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Senate Dems Urge 'Political Firestorm' Over GOP FCC's Net Neutrality Attacks


Senate Dems Urge 'Political Firestorm' Over GOP FCC's Net Neutrality Attacks

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Senate Democrats on Tuesday vowed not to let net neutrality be dismantled without a fight, and urged people to be aware of recent orders by the newly Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) targeting internet equality.


The new FCC chair is already getting started, though it will take time to get a new rule in place. What's worrisome, is a lot can be done simply by a lack of enforcement and allowing more ISP/cable mergers. Our great populist president is on board with one that was halted under that vile neolib Obama:


Even if Republicans can't get the votes in Congress, a lot of damage can be done anyway.


There were posters here who repeatedly misrepresented the Obama administrations stance on net neutrality. Wonder where they are now?


Please cite specific "misrepresentations of the Obama Administration's stance on net neutrality".

Yes, there was a lot of pressure put on Obama to come around and approve net neutrality. I recall at least a half dozen petitions addressed to him in my in-box each day at one point. There was even more pressure for him to can TPP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as "trade deals" that enable the end of net neutrality.

"Trade deals" continue to provide an opportunity for Congress to attack net neutrality in a less direct but equally effective way. You can safely bet your last nickle that Trump's "better trade deals" that the GOP Congress will wholeheartedly endorse, will target net neutrality.


That's exactly what I stated the other day about the TPP (which we know Hillary would have pushed, along with Paul Ryan getting Republicans on board) in CD's other article 2 days ago. I find it interesting how Trump's administration will be doing to us what the TPP would have done. The Koch Bros. get their fascist utopia after all, along with the Democrats help. Obama massaged us with so called healthcare, wall street reform, net neutrality and then Boom!, it all would have changed.


Trump at least saved us and much of Asia from his TPP


And now Asia and Australia are trying to set up a TPP with China replacing the USA. Out of the frying pan and into Chinese rape, pillage and pollution


It's extremely worrying that there is so little publicity about this. Things are being changed and dismantled without people even knowing, much less having a chance to protest.


It is worrying. There's not much we can do about it now either except notify people and work to win back Congress. I hate to say it though, we aren't winning back Congress if we don't recognize that not all districts are going to be open to Bernie acolytes. It would be nice, but even in California, where I'm at, there are places where progressivism is a bad word. I live in one of those districts and work in an even redder area. Trust me, to some of the folks I know, all I want to do is take people's money and give it to "those" people. Right wing radio has just won too many minds.


OMG people! Let's give up the sober, "reasonable," polite handwringing now! This regime is making a naked bid for absolute control. Of course control of the internet must be a key component of the strategy.

This regime is merely a logical extension of the direction this Empire has been moving forever. This is not a Dem vs. Repug thing, and it's past time for spending any energy on that tired old shell game!

This is an oligarch thing, an Empire thing. Completely consistent with history, with new props and costumes as the time demands. The actions of this regime have been completely predictable so far. Where they will seek to go next is also completely predictable.

What would be new: "we the people" moving as quickly and decisively to shed our denial and our feeble "hoping for the best." And coming together NOT simply to resist this regime, but also, primarily, to identify and exploit the long term opportunities inherent in this moment of collapse of Amerikkka's long and costly gaslighting campaign.

The young people are already largely free of denial. They know they face a ruthless, rapacious monster of our own making. They also know they want to live.

Be nice if more oldsters would get with them, instead of clinging to the last shreds of an old normal that sucked for most of our relations anyway.

As the song says, so simply: "You'd better keep moving/or you'll be left behind."

Picture no internet as we have known it by May 2017. Dream a good dream about what comes next, following some young folks...Then give yourself to making it real.

Everything else is simply self-indulgence at this point.


How do we fight EMPIRE? How do we fight the bankers, MIC, Netanyahu, Israel & Saudi Arabia, AIPAC, trade deals while we are now fighting for our own survival, just as the US. has done to other countries? Will we find out what works, wait for the economy to come crashing down, what?


Easy answers from the world of health: resistance is futile.

We have little resistance to Candida albicans because yeasts are so much like us, and are an integral part of human ecology.

Thus, "resisting" a Candida overgrowth that is well-entrenched enough to cause undesirable symptoms and signs is costly, and usually ineffective. The drugs involved are harsh, and generally impair overall immunity/resilience, especially over time. Even when they succeed in quelling symptoms in the short term, they predispose us to more serious problems later.

Similarly, we have little innate immunity to socially predatory behaviors like those favored by oligarchic regimes of all stripes because such behaviors are part of our biological inheritance. In fact, most of us employ them routinely in everyday life.

When we try to quell the symptoms--inequity, conflict, violence--caused by a preponderance of socially predatory behaciors, we often succeed short term, but make the dis-ease worse over time.

For example: resistance succeeded in enacting laws defending the humanity of people of color, females, and queers, but since laws don't address our ubiquitous and longstanding tendencies to perceive difference as threatening, these tendencies readily reaasert themselves when the superficial circumstances change. When they do, they generally return with a vengeance, as do bacteria who have been temporarily slowed down by applications of antibiotics.

Having now witnessed the longterm consequences of trying to dominate Nature--including our own nature--we have only one viable option. To transform our own behaviors, individually and collectively, so that socially predatory behaviors come to occupy a more sustainable place in our cultural ecosystems.

This is TOTALLY possible, for we know how to change habits. And resevoirs of alternatives to socially predatory behaviors are abundant! Indigeneous cultures are deep aquifers of embodied wisdom here. And indigeneous ones exist within all of us.

All we need to do is 1) enhance our literacy regarding socially predatory behaviors and promote awareness of them, especially in everyday, intimate social relating; 2) share knowledge about how to inhibit, or pause, our lightning-fast, usually unconscious predatory responses; 3) replace these, on the spot, with more pleasurable alternatives (in this case, with cooperative/creative/playful relational gestures), and 4) repeat as needed. As in, many times each day.

Truly, it doesn't take many folks in a family, community, city, etc. undertaking such consistent transformative practice to bring big and permanent change. For cooperative, creative and playful behaviors really do feel better to almost everyone. There's a postive feedback loop here, for Nature loves positive feedbsck loops! This, too, is our inheritance from our ancestors, and not only our human ones!

Practically speaking, since we "civilized" ones have long neglected the development of these parts of our nature, we need to stop a lot of what we are doing daily in order to allow new habits to take hold. To engage in some remedial education!

Happily, the totalizing poltical, economic and ecological breakdown we are now experiencing makes stopping what we have been doing inevitable, and imminent.

This doctor recommends total and unconditional surrender to that process, which is not in our control anyway!

Just get a massive case of FUCK IT! about everything that doesn't make the indigeneous/melanin-rich, the females, the kids, and the non-human relations smile and laugh spontaneously! Just say no--and keep in saying it--to the behaviors that DO make these parties (within as well as without) smile.

Every scary thing we've been told will happen if we do that won't. And a lot of great things we maybe never imagined, Will.

Don't tell me it's impossible! We don't know that, because we've never done the experiment.

We do know what happens as we continue behaving as we have been....