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Senate Confirms Coal Lobbyist as #2 at EPA as Trump Moves to Slash Clean Air Rules

Senate Confirms Coal Lobbyist as #2 at EPA as Trump Moves to Slash Clean Air Rules

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt faces mounting criticism for a controversial condo rental and calls for his resignation, President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered the agency to significantly scale back "

Although Trump is a white supremacist and not a libertarian per se he has been willing to carry out the Koch brother’s libertarian agenda. This is yet another example of the Koch brother’s effort to gut all government environmental regulations which they believe are in conflict with economic liberty. Trump must be doing this to get Republican support as that party has now been basically captured by the extreme libertarians who are going along with the white supremacy and fascism of Trump since he was elected largely based on his overtly racist campaign pledges. The big problem of Trump and Republicans is the majority of Americans do not agree with them but by cleverly taking over a large number of state governments the Koch brothers and Trump are in pretty good position to keep power, particularly as extreme right wing judges are filling vacant court positions. They still have not permanently taken over the government however. People overcoming their apathy toward politics can still make a difference before they lose their country to the extremists on the right.

And so, the Swamp deepens.

Well I see my DINO Donneley voted to confirm, along with my DeVos loving Senator Todd (toady) Young. Just another normal day in Red state Indiana

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This guy will be leading an army that no longer exists. Coal companies are contemplating bankruptcy proceedings, their stock prices are plummeting, and coal generating plants are closing. The market forces in this case seem to be taking care of it because saving a few thousand coal jobs is killing millions of clean, renewable jobs.
Privatizing profits and socializing costs - environmental destruction - is no longer viewed favorably.

We tried and tried and it still took us 37 years to disable Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant.
Coal/Oil are going to be similar, we are going to have to put nails in the coffin.

For nearly two weeks in September 1981, thousands of demonstrators would attempt to block the gates, leading to the arrest of 1,400 protesters.

Fuel rods full of uranium pellets are pulled from the reactor, cooled in pools of water laced with boric acid, then transferred to giant concrete casks.

Donneley, Heitkamp, Manchin. The blue dogs who will exert control over any D-Party Senate majority.

Go back to your cube now

Tell me, can we put those rods encased in cement in your backyard. Maybe we make a little fort for the kiddies to play on

No need to get huffy, it’s not our fault you chose the wrong major in college