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Sen. Schumer Stands with Republicans in Opposing Iran Nuclear Agreement


Sen. Schumer Stands with Republicans in Opposing Iran Nuclear Agreement

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the influential Democrat from New York who will likely take over as Senate Minority Leader when colleague Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) finally steps aside, made it clear on Monday that he will stand with the Republican caucus in its bid to undermine ongoing efforts to reach a final nuclear agreement with Iran and other world powers.


I voted for him in 1998, 2004 and 2010. I will look for a good third party candidate in 2016.


Won’t vote for him in 2016. Will see what third parties appear.


Shocking that Schumer owes his loyalty to Netanyahu, undermining the U.S. President.


This is not surprising. In our county (Jefferson County) in Washington State our Congressman
Derek Kilmer (D) has thrown his supporters under the bus and is going to support the Navy War Games over and through Olympic National Park - a World Heritage Site. Loud Growler Jets destroying the peace a quiet of our beloved Olympic Peninsula. Schumer supports Wall Street over Main Street and he supports Israel over Peace. The Democrats seem to be leaving us in mass. The (Ds) are not as crazy as the Republicans but they stand for the same stuff. We are not a democracy. We are not represented. It’s now all about Corporate Short Term Profits. And…here comes Climate Change.


This is absolutely ridiculous and indicative of a great human failure on the part of Senator Schumer to go along with all the other human failure from Rush Limbaugh and the weimaraner Michelle Bachmann on down.

If you want to get along with people in this world you talk to them. Accomplishment then toward peace becomes possible. Richard Holbrooke proved this when he brought about The Dayton Accords. And Bruce Laingen, the head of the kidnapped diplomats in Teheran, has always insisted that Iranians are sensible people if one takes care not to get their collective back up.

I just can’t think of a bunch of American politicians worse in history at understanding the basic philosophy in this. We have become a bunch of warmongering idiots. How did that happen? And where will it lead? To a word that starts with a capital “W.”

Of course that is what the morons argue. That playing pussy-foot with Iranians will lead to big W. Bachmann even compared President Obama to the German co-pilot, not realizing that SHE is the one who wants to bring the whole plane down.

And the morons always try to compare Obama to Hitler, not realizing that THEY are the Hitlers, fanatic and intransigent and bellicose and only out to bring the whole plane down.

The amount of psychological projection from the political right, whether Republican, Democrat or something else is truly astounding. These people make a habit out of projecting their own worst personal qualities on others. It is much more than pot calling the kettle black. They are not the same as the other side. They are big Hitlers or little Hitlers (and what’s the difference) and there is only one proper reply to them and here it is. I don’t know if links still work here but I’ll try (https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A2KLqIJg6SNVwhwAGfT7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByYXI3cnIwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDNA--?p=Spike+Jones+Doing+Beedlebom&vid=7c7f4bbdcc95ec85cb9e11344e82fa2c&l=2%3A52&turl=http%3A%2F%2Fts4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DVN.608030978651851691%26pid%3D15.1&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DwraaZ49ij8k&tit=Spike+Jones+%26quot%3BDer+Fuehrer%26%2339%3Bs+Face%26quot%3B+Useless+Bay+Films&c=3&sigr=11bq0qg4s&sigt=120nhs3ic&sigi=11rnft0oj&age=1393212198&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&fr=yhs-invalid&tt=b).

Maybe that’s too much to copy and paste. Just find the Spike Jones song “Der Fuehrer’s Face” and play it. It’s on YouTube.
Substitute Ted Cruz’s face for that of Adolph Hitler if you choose to do so. Cruz is enough of an exceptionalist to qualify. As are so many others.


War Bucks Chuck…Was there ever any doubt.
So easy to start, when you’re not part of the sacrifice.


Not shocking really. Schumer is a Zionist. They share a collective psychosis.


Wrong tense, govinda. The Democrats LEFT “us in mass” when the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 and narrowed the Party’s mission to “get more corporate money than the GOP”.


Schumer is a god damn war monger criminal Zionist Jew who’s loyalty is to money and Israel, why is he in our country even he should be deported to Israel ASAP. How did he and Feinstein get elected into the US Senate with such embarrassing criminal record of war mongering and stealing public assets while in Congress and working for Israel and AIPAC.


He is not Senate Democratic Lweader yet. I call on Senate Dems to oust him from a party leadership position if they have any conscience at all. .If only there were eniough Democrats in the Senate to do that, Otherwise D-emocrats are equally complicit in their warmongering. This is a defining vote. Allowing Schumer in a leadership role defying the president is defining for Democrats as subserviant to the MIC and its call to war. If the Senate overiders an Obama veto then we can define both parties as war lovers and Schumer and the Dems no different than Cotton and McCain.

A vote against war will have to be a third party vote. Do we as the voting public have enough courage to do this? The alternative is to have these ugly war loving AH’s in the Senate take us to war. The "Senate, not only dysfunctional but psychotic and evil in its intent and its actions. We need a new form of government. This configuration of corrupt bought out politicians who disregard the overwhelming public desire for peace show us clearly that they will not and cannot do the will of the people which is solidly for a peace agreeement. Individudually they should be put out of office and then the whole stinking, fetid corrupt institution which they populate, the Senate, the world’s most corrupt and dysfunctional deliberative body, should be eliminated.


Schumer the tool may be the last nail in the Democratic coffin of corruption.


Thanks for pointing that out. I refer to what Al From’s DLC spawned as the New UnDeal Democratic Party.


Not to dismiss your point, but I’m certain there are many more nails to be gleefully hammered in by these right wing corporate servicing, Empire servicing Democrats. What is in the coffin is any remaining smidgen of representation of a non-corporate constituency i.e., the masses.

Sorry if I switched metaphors on you!


Chuck Schumer is a good politician in many ways. I voted for him a couple times. His problem is his blind unbending support for Israel. When it comes to Israel he has no common sense. Israel comes first. The US and the rest of the world come second. Supporting some of the policies of that country is like supporting Hitler.


Get out of my country you traitor. You represent the people of the USA. Not the people of Israel.


Tammons, I agree with what you have said – but who could/would be a good Democrat to be the leader of the Senate Democrats? The list of those who will not support Israel in toto is very short – if there are any at all. None come to mind at this point to me.


The zionist control of American politics is a disgrace and both parties are to blame for this ugly situation which allows a foreign country to dominate every important policy decision of the so called most powerful nation on earth.


You jest of course. I have contacted him in the past pointing out that as a US Senator his allegiance should rest with the USA and the people in that country not a foreign nation. When he votes and acts on behalf of a foreign power he is a traitor. This time I’lll write an open letter and send it to local media.


We really need a national campaign that keeps a running and highly public tally on all legislators who accept AIPAC cash. Maybe it’s called “Just Say No” or “Trash the Cash”–my hope would be to see this as a topic in debates and so on, and would be looking for one candidate at least to declare that he/she has refused AIPAC money, but that so and so on the podium has receive “X” amount. Somehow or other, we have to bring shame on those who are bought and sold by foreign powers, not to mention corporations.

Theoretically, conflict of interest should prevail: any senator/rep receiving AIPAC money would have to recuse himself from a vote on any policy that provides a substantial benefit to contributors.