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Sen. Ron Wyden Tears Into Trump Intelligence Chief Pick as 'Least Qualified Individual Ever Nominated'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/sen-ron-wyden-tears-trump-intelligence-chief-pick-least-qualified-individual-ever

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While the evening cheeseburger ketchup dripped down his Mussolini chin, Fox News activated the ego-feeding wormy idea into Baby in Chief’s sick head about Ratcliffe.

And the Senate will provide the vote along party lines because Baby in Chief might whine if he doesn’t get another play toy just for him.


Entirely too true! The idiot in chief needs to go, yesterday would be good.


While I appreciate Wyden going after this guy, he has little room to talk about how Ratcliffe has " shown little concern for Americans’ rights", when he himself is an Israel toadie who actively supports anti-BDS legislation in Congress.


If the orange twits nomination of this clearly incompetent and obviously out-of-his-depth political tool is not challenged in the strongest terms by career officers and any sane reps left, like Wyden (if they have the courage), then our “intelligence” agencies have a very huuge problem; Ratcliff’s only “qualification” being trump’s chosen political sock-puppet.

This regime of rotting corruption doesn’t stand alone, it had its foundations in past regimes over decades from both parties, some playing “depraved” cop, some “kinder” cop, but both serving the same Grand Con and theft from society to enrich the connected - political figures receiving their half-million banker/Wall Street checks for “lectures” after leaving office for performing their roles in the Con during their tenure!

The calculated politicization and/or corporatization of all agencies including “regulatory” and “intelligence” now a completely sick joke and treasonous conspiracy endangering the lives of millions.
This malignant narcissist that many term “politically cunning” or “smart” or other such terms astonishes, the fantasy driven by a thoroughly corrupted and neutered media lap-dog, The truth is trump is a corrupt con-man and pathological liar, intent only on his own ego, crony profits, and exploitation/usury, not caring what, or how many lives he destroys to gratify his extremely ugly, vindictive, divisive, and bloated fantasy of himself! He is after all a “very stable genius” “emperor” and the mystery is why so many still see this bloated, evil pos as wearing clothes at all, or being able to delude so many with his BS!! Mussolini perhaps thought in similar fashion until the scales fell from the eyes of partisans and he was finally destroyed…

Many see, not only a delusional emperor wearing no clothes parading around as some sort of crafty manipulator and beloved leader, but a depraved criminal destroyer to be finally dragged into the town square to pay for all the hideous damage he has done to so much!


I think it is great if we have incompetence in our spy/state terrorist organizations. These intelligence services have been committing criminal mischief long before Trump. The deep state wants control of the world and Trump is considered a loose cannon who could screw up the whole game. Fighting within the ranks of these evil people is a good thing.


This dipstick is going to give us the exact opposite of what you and a lot of us want, as far as the intelligence services are concerned.

“He has endorsed widespread government surveillance and shown little concern for Americans’ rights…”

“The spy/state terrorist organizations” are going to love this clown, they will be able to do anything they want with him in charge. Not good news for anybody, especially us.


Please review the recent poisoning of Alexi Navalny and other Russian opposition political figures - many of them murdered, to see what this guy want to turn the US’s intelligence agencies into.

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Yes, but he will keep us out of a war with Russia and will forge a strong alliance with that great anti-imperialist hero Vladimir Putin!

17 intel agencies reported about 2.5 years ago on some news of russia. Hilarious. they did not independently investigate carefully and analyze, reach the same conclusion. Fact: we probably do not require 17 intel agencies with duplicate management, resources, but we do. Democracy is expensive. We need job slots for all those cousins, nephews, nieces,

NSA, CIA and our military intel units productive. FBI politically slanted.
it was easier during ww2 but we still missed noticing spies.

He wont keep us out of anything they want to do. They will exploit his ignorance beyond belief, making him believe they have more authority than they already do.
This is how the CIA became operational, subverting their original charter. Every time a new administration came into the WH, the agency would tweak their mission statement a little bit, creeping slowly towards operational status, knowing the incoming administration had no knowledge of their past mission.
The intel agencies will pluck this guy like a chicken.
I’m all for peaceful relations with Russia, but to get that done with these agencies, you need someone who has experience dealing with them, not an ignorant fool.


I am an American and not an apologist for the Russian government and it’s many crimes. Why don’t you review some of the thousands of people murdered by American intelligence over the recent Obama years.


You think the intel agencies aren’t politically slanted? Look at who they fight for and protect (hint, it’s not you and me), Wall Street and American corporate interests. They are the fascists’ musclemen.
You’re falling for the distraction, that Trump opposes the entrenched powers, he is part of the club, just a useful idiot as far as they’re concerned, to keep the citizens distracted.


Cold war in europe. Signal passing thru checkpoint Charlie, fully armed. As were the Russian gate guards. Army checked our hard wire taps into Russian and East German communications.
Helps avoid unpleasant surprises occurring one early dawn. Credit anyone you wish.

Ratcliffe at Notre Dame in South Bend. Does anyone know who paid the freight? Was he acedemic scholarship? An annointed one? Would help evaluate his worth to know. Plus his folks political involvement, if any.

I can truthfully write here that my dad was U.S. Coast Guard and set up harbor security in the great lakes. after 9/11, the very same put into place and still in effect. no politics.

#1 reason for impeachment - subversion of the laws of the land and the intent of congress in those laws. As Trump tries to weaken and place incompetents in charges of important agencies he is trying to gut the laws of the US designed to protect our citizens. In what way would the american people be served and protected by an inexperienced, incompetent intelligence chief?

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OK, what does that have to do with the intel agencies, the CG is not considered an intel organization, even thou they were moved out of the DOD, and put under HLS?
Not to mention no extra security was needed anywhere in this country after 9/11, except protection from inside and outside intel agencies.

U.S.C.G. was within Treasury Dept. except in times of war, when it becomes part of navy. I was directing that intel services are physical - such as harbor security and gathering needed info - as in europe. The ww2 harbor effort did keep a watchful eye on individuals who might be saboteurs. Buy the guy a beer and let him talk. Results were not publicized. Fish here from a boat, enter the harbor and you will immediately be told to leave the area.

then, take a quick read on the red scare, Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon and others.for counter intel warped by others plus the real culprits go on - sometimes permitted so we can transmit wormed data.

If only Idiot pence wasn’t going to take over.


Ok, so I was wrong about what dept. the CG fell under before 9/11, but you seem to be blurring the line between intel gathering, as sited in you’re post above with the CG, (something I did myself with the MC), and those at the top of these intel org. who are making the decisions and rarely do field work or analyses (many times coming from Wall Street or WS law firms), the same people Ratcliffe will be overseeing.