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 Senate Blocks Attack on Planned Parenthood, But the Political Assault Continues


 Senate Blocks Attack on Planned Parenthood, But the Political Assault Continues

The first Republican presidential debate is officially on August 6 in Cleveland. But the contenders for the party’s nomination were already scrambling on Monday to outflank one another as the party’s most ardent foe of reproductive rights.


Just as taking down the wall (Glass Steagall Act) erected for the express purposes of blocking investment banks from speculating with other peoples’ money on Wall St. led to a crash, taking down the wall between church and state is equally catastrophic.

Naomi Klein explains brilliantly how crises allow particularly unscrupulous outfits to capitalize on others’ misfortune. When crises don’t occur naturally–like say through another Hurricane Katrina–they can be engineered. That’s where the Professional Economic Hit Men go to work gutting nations’ economies by bribing corrupt leaders into deals that will cost far more than they are worth.

But there is a moral and spiritual corollary to Disaster Capitalism and it works like this: the worse things get (in the way of decimated home values, lousy available jobs, rising costs of living, exposures to toxic no longer regulated chemicals that induce Cancer and other degenerative diseases, and rising rates of despair cum Depression) the more persons turn to the old religions. Sharing fellowship with others almost always feels good, and when religious leaders insist that by following certain rules, souls will be saved, that promise of Salvation is seductive.

Always religious leaders have used the promise of heaven or a more fulfilling after-life to condition behaviors in the present context.

These difficult times catalyze a growing interest in Fundamentalist Religions and through these top-down, authoritarian churches, rigid beliefs are promoted.

Just as in the past the church convinced Conquistadors that it was their "divine duty’ to slay Native Americans, today’s rigid church imperatives take aim at women; that is, when they’re not promoting Holy War and an absolutely diabolical destruction of numerous Middle East nations–shades of a modern rendition of the earlier Crusades.

Some have asked why conservative Christian women support these anti-women/free choice policies. The answer has a number of critical components:

  1. Many of these individuals have been raised in Conservative homes and taught that “god’s word” is all. Do not question. For them, church patriarchs represent conduits of god’s alleged word.
  2. Many of these persons want the comfort of belonging to family and social groups. And membership means conformity and going along with the dominant belief system.
  3. Many of these individuals live sheltered lives. They may not be single mothers who can’t afford another child. They may never have made friends or visited the homes of Latinos or Black citizens or anyone unlike their small circle of associates.
  4. They are unimaginative, conformist, controlling, mean-spirited types who think their freedom allots them the right to tell others how they should live
  5. They truly believe that god’s wrath is coming down on the U.S. due to gays and Feminists

Religious fundamentalism, along with militarism–which it has fueled, justified, rationalized, and supported for many centuries–are chief banes to human existence. These divisive ideologies hold humanity’s evolution back… formidably.

Of course, as is the case with luminous souls like Kathy Kelly, Matthew Foxx, Martin Luther King, John Dear, Dorothy Day and others… they manage to transcend their religious ideologies and walk the walk of The Masters. These spiritual masters were teachers. Strict, ideologies grew out of their teachings and most of them depart dramatically from the intended guidance of the Masters.


Planned Parenthood provides a lot of birth control, which undoubtedly has hurt the profits of a legal human trafficking industry. This angle has been completely overlooked in the current kerfuffle. Google The Child Catchers.


“Coathanger Abortion Conservatives”, “Save the Blastocyst for Cannon Fodder Conservatives” and “War for Population Control Conservatives”, Republicans all.


lets review for a minute…our entire rackety financial system is waiting for the tiniest jiggle to knock over the entire house of cards ensuring ruination for the 99%, this country has a military budget LARGER THAN THE NEXT SEVEN WORLD POWERS,causing a decline in our infrastructure and quality of life (from #1 in 1980 to …#47 !!! ), we paid the CIA billions of dollars since 1947 to promote policies that killed + maimed well over 6 MILLION HUMAN BEINGS while causing immeasurable destruction and human suffering BUT NEVERMIND because some borderline psychopaths in CONgress are upset since some bllsht doctored (no pun intended) videos incited them to try defunding Planned Parenthood (with abortion related issues being 3% of its budget and no profit made on selling fetal tissue) ???

why arent they defunding KBR and its multibillion dollar war profiteering that caused OUR VETERANS (remenber them,right-to-lifers?) to suffer horrendously,both from guarding KBR owned stockpiles that made them ill and then from having to file (and lose) the court case where they tried to get their medical bills paid by KBR.now KBR is filing a suit against these same vets in order to reclaim their monies spent on the original lawsuit.

america,land of the free (to bury your unformed conscience in sensationalist rhetoric) and home of the brave ( adults having a tantrum over some doctored videos). i predict that in the next few years the Quality of Life number will drop like a rock to one more associated with the third world if this kind of Rite To Life (only if you are unborn and DOES NOT APPLY TO DOCTORS OR VETS-is that bizarre or what) caterwauling continues to drive congressional policies. in short, spend trillions to kill anyone anywhere for completely insane reasons but dont abort that fetus and if you do then you will be defunded. did i miss anything? oh ,God? oh sure God , the Supreme (pre-Motown)Deity , clearly stated “THOU SHALT NOT KILL via abortion.unnecessary and unethical wars are just fine.” wait a sec, thats not correct,is it? only in Krischun Amerika!