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Senate Dems Threaten Suit to Get Kavanuagh Records as Poll Shows Trump Nominee Least Popular in Decades

Senate Dems Threaten Suit to Get Kavanuagh Records as Poll Shows Trump Nominee Least Popular in Decades

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While Senate Democrats continue to fight for records pertaining to President Donald Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh—threatening on Thursday to sue the National Archives for documents detailing his time working for the second Bush administration—a new poll from CNN revealed Kavanaugh is the least popular nominee in more than three decades.

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Hi TomJohnsn1 GREAT POINT! Yes why do they just threaten-----JUST DO IT-------if you need some help Dems—look to YODA: "Do or do not—there is no TRY! "


Senate Dems “threaten”? Yeah, right - threaten suit (maybe) but do nothing (likely)!..the same Dems that gave Eejit Pie a free pass after lying to America - fabricating a BS story about a “cyber attack” that never was and disappearing public comments demanding net neutrality…those SB Dems?


Schumer needs to come through.

Schumer comes thru for those he serves every day. You’re just not one of them. No ordinary US citizen is.


Schumer needs to retire.


There are other walls to be torn down on this issue –

The ERA, for instance – is the DemParty actively involved in pushing for its approval?

How about we all of get more active on moving government to STOP tax-exemptions for
what amounts to Male Supremacist religion which is basically what “Christianity” is?
A religion which has used tax-exempt dollars to fund the campaign against the ERA.

Since “W”, taxpayers have been funding the Catholic Church’s “faith based” organizations
which seemed to be a trade off for the Pope NOT objecting to US war on Iraq. And, likely,
because the Vatican needed $$$$$$$$$$$$ to pay off the sexual abuse claims against
their priests who have sexually abused children. THAT issue seemed to really rile Catholic
Church members upset at the selling off of schools and parish houses. They began pushing
for more control over RCC financial records/accounting.

Taxpayers need to be pushed to rethink WHY US citizens are supporting “Christianity”
and other organized patriarchal religions … which basically discriminate against women?

And, voters need to be pushed to start purging males and “Christians” and others in Congress
and the non-Supreme Court who worship an allegedly “pro-life god.”


Agree – Schumer will be a lot of talk – and then betrayal.


Why are Dems threatening a suit? Why don’t they just file the suit?

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Kavanaugh lied to Congress during his last time for appointment to his current job as a judge. He said he did not work on the torture program from the Bush White House but he did. Some are very unhappy about it. Maybe McConnell the Dictator will not be able to do his slam dunk of Kavanaugh before the mid-terms when hopefully much of Congress will be gone.


Read Caitlin Johnstones new post, “How to beat a Manipulator,” then you’ll know why.

If he had any sense, he’d withdraw.

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Wasn’t really aware of this –

TomJ: And this brings up a larger issue: i.e. the non-profit commercial complex. The govt is able to neuter “non-profit” organizations by manipulating tax-breaks and grants. Also, the great Foundation scam allows corporations and the rich to further corrupt and control the non-profit sector.

and not really sure if I understand fully what you’re saying –
If you get a chance could you add a bit more to enable me/us to check into these situations and to make sure that we do understand all the complications of what you’re pointing to? Thank you.

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Kagan wasn’t a threat to an eventual ERA, or Roe v Wade – or religious liberty –
i.e., freedom from religion and the right to free thought and personal conscience.

Kavanaugh is a “White male supremacist” which is made clear in his being Trump’s selection.

And obviously, you’re another religious fanatic who doesn’t really care how you get what you want.

Having Schumer run this thing may be the same as having Sen. Joe Biden run the
Hearings on Clarence Thomas.

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This is when I want to buy my senator’s vote…

I was not aware. That’s a big lie. Are the news channels ignoring that?

This became a very confusing thread toward the end.

Kagan, as most on the SC, seems to be one more corporatist –
a continuing threat to a “people’s” government.

But the issue is of course your desire to see Roe v Wade overturned and again, you
could care less how much damage is done to democracy and separation of church and
state is required to do it –

Or to the rights of the majority of people on the planet – females – and equal rights.

You’re supporting a “White male supremacist” president and an alleged “god” who wants
to force females to carry every pregnancy forward – and yet you try to claim that you’re not
the fanatic in this conversation?

He has no sense.