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Sen. Warren: Trump’s New Proposal Is Another Attempt By The Government to Control Women’s Bodies


Sen. Warren: Trump’s New Proposal Is Another Attempt By The Government to Control Women’s Bodies

Elizabeth Warren

The Trump Administration is trying to turn back the clock on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. Not too long ago, women could be charged more for health insurance than men, just because they were women. Big insurance companies could deny women maternity coverage if they decided that prenatal care cut into their profits.


It would seem Donald Trump prefers men, over women.


It is not about women’s bodies. It is about women’s lives.


Well, as in the case of Arkansas, I suppose women will just have to leave states that treat them like brood mares----------maybe, we will then have the first all men state--------maybe even the first gay state. The would be a first!
Maybe too, some of these men should read about the death of Savita, and learn how that tragedy made people in Ireland realize that women, not churches, and not men----- but women have the right to control their own bodies.

And another thing, for those groups who think that a fetus is person—all these people need to put themselves on a list to adopt the kids that women are forced to bear. Of course you will have to go through a lot of interviews to make sure that you’re not making sex slaves out of kids. or that you’re not a pedophile, or crazy…so all these that want to control a woman’s body need to sign up now!
Facebook can start a new commerce area: and call it EGGTOPIA- to replace Bitcoin, no doubt
But then, wouldn’t it be unconstitutional for women to become chattel-- and lose rights over self----- rights that men seem to have? Unless, oh watch out men-----just what have you been doing with your sperm? :slight_smile:


A health care provider cannot be prosecuted under the gag rule without breaching the doctor-patient privilege. Therefore, the gag rule is effectively ineffective.