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Senate Bill Would Guarantee Paychecks to Laid-Off Workers for Rest of 2020 'To Avoid Another Great Depression'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/senate-bill-would-guarantee-paychecks-laid-workers-rest-2020-avoid-another-great

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If you can get McCONell and the REich to go along - you’re my hero

Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath

Pelosi won’t support this BTW

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And Schumer only supports this bill because he knows it will never pass.


When I saw the headline I fancied a bill by republicans and was wondering why they so strangely offered something sensible. My feet are now back on the ground and I feel foolish for having the thought that there might be reasonable republicans coming around from their comma.

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The last moderate Republican was Senator Sanders’ predecessor Jim Jeffords who switched from GOP to independent when the SCOTUS appointed Cheney and his puppet Dubya to the throne.

Watch what happens next. The GOP and Trump, as they become more and more afraid of their standing in the polls and with the voting public, in acts of desperation, move to the left of Pelosi and the DP on guaranteeing paychecks, healthcare, and maybe even a UBI. Of course, if they succeed in winning re-election, those positions will be dropped by them like someone who just opened up a bag to find it full of shit and maggots. Jimmy Dore did a segment yesterday about how Pelosi is the real enemy of the left and is ensuring the GOP senate never has to even vote on these policies because she will never let them be included in any House proposals. The GOP is to the LEFT. or is about to be, of Pelosi and the democrats on several important issues. The DP (and the GOP) are beyond redemption. There is no workable option within the two party system for progressives.

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If guaranteed checks were to pass the checks would likely be of the $600 size.
That money would have gone to pay for a couple of hammers purchased from government contracts.
We are saving money by issuing checks to the people.

Gee Bernie, maybe you should have done this before you gave up ALL your leverage and voted for the corporate looting, aka cares act.

What are you going to do when this goes nowhere? Write a sternly worded tweet?

This is just dry-humping.