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Senate Accused of Endorsing 'McCarthy-Era Tactics' as 25 Democrats Join GOP to Pass Anti-Boycott Bill

Senate Accused of Endorsing 'McCarthy-Era Tactics' as 25 Democrats Join GOP to Pass Anti-Boycott Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After 25 Democratic senators joined the GOP on Tuesday to pass legislation that would empower states to punish companies and individuals who boycott Israel to protest its occupation of Palestinian territories, rights groups and civil libertarians condemned the Senate for voting to "trample on the First Amendment" and urged the House to block the bill.

Blame it on the Russians!


Yes, enough said.


Speaking of the Russians, here’s Dimitry Orlov’s latest; I just finished reading it. Interesting.



You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! All 25 democrats that went along with this debacle!


Cantwell’s website is down, but here’s what i just sent to Murray, selecting “Civil Rights” as the topic heading:

Boycott Patty Murray

Your vote to authorize anti-free speech actions by states against citizens who promote boycotts is UGLY and COWARDLY.

You have lost ALL respect from this citizen.

i look forward to reading your staff’s wishy-washy, boilerplate defense of this UGLY, COWARDLY vote by you.

You can count on the rabidly right-wing Supreme Court to uphold this ugliness. Birds of a feather as they say.

Believe me, i am communicating with everyone i know about your UGLY, COWARDLY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ANTI-FIRST AMENDMENT vote on this matter.


webster walker, Seattle

As soon as Cantwell’s site is up, i’m sending to her as well.


Nothing positive can be accomplished until united states citizens quit sending the army overseas to kill innocent people and destroy their government.

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Great response–may I copy and paste it to ‘my’ Senator Wyden?


Certainly. What phonies. Wyden poses as a progressive champion.


Found Cantwell, https://www.cantwell.senate.gov/contact/email/form

Closest topic on her drop-down list was Foreign Affairs.


Time to send them a fuck you letter and fill the jails if necessary. Should they get away with silencing us?


War does need to be banned first, doesn’t it? Then we work on stoping other tactics of Empire.


Thanks for this. I will think of an appropriate response to this cretin.


Debbie Stabeow and Gary Peters, my state’s two pawns of Israel. Why do they hate freedom?


I am tempted to use a word that got Samantha Bee in trouble for my two Senators.

Does it sicken me they voted that way? Yes. Does it surprise me? I’m afraid not.

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$38 Billion in military aid to the racist warmonger zionist entity and the unconstitutional outlawing of the BDS Movement!? Silence American citizens and business free speech to serve a foreign entity and give them Billions in stolen/diverted taxpayer money?

The subversion of our elections and foreign policy, and craven submission (AKA treason) of our elected reps to serve that foreign power’s racist agenda and contempt for law, shows how effective Israel has been at manipulating our elections and media, undermine our sovereignty! Senators that voted for this un-Constitutional betrayal must be held to account and called-out at every opportunity! “Russian meddling” is small potatoes compared to the overt acts of spying and sabotage and electoral/political manipulations for decades by Israel. The first loyalty of any citizen, much less government officials, to such subversion of our republic by a foreign power used to be called treason.I still do.

Zionism IS racism! Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel! BDS!


This is definitely an attack on the First Amendment that guarantees government (not just Congress thanks to the Fourteenth) can not abridge freedom of speech and of association.

Imagine if it was the other way around. Imagine if the Senate just passed a bill empowering states to pass laws to punish those who advocate against BDS.


A strong (make sure everyone notices) effort to primary these 25 should be front and center policy. Also a lobbying effort against these 25 should be started.
This is unsettling. A vote for Israel is a vote for war in some part of the world.

Because they love $$$$$$!


I am having to call as he is not a senator of my state of Vermont–but I will send a thank you to mine and call Senator Marco Rubio as he spearheaded this effort. Done.