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Senate Dems Demand to Know EPA Nominee's Ties to Koch Brothers


Senate Dems Demand to Know EPA Nominee's Ties to Koch Brothers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Senate Democrats are demanding to know what's behind Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head nominee Scott Pruitt's ties to the reclusive conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.


Author sez: "(The letter) was signed by Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Ben Cardin of Maryland, and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who caucuses with Democrats."

Seems a small fraction even of Senate Dems. Were they unable to locate more associated who do not also have "ties to Koch Brothers"?


So... five Democrats and one independent signed this... That's it?

Trump just appointed a person (and I use that term generously) to run the EPA whose tenure as OK AG was dominated by battling EPA regulations on behalf of multi-national energy corporations. It doesn't get any more Orwellian than that.

And the talking heads / party elite wonder why no one is voting for their Third Way candidates...


Dick Cheney couldn't have picked a better person himself to head the EPA. I expect we will see the next energy bill written by the fossil fuel companies again. What change? It is like bringing back George W. Bush. Change back to Bush I guess. So now we know what it means to make America great again. Some people have a strange Idea of what "great" means.


They are not tied at all.
However when the Koch Brothers breathe in,
Scott Pruitt's chest goes out.

(Historical reference: The John Birch Society used to claim that when the Communist Party breathed in, the ACLU's chest would go out. The Society hated the ACLU because they supported Civil Rights. And of course the Koch brother's father, Fred C. Koch was a founding member of the John Birch Society.)


Answer to the query:
* See? Its simple.


I don't accept, but I do understand, non-living corporations backing policies detrimental to living human beings, but this dirtbag, Scott Pruitt, has a history of selling real human beings (like he poses to be) down the tubes as a service to the wealthy and corrupt. Isn't that a punishable MISUSE OF POWER? Elevating him to even greater power is the kind of thing that only Porky Littlefingers, our homegrown corruption king, could ever imagine. Just Say No!


Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. If Repubs did this kind of vetting of Dems people might listen to them more. But they're all so dirty....


Hey, at least there are a few willing to put up a fight, but that's not the deal. Wait till we see how many ultimately approve him, of course after a lengthy vetting, to look good.
They can just take the lot of them and say no, they are all connected to the opposition of the departments they have been appointed to. Hello, this is the wrecking crew.
The Dems have no cred. They need to just obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. They can't get into details.


Token resistance. They will all soon fall into line!


Just like all of Don's nominees to date, Pruitt's opaque statelessness will at some point emerge during his confirmation hearings, and be ignored by both sides.
Even Joe Blow knows that the Republican Party has wanted for decades to dismantle the EPA.


Every single one of Trump's nominees should be grilled at conformation hearings so that the full truth comes out for the people to see/hear.

And if they refuse to answer or give bs answers, those questioning should be ready to supply the truth.


Could you enlarge on "selling real human beings"?


OBSTRUCT!!!!!!! Call them out. Question everything. Name names. Call a spade a spade. Don't give them a moment's rest or allow the slightest obfuscation to go undissected. These people and every politician who colludes with their planned dismantling of people's protection from corporatist exploitation are anarchists, pure and simple. Call them out for the traitors they are and have been for decades.


Trump is going to make Bush II look like a reasonable center-leftist. And if the Democrats create too much trouble - or start investigating Trumps flagrant conflicts of interest for impeachable offenses, Trump will simply call his followers into DC by the millions to defend his brilliant business strategy to Make America Great Again (TM).


Call it what it is : ANARCHY! "Dismantling" is too nice a word. If these people don't implement their agencies' missions to serve the populace, and instead are monkey wrench gangs, that's ANARCHY and that's criminal intent of treason toward the Sovereign Populace. It's also intent to defraud their employers, US, of unearned salaries and benefits. Call them out! Threaten them with the charge of intent to defraud and betray the public trust. We should do this right now with Trump. He's already demonstrated several instances of outright fraud and should be dismissed outright as pres. elect well before 1/20/17. Right now! Dump this criminal crowd. They've all been working against the public good for years. There's plenty of mud to bury these slugs before we grant them carte blanche to abuse US anymore. We know widespread voter supression and gerrymandering blatantly violate our constitution and if we grant this whole crowd a pass now, the whole blessed country will be lost to these criminals. It won't matter what brilliant campaign strategies we use in 2018, '20, 22, '24. This is not a time to merely hope things get better in the next elections. This democracy is in very serious trouble. Let's not kid ourselves.


The Democrats hopefully will make a lot of trouble. I think they have the majority behind them or at least more people than Trump has behind him. Trump is outnumbered. He is unpopular in much of the country. A number of states are going to take hum on. His foundation is being investigated by the NY Attorney General. Don't give up before he even takes office. Forget the defeatism. It is the last thing we need.


Come to Pennsylvania!


Anarchists? I think fascists is a more accurate term, but it seems that folks don't want to say that word.


"Oligarchy" perhaps, but please do not misuse the word "anarchy" -- Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Goldman are far more allied to the cause of the people than these aristocrats who deserve nothing less than those aristocrats of late 18th century France. It would do us all great good to familiarize ourselves with the original anarchists.