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Sen. John McCain, Republican War Hawk, Dead at 81

Sen. John McCain, Republican War Hawk, Dead at 81

Common Dreams staff

Longtime U.S. Senator John McCain, the Republican from Arizona who aggressively pushed for the Iraq War before the illegal invasion by the United States in 2003, has died. He was 81.


bye bye mr american pie
but how soon can we have the chance to have another senator in AZ ?

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I celebrate the death of no one. We are all part of the whole. Each death diminishes all. Ask not for whom the Bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

I wish McCain and all the other war mongers with the blood of millions on their hands had thought that way.


I hope the next senator is not a warmonger like McCain & so many other senators & representatives from both parties. He was a POW in the unjust immoral war in Vietnam & became a senator that wanted more & more wars. He supported Israel’s expansionism in the ME & targeted assassinations, Obama’s drone strikes. There are so many magazines honoring that war criminal they call a hero. The comments in the Washington Post & Yahoo praised him & called him a hero.There were comments from people that disliked him but still praised him.


“If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.” Maya Angelou

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” Confucius

I, for one, will take this opportunity to respectfully observe the passing of one who served the nation in the way he saw best. I may have a different view, but I can say I respect the spirit and intent of his service. And I will not join others in spitting on his memory before he can even be interred. R.I.P. Sen. McCain and I extend my deepest condolences to those most touched by your passing.


I do the Facebook thing.

I have promised myself I will simply hide all posts that praise this monster. Dying doesn’t redeem him. It doesn’t make him someone to admire or thank of respect.

Guess who is someone I follow and admire? May Pang, John Lennon’s girlfriend. She is great. I love her.

But she, the girl friend of John “Give Peace a Chance” Lennon, was praising him and thanking him for his service.

I hid the post.


I won’t do that. I didn’t do that When Charles Manson died. Why would I do that for someone who killed many more than Manson?

I do not respect the spirit and intent of his ‘service.’ He was a baby killer in his ‘service.’ He dropped bombs on civilians including children. He was a hot dogger whose pranks while flying jets on an aircraft carrier killed his mates. He was a blood thirsty maniac who stood with real Nazis, not Neo-Nazis, in Ukraine to encourage them to commit a violent coup that later led to them burning to death ethnic Russians in Odessa.

His dying doesn’t make me respect that suddenly.

I wish he hadn’t died from such a painful disease. I wish he’d been able to live as long as possible with peace and health and happiness. I wish now he’s not suffering in an after life. But that doesn’t mean I respect what he was. I wish all that despite what he was.


I understand that. But I’m not going to unfollow May Pang when most of what she posts is about the music scene and memories of John Lennon.

On Facebook I block sites with propaganda of the Trump supporting alt-right side or the Clintonista Russiagate nonsesne side when my friends post stuff like that. I still get their posts about cats and what their grandkids are doing and their health and all the other things that make me want to be friends with them.


McCain was an enabler and proponent of state sanctioned terrorism


You are certainly entitled to your different world view. It appears, though, that your value system is somewhat strange. The man was part of the American killing machine. War is always state sanctioned murder. I get the Kleenex for you…


Wow. and nothing of value to respond to, either. i find bashing one who has died painfully rather disgusting, and cannot find the rancor in myself. but i guess it is nice to have it spew so easily from others? whatever.


Thanks for this balanced post. The BBC (!) has been leading with this news, chock-full of eulogies for the man who wanted to, “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Iran” and followed by another attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn for his pro-Palestinian activism Truly astonishing, and a tacit admission we are just a province of the bellicose American Empire, destined for ever greater loss of sovereignty once we Brexit.


I know he was brave and what is thought of as a “true American” but I can’t get his gleeful “bomb,bomb, bomb,bomb bomb Iran” schtick out of my head. What was meant as a joke, was a mindless suggestion to kill thousands of innocent people. I still don’t exactly get why we hate them in this country.


maybe because they don’t kowtow to our oil interests after we ousted their leader in '53…never will celebrate anyone’s passing but the senator recently voted against increasing veteran benefits and his pop was part of the command group who buried the uss liberty attack in '67…not sure where the hero status comes into play


“I’ve never wished a man dead, but have read many an obituary with glee.”
Clarance Darrow said that little ditty about his long time rival and whipping boy William Jennings Bryan.
For all of you n this thread that don’t want to bad mouth this man on the day of his passing, fine. However, you must also accept then that this monster sent many a man, woman and child to an early death through his actions.
Fuck him. May he rot in hell.


What else to expect from the “british bullshit corporation”?


I adamantly disagree.
When a good person leaves us we are diminished. When a bad one goes, and McCain was most assuredly a bad one, we are left better for his abscence.
In the end the world is not a better place from having John McCain in it.


Well, we might not be better off, if the governor of Arizona decides to appoint Joe Arpaio as McCain’s replacement.


We never met but he and I exchanged words via print and emails. If you carefully read the letters from Jefferson and Adams you will discover he was, in many respects, Adams reborn. I respected him but was 180 degrees from anything he did. To me, his life was a disgusting waste of position and the power that went along with it. The only thing he did that correct and saved lives was his thumbs down on the Senate Floor against destroying the ACA. A very rare act of Grace. He had many come his way but listened to the devil sitting on his right shoulder instead of the Angel sitting on his left. He will no longer gather blood in his cupped hands. Good-bye John, you will not be missed.


Thank you for your “condolences”. I battled with him for decades. He always won the fights we had, always with a bit of twisting the knife in my back. I feel better, less pain in my back already. It’s nice to know I out lived him. R.I.H. John.