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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shows How Incredibly Annoying It Is to Call Equifax


Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shows How Incredibly Annoying It Is to Call Equifax

Common Dreams staff

Why is it so hard for consumers to freeze their own credit? That's a question the senator would prefer we wouldn't have to ask.


Corporations don’t want you to do ANYTHING that involves human connections anymore…
Try getting through to someone at the NY State Labor Dept., when you are UNEMPLOYED, as I am…
You CANNOT get through…everything is re-routed back to doing everything online…
and then they wonder why there is so much alienation/ isolation/ apathy in the world?
could it be that is what they (oligarchial powers that be) WANT???
could be…
and now 40% of US labor force in headed for total automation of jobs…within 10 years…
no cashiers, less restaurant servers, etc…
where is the money to provide unemployment insurance for them, WHEN they need it,
…and they will.


I was just doing this today. Absolute f-ing chaos. First, they make a big show of security. (What??) This after I had failed to file a freeze online or by phone, so I had sent a registered letter. I got zero response to the letter, only to find out on calling a month later that you can’t have your account “locked” and have a freeze go into place also. Why not?? And do you think they sent me any notice to this effect. Hell no. This so-called “lock” is something offered by Equifax, usually for a fee (but now free for a year, no doubt the fee will return) that does something like a freeze (apparently) but doesn’t follow any of the legal guidelines of a freeze; so Equifax can define it as they wish. A freeze is permanent, thought free for the moment, so that’s probably why they don’t want you to do it.


Freaking nightmare. Haven’t had any run-ins, yet. Is it too much to ask that we have sane policies for consumers? It’s sad that Warren is one of only a very few people in office working for the masses rather than business.


Keep in mind: For every piece of junk mail you get for a “pre-approved” card or loan, that bank does a credit check on you. They pay one of the credit reporting agencies for that information.

Consider how many of these pieces of junk mail go out each year. There’s a HELL of a lot of money there that they ain’t about to give up access to, quietly.

In their opinion, YOUR credit information is THEIR property–their INVENTORY to buy and sell; and it may be a short time before they go to court to prove it and can therefore legally deny you a freeze, or maybe even access to your own credit history.


I froze my credit on the three major credit bureaus 14 years ago. Back then it was free. I’ve never looked back at opting out of the system.

Since then I haven’t received any unsolicited card offers and I don’t have to worry about having my identity stolen. FCK the system…use credit unions.

This is bad:

This is what is in store for us, fight the system now by opting out.