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Sen. Warren Urges Obama to Fire 'Unapologetic' SEC Chief for 'Brazen Conduct'


Sen. Warren Urges Obama to Fire 'Unapologetic' SEC Chief for 'Brazen Conduct'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday called on President Barack Obama to remove one of his top hand-picked financial regulators, saying the current chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had driven the agency off its course.


This sounds like the Old Elizabeth Warren, you know, the one we knew before the election season, the one who offered hope. Could this now be the new Elizabeth? The one who will make apologies for the new Hillary administration that she so fully supports? Unfortunately she has rendered herself irrelevant. She might have made a difference, but didn't, and now she won't...


Have you ever noticed how many right wing, Capitalist, Republicans Obama has appointed to important roles in government during his eight years in office?
Because Hillary has already said that her administration would be a continuation of the Obama administration, we can all assume that she will appoint at least as many conservative Republicans to positions of power as Obama has.
Hillary's administration will make at least 40 consecutive years of conservative Republican rule that began with Ronald Reagan.
No wonder we're in trouble in this country.


Obama is too busy campaigning for Clinton and preparing to ram TPP through as soon as the November 8 election results are certified to pay attention to anything Warren says.

Although, post-POTUS Obama corporate speeches are already worth big bucks since he pushed ACA through, pushing TPP through will double his post-POTUS speech value.


Bernie is not a fraud.
Warren is.


It's hard to respect anything Warren says or does after she sat out the primary and refused to endorse Bernie, showing that her political ambitions are more important that all the things she represented herself standing for.


Warren's name appears on some of the same endorsement lists with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, the co-sponsors of their namesake legislation written by the too-big-to-fail banks (which include Wells Fargo) that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 and now control nearly 50% with no end to market share increase in sight, all at the expense of community banks and US taxpayers whom Congress has already put on the hook for $20 plus trillion dollars in bailouts.

In local, state and federal elections I will not vote for any candidate or incumbent whose name appears on the same endorsement list as Dodd or Frank, two economic terrorists who need to be brought to justice along with the banksters.


You know, there is a lot more to the functions of a member of the US Senate than endorsing or not endorsing a presidential candidate. There is also a WHOLE lot more to government than the US president.


a true schizoid personality. I no longer believe anything she does. enuf please.


The idea - prevalent among what used to be considered the "left" - that all the good work Ms. Warren is doing in the Senate is totally and absolutely nullified merely by a non-endorsement of a presidential primary candidate, is one reason why the US left can no longer be taken seriously. How do you all get along with co-workers and friends if you hate-slander them like Sen. Warren upon the most minor disagreement? How do you all keep a job? Are you all hermits?

As Prof. Henry Giroux suggested today on Democracy Now, such contagious irrational, emotion and hate-laden intolerant thinking is the essence of fascism, and is the explanation for my difficult-to-put-in-words sense of similarity between the Sanders-now Stein/Johnson so-called-left, and the Trumpists.


She is one of the few in congress who ever seems to criticize the financial system. She herself may have been the driving force which removed the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank. The rest of congress almost never stands up to the banks or financials interests-ever. But many choose to criticize Warren - she does not pass the purity test. That's too bad - she is about the only thing we've got representing the people's interests. However hypocritical she may be I have to be thankful when she does the right thing and have hope that she will do more. If you ranked congress, I think she would have to be at the top.


Prepare to be attacked by the Common Dreams "community"....


I think Warren is a testimony to how hard it is to effect change from within the system because you become the system.

"Resistance. Is. Futile."

Or why I will never run for office.


As others have said, by keeping White on Obama is protecting Clinton


And she thinks that Clinton will . . . ?


How do you know if this is just dog and pony show to pacify the public or if something will be done.


The courts declared Warren's Consumer Protection thing-a-magingy unconstitutional the other day as reported by CD.
Has Warren said a single word about that ruling?


Funny story Mark, I met Thomas while he was a student at Holy Cross College in Worchester, Mass.
At the time he was a very nice, quiet guy who drank like a fish, although usually alone.
How the Bush's turned him into the idiot that he's become would be very interesting to know.


Both endorse Hillary Clinton. Both discourage voters voting their conscious at a time where we have the worst candidates in U.S. history. Both are cowards that too will have blood on their hands when Clinton brings WWIII


I have only been here for a few months, but I don't see the "community" as being belligerent. Impassioned, yes. Intelligent and thoughtful, but rarely do I see any aggressive or nasty replies. That said, thank you for your courage to post what you did. Warren is human, and I was upset with her seeming cowardice in not endorsing Bernie. But she is doing something few other congress people are and for that she earns my gratitude.