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Sen. John Kennedy Could Be the Internet's Hero

Sen. John Kennedy Could Be the Internet's Hero

Candace Clement

Burger King has thrown its weight behind it. Massive tech companies like Amazon and Google support it. Eighty-three percent of the American public — including three out of four Republicans — opposed the FCC’s destruction of it.

I see this attempt to get rid of free speech on the Internet as an all out push to erase dissent from the public. Every opinion I have and have posted is anti government. I will be shocked to see a reversal happen. What you say on the net will be held against you. I think it is a done deal and hope I am wrong.

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No participation here?
People seem to care far more about this insignificant Nunes memo that having a free and open internet-
Blows my mind…
Call Mr. Kennedy’s office today! Net Neutrality forever!!!