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Sen. Lindsey Graham 'Didn't Know' About Niger? He Should Read More Nick Turse and TomDispatch


Sen. Lindsey Graham 'Didn't Know' About Niger? He Should Read More Nick Turse and TomDispatch

Jon Queally, staff writer

What U.S. Senators Don't Know (and Neither Do You) About What the Pentagon Is Doing in Africa


Hey! We don’t need no stinkin’ info OR intel when reps and officials got special interests stuffin their pockets w/dough! Much less when MIC is riollin like a pig in $#!t


Lindsey Graham should learn to read, period. No qualifier. The US universities are turning out intellectual light weights. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they know how to rob from a naive, clueless population. As that halfwit Drumpf would tweet, “so sad”. Sitting, drinking a glass of Riesling about 3 klicks from where granddaddy Drumpf was born.


All started under Obama…Trump just keeps it going…


Again, I call for the end of our Empire and our closing down/leaving 99.99% of all of our overseas ventures. Get the eff out of just about everywhere we are militarily and behave like a civilized country that does not need to dominate everyone else. This is the belief of the Green Party, and if you agree, and want to end our endless selfish militarism for empire and resources, then please join the millions who have already fled the two-party duopoly to come and join us in taking down the evil, owned Democrats and replacing them with the real party of common people - the Greens. #Demexit to the Green Party 2017!


I have a hard time believing the stated lack of knowledge of these events by our representatives ,(on the armed services committee??), are they perpetually napping ,or too busy capitalizing on their hush money donations from the arms industry/mic? , if they are truly clueless ,then they are being neglegent in their dutys , otherwise can be seen as complicit in he war crimes perpetrated in our name , either way bad news , sad , especially for those in the country’s we are so involved in destabilizing


A gaffe in Washington DC: Accidentally telling the truth.

In the cases of Graham and Schumer: “We actually don’t know WTF is going on. The MIC, Israel, and The Saudis write us big checks, we run to the bank, and await marching orders from Bibi.”


By toppling Gaddafi the US and allies created a dystopian nightmare and now sells itself as the savior whose military will create Peace, Prosperity and Stability – in a region where by and large Peace, Prosperity and Stability had already existed before the US toppled Gaddafi.

In short - a protection racket to ensure US dominance in the region.


“Perhaps it is best if members of Congress started asking many more questions and demanding much better answers.”


THE Pentagon budget is the problem and most people in Congress are nothing but fawning, parasites who don’t dare to do anything but pay lip service to the Pentagon’s fascist, trillion $$$$$$$ budget. America’s military; especially in its hubris and hegemony of its foreign policies, has absolutely no accountability and is a military dictatorship.The four Soldiers killed in Niger are just more proof.


" Prosperity and stability already existed before the US toppled Gaddafi."

True, Libya had one of the highest standards of living, in the world under Gaddafi, much,much higher than the U.S. What the economic, elite were worried about was their economic stability and prosperity! Namely: THE GOLD DINAR.


What Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schemer doesn’t know, combined with what he doesn’t care about, would fill a google archive server.

There is that familiar odor of El Salvador - Nicaragua - Iran Contra CIA Redux.


If Afghanistan is “The Graveyard of Empire(s)”, Africa must be the understaffed ER where they go right before they croak. There are centuries of “experience” in the Mid-East, the Himalayan Plateau, South Asia, and Africa that amply indicate those aren’t exactly playgrounds for various empire builders to screw around in. Europe pretty much gave up on Central and South America in the 19th century.


And why did President Obama send troops to Niger? To search for the 276 young women and girls abducted by Boko Haram in 2014.

DJT’s purpose is far more sinister: uranium and oil just waiting to be usurped and T-Rex knows all about it.


Your link doesn’t say anything about Niger.


Where the heck do you think Niger is geographically? Boko Haram took the abducted school girls to Niger from Nigeria. Connect the dots.


Our political " leadership" is unbelievably clueless! Perhaps they should venture out of their bubble once in a while. It also might be a good idea to spend less time fundraising, and more time reading.


Rhine valley, perhaps?


The military spokespeople also seemed clueless about about the events in Niger. And these four deaths did not get real headlines until Trump got a question about calling family a few weeks after the killings.


Author speaks as if this Africa B’S was just beginning and no body knows it they; Stick it where the sun don’t shines a many of we the anti war anti corruption of media and government have been screaming about Africa happenings and real causes since before Blackhawk down B’S and real reasons for Ruwanda massacres were occuringMedia pundits come out of woodwork like termites when gov gets their balls in a wringer, and by obfus action and denial those members of both houses play ignorant, even those that have sat on Defense and other military oversight committees for years.
Like how progressives are kissing up Warren when today she too sits on that oversight committee and has taken junkets since being given that spot.
Watch as these paid political pundits and military experts on visual and written media outlets play outrage and then weave blankets of deception away from our military and State departments nefarious characters hidden from public view actions.
18 OF AFrican nations have both military and contract instructors, 7 nations have active US Spec Ops taking part in combat actions and y have CIA merc supported terrorist trying to overthrow or assassinate those who oppose US leadership.
How many know that outfit called ROTC, Reserve Officer Training Corp is in Africa under State Dept contract training African military for part of US sponsored and armed multi African nationalities Africa Corp.
Niger is one place US US uses to get arms into hands of terrorist groups. We supply Nigerian military and police in a covert plan whereby Niger military sells and gives those guns to assorted rebel groups.
Of course Niger gov and military figures are paid well for their part.Dan it all if a few in US have known about US B’S and killings in and by Africa Command Center for many Yeats now where the heck all these termites that now show up been hiding?
YES, the ones that train even high school students and college students on campus is part of Empire building.


Thank you for the “official story”.

But it sounds contrived (CIA) to me, similar in nature to the Kuwait incubator story.