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Senate Budget Votes Reveal The Same Old ‘Party Of No’


Senate Budget Votes Reveal The Same Old ‘Party Of No’

Isaiah Poole

The series of votes that will shape the Senate’s version of the fiscal 2016 federal budget won’t be until Friday morning, but we already know how this drama ends, with Republicans keeping true to being the “party of ‘no'” when it comes to actions that would help raise wages, empower workers and advance the goal of shared prosperity.


The only good that is coming out of this series of votes is that we are getting a good picture of who stands with ordinary Americans and who doesn’t, who is committed to making the economy work for working people and who are beholden to the interests of Wall Street and right-wing ideologues.

If this realization had actually come out of this voting session then the author would have a point. In truth, we have learned absolutely nothing that is new.

So the republicans voted down every amendment proposed by a Dem. Did we really expect anything else? Have any of the Dem Senators listed given a second’s thought to the fact that their failures are the result of their own political cowardice and accommodation, their failure to distinguish themselves from the republicans in any meaningful way?

Would the results have been any different with a Dem majority?

This isn’t even good political theater. It’s more like a bad duet-acting competition.



Is there a “Party of Yes?”


Yes, we con!