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Sen. Mike Lee: U.S. Can't Bomb Syrian Forces Without Congressional Approval


Sen. Mike Lee: U.S. Can't Bomb Syrian Forces Without Congressional Approval

Robert Naiman

According to multiple voices in the DC press, the idea of the U.S. bombing Syrian government forces is "back on the table" this week.

On Sunday, under the headline, "Four military options for Obama in Syria," The Hill reported that the administration could be weighing four possible options: "No-fly zone," "Safe zones," "Target Assad's air force," "New weapons for rebels."


Gee, a sane Republican senator. That's impressive. Where are the sane Democratic senators?"
The United States is trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with all the no-fly zone, safe-zone, bomb Assad, and weaponized the rebels nonsense talk.
The Civil War in Syria is not going to end in the way that the US planned for it to end.
So the neocon warmongers like Hillary and Obama should give it up and take their hard earned lumps.


Well, the republican gets something right, but it's probably just for show. There is no AUFM for much of the death and destruction we are causing in the middle east. The fact that congress has declined to debate and grant that authorization has been deemed (by pretty much everyone in government) to be tacit approval. Oh, no wait. It's ISIS we're bombing, not foreign governments. Except for their civilians, and hospitals, and schools, and transportation systems, etc. etc. etc.

I won't hold my breath that this will be taken seriously. Too many important matters seem to come up when congress is out of session, or scheduled for the 'lame duck' session. Politics in this country is putrid.


The U.S. has no expectation of victory, just an unending war that will benefit the MIC and drain Russian resources.

The announcement is another step up in the idiotic neocon brinkmanship with Russia, which follows the last step, the Ukraine coup.

I hope they don't end up getting us all killed.


Course correction now.


A UN Security Council resolution is also required.

Here is what is happening. The USA wanted to use ISIS and Al queda to topple Assad so that a puppet regime could be put in place.

This is how ISIS and Al Qaeda took so much territory. The US and allies were backIng them.

Russia enters the conflict legally as it at the invite of the legitimate Syrian Government and it all turned around. Al Qaeda and ISIS face defeat so the US wants to support them directly by hitting Syrian forces.

Russia has indicated that it will shoot down US aircraft should this occur.

This all ties back to 9/11. Why would the USA ally with the group they claimed carried out that attack?


The bottom line is that even the warmongers have a shelf-life.
Their opinions and ideology has become rancid and is now turning the stomachs of the American people.
It's only a matter of time before they are all placed into a lunatic asylum.
And the first one through the door will be Hillary.


Precisely. And that correction is to get out of the Civil War in Syria entirely.


The only one that never loses in these perpetual wars in Syria and Afghanistan and elsewhere, is the war racket...the military, congressional, industrial, war profiteers.


Lets hope they are placed in a lunatic asylum before they kill us all in a nuclear war, because these war mongers are insane and are crazy enough to start a nuclear war!


In spite of Senator Mike Lee's commendable,insistence that Congress debate and vote to approve or reject an authorization for the use of military force before any U.S. military action is taken against the Syrian government it is already a done deal.


Congressional approval would STILL not make war on Syria legal (nor moral). Syria poses no threat to the U.S., so, according to international law (the U.N. Charter, Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg Tribunals), U.S. war on Syria is an illegal war of aggression, the most serious war crime condemned and prosecuted at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after World War II.

Contact Congress and tell them to end the illegal U.S. war on Syria and withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria:



Actually, urge them to reject, not approve, another war resolution, because we don't need another regime change war. And one of the previous responders is correct -- without the UN Security Council's approval, the US would be violating international law to attack Assad. Let's rein in this rogue neocon government before it brings us all to the end times!


You're right about Trump, He is a con man. And a lunatic.


That was Reagan's reasoning.


Nixon once said that the President can "bomb anyone he wants." Sad, but true. Senator Lee knows this. He's just showing a bit of disrespect for Obama, demonstrating to his Repub base that he's got some spunk. But his words are hollow. Bombs away!


Time to raise holy hell. I called my senators and congressperson today and told them the hostilities with Russia are plain stupid and that we should get out of Syria. I reminded them that Oregon has a very large anti war movement and that is why Hillary did not win the primary here. I told them we were fed up paying for these wars while our people need help.


This article is, unfortunately, a bit behind the times. (Links to relevant articles are highlighted in blue, below.)

The U.S. is now having second thoughts about an air war over Syria, ever since Russia moved in their S-300 Air Defense Systems, the first time these systems have been deployed outside of Russia. In addition, the Russian missile corvette, Mirazh, left Sevastopol on Thursday to join Russian warships in the Mediterranean. Two sister ships, carrying Kalibr long-range cruise missiles, were expected to arrive in the Mediterranean this past Wednesday. Following these moves, Russia warned the U.S. that, if the U.S. were to attack Syria, Russia would shoot down its aircraft; and, further warned that Russia is was fully aware of the location of all opposition "operation rooms" and associated personnel within Syria.

One reason the U.S. appears to be backing off is that, although the U.S. is superior in terms of number of aircraft, cruise missiles, etc., this equipment is in many ways no longer a match for Russian air defense systems. An excellent analysis of why this is so is provided in the following article:

Why American Military Doctrine Is Doomed for Fail - Oct. 2, 2016 - Federico Pieraccini - Strategic Culture

There is also now some thought as to whether, once Russia has all its air defenses systems in place, Syria will decide to place its own no-fly zone over Syria; and, ban all U.S. and U.S. allied aircraft from entering Syrian air space.


Voting for Hillary? Republicans acting like Democrats should? What's next, Republican gays coming out of the closet?


No more bombing period! Come on people and get behind the Greens.