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Sen. Warren Just Stepped Up On Free College For All

Sen. Warren Just Stepped Up On Free College For All

Kat Legier

Senator Elizabeth Warren just stepped up to support Free College For All. And it’s not just a pose. How do I know? Because I got to ask her myself – twice.

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Man, Liz is a fighter! And she fights best when she’s an underdog. Right now, she’s having a Saturn transit of her sun and it’s keeping her from having the popularity she deserves-- but it’s helping her put forth brave, smart, thought out policies that we all need. Next year she gets a Jupiter transit of her sun, and look out. People will LOVE her.


Sen. Warren is pushing all the right buttons but one that no other politician will touch else give power back to the people:

Me thinks Liz is getting desperate for some traction. Pretty soon she’ll be channeling Marx.

I don’t think she is pushing the Medicare for All button very hard. Certainly not like Sanders. Unfortunately, Tulsi Gabbard isn’t pushing it hard enough either. No candidate but Bernie is giving it the emphasis it deserves.

And unlike Tulsi she isn’t pushing for less war that I’ve noticed either.


I still can’t figure out why college is so expensive, yet the adjuncts------who have graduated can’t even make a living! : 0


WHERE ARE THE FORIGN POLICY QUESTIONS??? So a person going to collage wants it free—great-----WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN IN YEMEN BEING KILLED BY US BOMBS! HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED TODAY BECAUSE OF US SANCTIONS ON VENEZUELA. HOW MANY 9/11 's ARE THE US MILITARY INFLICTING ON THE WORLD???IT’S HAPPENING EVERYDAY!--------Right now I am a supporter of Warren , but in these townhalls last night it was Bernie who brought up YEMEN----thank you Bernie.

And I love his idea about allowing all people to vote-----just LOOK at the candidates against this idea -----Bernie Sanders is the GREAT EQUALIZER------I hope Black people are listening-----people in jail are people who clearly don’t like those in charge—Jail has been used to silence people -----The vote should be sacred—just like citizenship. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM! SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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You are making the common mistake of thinking that the increase is going to increased professor salaries. It hasn’t - they have only risen a few percent per decade higher than inflation. Four reasons that play a much bigger role for the increasing costs at public colleges are:

  1. State support has been level while enrollments have gone up so to keep up the quality of education per student money has to come from elsewhere;
  2. Higher education in essentially every discipline has seen a huge increase in technology - and with that comes the need for hardware, software, and IT staff expenses that were negligible decades ago;
  3. Administrative costs have risen way faster than direct instructional costs; and
  4. As in other areas the rate of increase in the cost of benefits has outstripped the cost of salaries (health care is a big part of everyone’s budget that increases faster than inflation)

Regarding the use of adjuncts - the percentage of instructors that are adjuncts has actually gone down this past decade. Tenured positions have stayed fairly level and non tenured fixed term positions with benefits have been the group that has increased.

What is a non-tenured fixed term position? Is that comparable to a seasonal position, say, in the private sector? Just curious.

No - adjuncts are the ones being hired liked private contractors on a piece meal semester-by-semester basis - and exploited in a manner similar to the way uber treats its drivers.

A non-tenured fixed term position will be regular year round employees with the same full benefits as tenure track faculty. Their salaries are at least double those of adjuncts (and perhaps 3/4 of tenure track faculty salaries), and their jobs are fairly stable as long as they are successful - and their positions are usually promotable. Their duties are also highly individualized - some may be teaching specialists, others may be research specialists, some may run a particular institutional resource like a tutoring facility or a consulting service.

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Interesting, thank you. Was not aware of that.

For a much better article on Warren’s plan, please read the following article below. The whole plan is a gambit that ultimately just helps the generally well-off. Plus a debt forgiveness plan does nothing to fix the root underlying problem and reason as to why tuition continues to skyrocket: subsidized loans.

Where do charter schools stand where free tuition is concerned?

And is anyone suggesting community service of any kind, or a minimum grade point to qualify or remain in school?

Warren has it all: A suitably modest upbringing (as opposed to Punahu Schooled Obama), the better to empathize with the 99%, a cracker-jack non-elite education (as opposed to Rhodes scholar Clinton) the better to embrace real science, and a voice, delivery and diction to sway and please. Add courage born of a drive to set things right; you go girl!

Non-tenured fixed term position; is that what used to be called assistant professors? And promotion to tenure Associate professors?

No - regular Assistant Professor positions are known as “tenure track” positions because tenure goes with promotion. These fixed term positions get promoted but do not get tenure.

Hi dpearl—that’s what is so insane. The future professors borrow heavily become a professor in their field of study-----but when they graduate---- many are teaching at more than 1 school for basic survival rates ---- it doesn’t seem that they will ever be tenured—no doubt too much money goes to the top administrators.

Read it - but I don’t find articles in Reason to be very reasonable. The article pretends that the people benefitting from Senator Warren’s plan are an elite group - but they look at completely the wrong population in making that argument. While a little over a third of Americans over 25 have graduated - it is silly to include us baby boomers in that group since our days of paying student loans is pretty much over. Secondly, you don’t have to have graduated to have incurred student loan debt so the relevant group are those that had some college. Putting those together, the relevant population are those young adults who have some college and that is about two-thirds of that age group (not one-third). Also, Senator Warren’s plan includes income eligibility so the group is even less “elite”.

Next, your statement that it does nothing to get rid of subsidized loans is completely wrong. In fact by extending tax-based public education from the current K-12 to K-16 the need for any kind of subsidized loans is actually greatly reduced.

As for my own views - I tend to favor a plan that would extend the GI bill kind of program to the whole population. I think a mandatory two-year national service program would be a good thing for this country. Service can be military but also teaching at a public school, college or day-care center, or serving as a public defender or in the D.A.'s office, or serving in an Americore program, or providing medical care to the needy, etc… Such a program would even include super rich kids with bone spurs.

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Agreed - all people should be compensated fairly for their hard work and necessities like medical care and housing, and opportunities like education … should be guaranteed in a democratic society (using “democratic” to mean both political and economic).

HI dpearl: I wonder what will become of colleges and universities, when the older professors retire—who will replace them? Will future college profs be gig jobs for all higher education workers? I am very sad that so much of the middle class that used to exist ----no longer does. I do wonder what all the too clever politicians and CEOs will do when the middle class( who bought so many of the products---- ) what will business and capitalism do when no one’s job makes enough for them to buy very much. Hmmm maybe the educated but jobless profs will have to become visa workers in China. : 0