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Sen. Warren Introduces Legislation to Save Consumers From 'Equifax Exploitation'


Sen. Warren Introduces Legislation to Save Consumers From 'Equifax Exploitation'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of Equifax's massive data breach and its subsequent efforts to force victims into a "rip-off clause" that prevents them from filing class-action lawsuits against the company, Sen.


The default condition for all personal information held by all of these so called 'agencies ’ must be frozen. I have never understood how these ‘agencies’ had the right to acquire my personal info for profit without my permission. .???


It seems to me odd that people seem to be surprised that capitalist exploit, that is after all the nature of the beast, capitalism, to exploit to gain profit. Then lawmakers spend a lot of time arguing over just how much capitalists should be allowed to exploit, hmm?
But then again the true die hard capitalist will not acknowledge that exploitation even exists, so why do you need regulations, let the markets decide, right?
The foxes are in the hen house and we are the hens.


Ho hum. Here we go again. Warren just loves introducing headline-grabbing bills she knows don’t stand a rats chance in hell of getting passed into law. This current situation in congress is a gold mine for her and other faux progressives. They can rant and rage all they want without ever having to alienate their corporate donors


I don’t think people are surprised. I think they’re angry. Just one more reason to be angry.


Instead of saying it won’t pass, why don’t you contact your reps in Congress? If we all did, maybe they’d get the message, like they’re getting with Medicare for All.


There are not 143 million Democrats in this country.
This is a non partisan breech of information that spans political parties, ideaologies, and stations in life. The poor, middle class, and the rich alike will suffer the same fate. Even Congress members had their info stolen.
It’s going to cost Equifax a shiton of bribes to stop this legislation.


Except those of us who froze our credit over a decade ago…Fck the man.


Go Elizabeth go!


It is about time we hold unsavory practices to account. Corporations are not people, change that. Our constition is all about we the people. Stop the corruption and padding the politicians pockets, and call it what it is - bribery!


She’s halfway toward calling it a protection racket. I know this seems cynical and conspiracy theorist, but damn, you gotta wonder. “Hey I know how we can make a lot of money. Tell people their identities were likely stolen, then charge them for blocking the thieves from using the info.”

Same way I wonder about antivirus software. Same way I wondered about W’s “Do not call” registry, which established a government database linking phone numbers, names and emails.


So far I am not getting the impression that Sen. Warren’s bill solves the problem.
An obvious problem is “unfreezing your credit for free”. What is to prevent an identity thief from doing that?

One angle of the problem that I read a day or two ago: a woman had to appear in court on a shoplifting (from Whole Foods) charge, because the person arrested for it had stolen the woman’s identity and had given it as her identity to the police.

I would like to hear from Germany what their attitude to credit reporting agencies and big data is. A large part of Germany’s population was once in the Stasi’s database, and the whole country is paranoid on the subject.


And who gave social security numbers to private industry!


In all this I’ve heard only once or twice a complaint on this point: Our laws and our prosecutors aren’t strong enough to go after and strip Equifax management of their multi-millions of personal wealth as penalty for this, nor to toss them into jail.


Mrs. Warren, STOP USING “Consumer”! This must stop. We the People are not things. Thank you. Mrs. Warren, do you get what I’m saying? No insult intended. But! This Citizen. This person. This human being. I am pissed about the use of this corporate weasel word - OVER and OVER. N.I.M.A. will be the healing of our nation back to being a family of human beings. National Improved Medicare for All! HR676. Go Bernie! Go Social Democrats!

Farm Aid is LIVE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg6-hljSb9E


@Bob Zavoda–I could not agree more about using the word “consumer”. It always conjures up images of pigs at the trough. Customer works for me, as in “customer service”.


Yes. Corporations are things and are more than deserving of the derogatory term consumer - these “things” own the term. A classic case of psycho-babble projection of bankster “pigginess” “at the trough” of our precious Mother Earth’s bounty. Farm Aid Rules! Thanks Willie, Neil and the Real People who count, the Family Farmers. N.I.M.A. “The healing of the nation” - a Rastafarian reggae musical lyric - reflects a partial solution to America’s current precipitous dive into corporate fascism.

And thank you Cassandra for your handle on being a human being who can deliver insight into how the normalization of greed has enveloped American language, even at the highest levels of Progressive (All in. No one out) Values in the Bernie-led “Our Revolution”. A revolt, about to retake the corporate Democratic Party from the free-loading elites. The throw-away psychosis of consumer madness, I hope Mrs. Warren gets it.

What’s happening today, with a very obvious corporate coup in progress at the federal level, needs Mrs. Warren to stop an think very soon. Then begin pushing back at corporate weasels that have corrupted American English language by using quotation marks in her run for president.


Glad you remember Willie Nelson’s contribution to democratic ideas. However, I see no hope in Warren. I see a one-trick pony even if focusing on how Wall St screws the average citizen is a very good trick. She is a neocon, and if anyone doubts that her sponsorship (along with Al Franken and someone else) of a bill to approve “humanitarian intervention”, apparently in advance, seals the deal. Remember, Libya was supposed to be a humanitarian intervention based on outright lying.


After all of the damage that Equifax has done, nobody including the Congress is going to put this money grubbing parasite out of our misery. This company along with Wells Fargo just to name one should be put down like you would a rabid cur The top people starting with the board of Directors on up to the CEO should be facing prison time. The three top management people who dumped their 1.8 million dollars in stock should have to reimburse the stockholders. We need a strong Corporate Death Penalty to do away with companies that do not protect their customers and shareholders money and private information or especially through neglect cause the death of customers and or employees!


Thank you Bodeswell. I get so tired of people whining that laws benefiting Americans will not pass. Do they really think that we are better off not even trying? Many Americans do not vote now, because there does not seem to be any difference between the parties and that both are run for the benefit of the 1%.