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Senate Dems Throw Down Gauntlet for Trump and GOP With Plan to Rebuild America


Senate Dems Throw Down Gauntlet for Trump and GOP With Plan to Rebuild America

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With a $1 trillion infrastructure plan unveiled Tuesday, Senate Democrats and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are offering President Donald Trump an opportunity to make good on a major campaign promise—without giving away billions to private corporations in the process.


Congressional and Senate Dems: be what the reptoxitards have been for the last 8 years -- refuse, be belligerent and FILIBUSTER EVERYTHING they refuse to work with you on!


A comic-strip video?
Nice child-like logic, Robert "Wrong."

But no cigar. Folks, don't fall for pro-NAFTA Democrat double-talk like Robert Reich just tried to fool us with here. The man's a globalist. He's the author of Super-Capitalism, which praised off-shoring all our jobs. He gave us NAFTA as Clinton's Labor Secretary which gave us WTO and massive Armadas of Container Ships Cris-Crossing the Globe looking for slave labor to supplant US Union Jobs. The smog from those dirty ships blankets whole countries as they pass.

And taxing the hell out of US companies will just result in another failed Obamacare, where imported steel will show up. We get 15 million jobs with Trump's program. Take the deal. Besides, money put in the US Treasury by raising taxes will just be used by the next Democrat/Clinton administration to start another SEVEN Wars. Robert Reich kinda forgot to mention how Democrats did that last time.

Subject #2:
Funny how nobody want's to give Trump credit for killing the Democracy-ending TPP yesterday. The man did a good thing; Bernie Sanders said so:

President Donald Trump formally withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, and critics of the doomed deal say the move will protect American jobs.

The the withdrawal, which threatens to distance the U.S. from some of its Asian allies, fulfilled a campaign pledge by Trump to end U.S. involvement in the 2015 pact and likely marks the beginning of a new chapter in Washington's approach to global trade — one more focused on shielding domestic industries from foreign competition.

Unlikely Allies

Trump, who hopes to boost U.S. manufacturing jobs during his term, signed the executive memorandum authorizing the withdrawal in the Oval Office. Later, as he met with union leaders in the White House's Roosevelt Room, he said, "We're going to stop the ridiculous trade deals that have taken everybody out of our country and taken companies out of our country."

The move received support from some of his opponents, including Rust Belt Democrats.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who denounced the TPP in last year’s Democratic presidential primaries, arguably pushing Hillary Clinton to retract her support for the pact, praised Trump yesterday and said he was glad the deal was "dead and gone."

We should be giving President Trump praise. He is a creature of ratings. When he does something right, we should tune in to the apprentice and buy Trump Ties. When he does something wrong, we should turn off and boycott him.

Popularity and the bottom line are the only thing he sees. And he's very unpopular right now, so our input could impact him.



This 'throwing down the gauntlet' reminds me of Obummer's 'lines in the sand'.


Except...that the TPP isn't really gone is it? Trumps own party, and a few demcrats as well, still want it.
Don't worry, it will be back, with or without the Donald's approval.


If we are stuck with a gargantuan military budget, why not use the military to rebuild our infrastructure? Wouldn't that be more constructive than killing people for fun and profit?

Better than spending trillions on shitty weapons like the F-35? Or looking for enemies to justify the massive Pentagon budget? Or keeping the people scared and pliable for the same reason? Or blowing 14 trillion in counterproductive war profiteering? http://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/01/19/chinese-billionaire-says-us-wasted-trillions-wars-and-wall-street

What's wrong with keeping the people, fed, clothed, housed, educated, cared for and happy? Why must the owners of the government be subject to the whims, wars and environmental disasters of greedy old oligarchs?

We have the worlds largest and most expensive military. Let's put them to work rebuilding America.

Online Direct Democracy


Good ol' Repatriots.


Well, there is no "Federal building workforce" unless you count the Corps of Engineers. So, private companies would have to be involved in infrastructure improvements no matter how you cut it, or what you call it. And they will want a profit for doing so.


true, killing tpp was wonderful, but he has also surrounded himself with insiders and billionaires. you really think trump won't throw all of us under the bus, just like the democrats did? we need a new constitution and a completely new system of government, but sadly, i see no way to get it without violence


i don't trust the democrats to rebuild our infrastructure without making it into a massive subsidy for their corporate clients. it's going to be just like obamacare - another massive corporate subsidy masquerading as a public benefit.


Dems have had 25 years to do a Green New Deal and have ignored the people. Apparently Progressives don't influence them but tRUMP, a Dinosaur from the Gilded Age, does? The TwoParty together have manifested the current nightmare Insane Clown Emp1%re. They are all LIARS!


Most of the military budget goes to privateer contractors, arms for sale overseas, embezzlement, apparently (how else to account for the many lost millions), and administrative fiefdoms for political and business payback, and not to the servicemen/women. We have millions of unemployed who desperately need those jobs. Cut the military waste, weapons produced for sale, and wars, sure, then use that money for infrastructure.


Where have you been all these years. It is the Republicans who are famous for wasting money on private contractors, because to them profit is the only reason to do anything. Infrastructure, public benefit projects? No, unless it can be privatized and profiteered. Of course, the Democrats make a show of objecting, but are usually ineffective in stopping this, since they have become just as sold out to big business.


Violence has no place in our movement at all. Why is it all the violence trolls have Joesixpack, JoethePlumber, Joexxxxx in their screen names?



No, TPP is Dead, Dead, Dead. It will not be signed into law. And it takes a long time and a lot of maneuvering to get a dozen countries to agree to a new one. Now, you raise the likelyhood that Trump just killed it because it was from Obama (like Obamacare.)

You could be right. But we had to stop Clinton's TPP (that she secretly connned 12 countries into signing) since it put foreign investors in charge of a secret "conflict resolution board" which Trumped our Constitution, our Congress and even our Supreme Court. It's decisions (e.g., Unions cost them money) were final and non-amendable by Congress or anybody.

What shocks me, is that Trump appears to be keeping his campaign promises. All eyes are on Medicare and Social Security.

We need, not to be wearing pink pussyhats, but black Monopoly hats with big red arrows stuck through them, demanding that robber barons not touch our Medicare or Social Security, or there's gunna be big trouble.


Where were the Dems on this for the last 8 years when they had a chance of getting it done? Trumps plan stinks, no doubt. Its analogous to Obama Care instead of single pay national health insurance for all. It simply enriches a different sector of the financial elite (instead of insurance companies) at the publics expense. That sector of the elite is so interlocked though that its just a different pocket being filled. The increased premiums thanks to Obama are here to stay though and even OC's elimination wont hurt too bad


Pretty sure he promised not to touch medicare, medicaid and social security. Already went back on medicaid so best not have an elderly family member needing medicaid to pay for spiraling nursing home costs. I suspect ss and medicare are next in line



Getting troll paranoia. Anyone named Joe gets my guard up.

You could be right. But there's no way anyone should talk about a new constitution with this crowd in charge. The Republican Congress would gut the Bill of Rights, except for the Second Amendment.


democrats are hypocrites. They could have done this numerous times during the Obama administration.


While I very much agree with the sentiment Wolfess, I do not believe Dems have the intention, integrity or gumption to do much more than talk before collapsing into "normalized" sycophants looking-out for themselves and their corporate bribes....as usual...............if it weren't for the millions in the streets I would nave an even darker vision - but even with all those wonderful people we are essentially rudderless without a political party mechanism to channel/focus our resolve.