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Sen. Mikulski Protects Iran Deal But Veto Battle Should Be Avoided


Sen. Mikulski Protects Iran Deal But Veto Battle Should Be Avoided

WASHINGTON - NIAC Action Executive Director Jamal Abdi issued the following statement after Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) announced that she will support the Iran nuclear deal:

“Senator Barbara Mikulski’s support is a major milestone that ensures the Iran agreement can move forward despite the millions of dollars and misinformation pumped out by opponents in an effort to kill the deal. With 34 votes secured, there are enough votes to protect the agreement through a presidential veto so that the U.S. will not be forced to renege on its commitments.



Why do we have to beg Democrats to vote for Diplomacy? Could it be that the defense contractors' millions of dollars were not all spent on ads, but some $ went to Democrats to vote for another warprofiteering bonanza? In the old day when Democrats had morals, nobody had to beg them to do anything good.They just did it. This begging and reluctance on the part of undecided Senators and Congresspeople should not be tolerated. Let's vote for a new party in 2016 that has candidates who will raise the Minimum Wage , stop the wars, use the war money to give our children FREE COLLEGE. Citizens in other nations who had corruption in their government built Labor parties to protect their working families.we should do the same.Visit my website and learn how to fix our broken government. www.BoldThoughts.org