bankruptcy protection for student debtors, not aspiring yacht owners.


I suggest that students should lobby Washington:


When I see that Wall Street ghoul Chuck Schumer smiling and hovering behind her, I know that this is all a worthless distraction by this corrupt old capitalist party. They'll make a show of beating up on debt collection companies, but will do nothing to inconvenience the big banks that really benefit from the outrageous run-up in college tuition costs.


Now that is the kind of lobbying we should all join.


Hmmm. Don't Hillary's fingers look a little small in this photo? I heard somewhere that make's her un-presidential. I'll have to look up the source and get back to you.


You are absolutely correct. When I was in grad school, semester charge was $30 and you could take as many hours as you could handle in late 50s. Income has not exponentially increased like tuition costs. Cutting out the flab, the high costs etc has to be the goal. Bernie is only one addressing this Liz and Hillary miss the point.


Sounds like Obama's list of standards or whatever he called them before the passage of the ACA and we know what that brought us. Empty meaningless jargon -- a krock.


I think I have a worthy idea on this issue.

Lets propose outsourcing the entire post secondary education system. Penury and alternative would be chaining every enrollee to a tethered device with random pop quiz exams and retinal identification using body cameras as evidence the quiz was not taken by someone else. Other electronic proofs are mandatory including turn it in.com. Also allow rate my prof.com to rank the necessary robots.

For the moneyed and adventurous there would be outsourced campuses in places where American has already established a manufacturing presence. Adding to the portfolio of investors will be untenured fill-in profs when the robots crash. and available on a need to basis. Students could explore life without the amenities once enjoyed by the Peace Corps. This time, students will be hosted in the homes of outsourced labor without prior vaccinations. Graduates will have degrees from the corporate campuses of Harvard Bosnia campus and Yale's
prestigious Lahore campus.

This way the endless streams of exploited tuition would be provided in the form of a development aid that can be administrated by those hosting campuses that would provide grades after a surtax.

Researchers at any global campus would be required to flog their discoveries and narrative expositions to a free market economy or face dismissal should the discovery and its business plan fail to acquire market faith.

Existing North American campuses already have existing housing that needs mere modification to accomodate families. The central utility of the four level bunk bed reflects NYC's 8 hour sleep in the revolving beds of time share of bedrooms. Condos can blossom where campuses once thrived. Daycare works well as space for retired profs who are required for meeting rent by looking after kindergarten classes without lunch breaks for anyone.

The final equation is, American university graduates will be known not by nationality but accomplishment and Grade Point Average. Reaping the harvest of capable graduates levels the field of student debt. Third World tuition culls the sinful cost of student debt. Repayment in non US currency ensures graduates can have wages garnisheed, should they find work, until retirement and subsequent debtors prison mandated by being guilty of being poor. Child rearing or washing dishes, steady employment is a promise kept.

Trump University provides the first glimpse of a template for a Make American Education Great Again solution to student debt.

Call the campaign, 'Schools Out.'




I'm sorry Senator Warren, your plan does not go nearly far enough. The real progressive position regarding higher education is:

  • Higher education at public universities and colleges must be free, and

  • All current student loans must be cancelled/forgiven.

The following political parties (including their candidates, as applicable) support both of these components:

Green Party
Provide free college tuition to all qualified students at public universities and vocational schools. It's time to forgive all student and parent loans taken out to finance post-secondary and vocational education.
Source: http://www.gp.org/social_justice/#sjArts

Socialist Party - USA (SPUSA)
We demand equal access to higher education for all people and support publicly funded higher education. We call for the forgiveness of all outstanding federal student loans.
Source: http://socialistparty-usa.net/platform.html

Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)
Make education free—cancel all student debt.
Source: http://www.votepsl.org/program

Workers World Party (WWP)
Free education for all, full funding for public schools. Job training with a stipend. Cancel student debt.
Source: http://www.workers.org/wwp/program/

I am a U.S. expat living in a developing country (Ecuador, South America) and higher education is provided for free to any university in world. (Note: Students attending foreign universities or colleges are required to return to work in Ecuador for 5 years in a professional, educational, or government position at a guaranteed minimum income of $60,000 annually.)


strange perhaps, but now every time I see anything of Senator Warren all I come away with is seeing someone who likes to talk. As in all talk and no action. As in "hope and change" talk with then no hope for change. And I wanted to like her so much….
Keep fighting, Bernie! You can do it without her!!!


I like your cartoon, did you draw it?


Well, if you want to go with student debt forgiveness, ya gotta go with Stein - that's not on Sanders plate .... making college education a public function, as was HS education some time ago. is on her plate as well - and her plan for slashing military funding is much more likely to provide the funds needed, over and above progressive income taxation and a Tobin tax ...


You mean Sanders is the only D addressing it, not the only one ...


Sanders is the same ....


That is what passes for a "total overhaul"? Good heavens, that explains a lot ...... (smile)


I mostly concur.

The left needs to grab this opportunity and take advantage of the interest and enthusiasm of the young people that the Sanders' campaign has generated. If we, the left, don't capitalize on this "manna from heaven" opportunity; we have no one to blame but ourselves, in my opinion.

To be successful in this, however, the many different factions on the left need to set aside their differences and focus on the ideals and principles we have in common. Our combined synergy will be far more effective in drawing the numbers we need and in developing a "core message" than if each faction attempts the challenge on their own. This will require working together for the common good ... something the left is not good at. Far too many would rather grand stand on their "principled" difference(s).

Case in point, as a Socialist, I am frequently and maliciously castigated by other Socialists for supporting Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. Many even call me a pseudo-leftist ... their greatest put-down and mockery.

Yes, I understand that the Green Party is a capitalist party and that they do not advocate for the underlying key principles of (real) Socialism. However, most of the principles the Green Party does advocate for are the same principles common among the different Socialist organizations. I can live with that since we are currently bound by the Capitalist system right now anyway. To me, it is a "common sense" alignment for this election cycle.

Additionally, Dr. Jill Stein is the real deal. Her integrity, history as an advocate for the people, and her stance on the important issues (especially the military-industrial complex and war) are commendable, to say the least. She has earned my support.


Good meme!