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Senate Democrats Unveil Bill to Investigate Trump Meddling at Public Health Agencies That Is 'Putting Lives in Jeopardy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/senate-democrats-unveil-bill-investigate-trump-meddling-public-health-agencies


Furthermore, the complicit media have given the Orange Pustule far too much time on the SARS-CoV-19 matter. While his pinball-style responses to questions may garner lots of eyeballs and therefore ad-dollars, they have wreaked havoc in the public consciousness regarding how to proceed in a responsible manner. The party that champions itself as being the “adult” party has become the party of personal buffoonery in excelsis deo and its denizens are everywhere.

Who cares? Nothing will come of the bill. It is only meant to play for Dem constituencies. Instead of wasting time on this sort of thing, they ought to be planning meaningful, effective resistance to the Supreme Court issue.

Shut up, Schumer…

Those senators are from anarchist jurisdictions. Defined so by the republican administration.

I predict this will persuade -0- Republicans to vote for Biden and -0-
more Dems to vote for Biden.

Instead of going after Wuhan Trump, the Dems should ‘unveil’
$20 minimum wage, MC4ALL, Green Climate, Unions for All,
etc, etc, etc. Otherwise, apply for your Trump inauguration tickets.

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The basic construct of our Republic is being sabotaged and subverted by the trump/GOP regime. The separation of powers and rule of law is being intentionally undermined, the Congress and the Judiciary are being politicized far-beyond “normal” political competition to extremist hyper-partisanship under the trump/GOP regime that ignores and shows open contempt for the framers intentions, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, rule of unbiased law, and increasing the power of the presidency by misuse and abuse of executive fiat - rule by executive orders like any tin-pot dicktator!

The orange chancre is an abomination and entirely undemocratic malignant narcissist ego-mad 5 year-old using his position to bypass the role of Congress and together with his equally (at least) extremist Republicon Senate has rammed-thru an agenda beyond his authority!

One thing you trump/GOP swine must remember - Get hip to payback you evil MoFo’s!

We the people will push and demand and force the craven DP “leaders” to forget their milksop weak “my good friend” shite, and rip you GOPigs and the orange sphincter a new one - all on the way to fuckin prison for numerous crimes against the nation, people,and planet!

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We keep hearing that this election is the most important in our lifetimes.
No silly people, the last election was the big one and we blew it.

And if Biden were to win this election someone has to be next to trump on his last day to make sure he doesn’t skip the country.