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Sen. Warren to Those Promising TPP Is So Great: 'Prove It. Let Us See the Deal.'


Sen. Warren to Those Promising TPP Is So Great: 'Prove It. Let Us See the Deal.'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Prove it. Let the American voters, the press, and the global public see and read the fine print of this so-called "free trade" deal.


If corporations are citizens now with human rights and the ability to donate to political campaigns, then they shouldn’t have any say in TPP either like the rest of us. Fair is fair.


I would like to know just how many of the congress critters have actually read the proposed agreement fully ???


I demand to know what is in the TTP



Taking a look at actually defining what the industrial revolution was and its legacy - discernment of the role of science, social realities, how technological ingenuity and predatory practices of exclusion by impoverishment have been conflated.
Though the intro is in Portuguese, the video is in English


if ever there was a glaring example of blatant criminal collusion between government and corporate heads, this has got to be it.


Incredible speech, Mr. Sanders. Since I can type 100 words a minute, I transcribed most of it. The statistics are proof positive of what a sickening sell-out this horror is.

No wonder Obama dragged his feet on the Canadian Tar Sands pipeline. Now Canada can “sue” that any inhibition of this corporate endeavor is a threat to profits.

Not only have corporations been rendered personhood, they now enjoy Divine Right of King style privileges with ONLY the profit motive held up as “cause for justice.”

It was SICKENING to see Obama do his shuck and jive hard-sell of this horror while blatantly lying that it’s the most “Progressive” treaty ever.

And it was great to see Elizabeth Warren call this bogus crap out in her understated, infinitely polite way. Bottom line being: If it’s as great as you say, Mr. President, then show the American people its contents.

New World Order Globalism has at its core the following:

  1. Shutting citizens out of decision-making processes while maintaining ubiquitous chants about freedom
  2. Using the ruse of Middle East Terrorists to beef up domestic armies and surveillance operations
  3. Using the control of media to narrow “debates” and narrowly frame issues so that too many do NOT know what’s really going on
  4. Continue the rush of policies that push wealth to the top of the financial “food chain” as the Piketty Study’s findings already indicate
  5. Continue to rely on old energy infrastructure as climate chaos turns more and more communities into “collateral damage”
  6. Continue to murder, silence, and/or legally punish journalists who deviate from Official Narratives, and whistle-blowers who expose the underbelly and acts of The Beast
  7. Continue massacring 3rd world proponents of Mother Nature: those who work to save the forests, jungles, rivers, and animals
  8. Continue to demonize truth tellers, peace makers, environmentalists, animal rights advocates while lionizing war and warriors

No wonder Anti-depressants are the 3rd highest selling drugs in the world!

MANY are shutting down because the horrors one is expected to cope with or consider normal (“Business as usual”) KILL our souls… and our beloved Gaia.


Congress members are now allowed to read it, but can not talk about it.


Strange, huh? The people’s Representatives are unable to reveal what they know to the people they represent!

And see the way the wording is used in the article - a lot about corporate people and some in government discussing and deciding on the terms of the TTP in secret - without the vital one: CABAL.

Never thought this great country would sink this low.


For us outside the US what happens when TPPA is signed is what is already happening. Corporations with deep pockets will use their power to circumvent or shut down what little sovereignty various countries still have if domestic laws or regulations affect their business operations. Eg Australia is being sued by tobacco companies for bringing in plain packaging. Looking from the outside it is ironic that many in the US are now getting upset over the antics of corporates but how many people even noticed that for decades the dumping of US surpluses and tactics of corporations have actually devastated local economies that existed in various 3rd world countries.


There isn’t anything new about this kind of behavior. It’s been going on forever. Business writes the legislation and the stooges sign off on it – many without reading it. Move along people…nothing else to see here.


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Thank you Senator Warren for standing up for us… Thank you thank you . I wish more in government were doing their jobs , representing the people of the united states.

Thank you


As Baruch Spinoza remarked long ago, “When public officials are meeting behind closed doors on public affairs, you can be sure they are not discussing the public’s interest.”


I really enjoyed this article, and the video of Sanders as well; bless their hearts for doing the right thing for society and nature. Good material for a ticket for next US elections! :heart_eyes:


Take a look at all the “public-private partnership” transportation deals that were closed without anyone having the ability to see what’s in them and what has happened to every P3 toll road. We are being scammed with the “money” ensuring that these projects privatize the gain and socialize the risk. The P3s are designed to go bankrupt so that the privates do not pay back Uncle Sam’s loans and leave taxpayers to pay off the bond holders.

Senator Warren is totally right. These need to be out in the open and not an up-down vote after the fact.


If the President is frustrated, it is because he is not being honest with himself or with The People. I am for tossing the whole thing out. If ANY part of it is not in the absolute best interests of our Families, our Workers, our futures, then it is not worthy of the paper it is written upon. Get rid of it now. Environment, Health, Jobs, Economy will be harmed - this I believe, if we do this trade agreement… When only the richest are for this, there is really a dirty game going on. I say NO to TPP!

Put it out for all to see, and allow a fully public comment timeframe of 90 days, if Americans say no, then dump it.


Check out this video and President Obama’s comment in his earlier days
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sinNXGLIRJ8&feature=youtu.be #StopFastTrack


Only some members of congress are allowed to read the treaty. They may not copy nor make notes nor transcribe any or all of the text.


If the President will not release the text, WHERE ARE THE HACKERS prepared to release the text of the entire TPP, TPIP and similar agreements IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? We need you now.