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Senate Dems Stall SEC "Fence-Sitters" Who Won't Bare Teeth on Dark Money



"Both Ms. Peirce and Ms. Fairfax, who were nominated by President Barack Obama last fall, resisted taking a clear position on the thorny issue of forcing public companies to report their political spending": No surprise that they would be as mealy mouthed as Obama. Perhaps this is a requirement for being a lawyer?


Clearly big-money has subverted our democratic political processes, especially after "Citizen's United". All politicians and their activities are subverted by big-money and Obama is in it up to his neck! Elected representatives cater to/serve, and chase, big-money - instead of serving the public interest they spend time filling a "war chest" - that is a very real theft from the public. Some politicians are "stealth candidates", bought their entire careers!

Our goal should be to force big-money's corrupt influence, lobbyists, from our representative government - overrule Citizens united and identify those using wealth and power to corrupt our republic, public policy decisions, legislation and elected/selected officials.

“Too regularly in recent history, nominees to serve on the SEC (and most all other agencies) have been ‘revolving door’ Wall Street insiders with a pattern of moving back and forth between financial firms and the agency charged with overseeing those firms, This back and forth leads to decisions that are biased toward the interests of the financial industry and away from the interests of the public and investors.”

The two Obama nominees, Pierce and Fairfax are suspect just for their nomination by Obama and not taking a firm stance to identify big-money "donors" in politics. Obama's record is filled with nominating/appointing industry,corporate,banker revolving-door insiders to agencies and positions, not those who stand for and serve the people's interests!