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Senate Dems Will #HoldtheFloor Overnight to Protest Looming DeVos Vote


Senate Dems Will #HoldtheFloor Overnight to Protest Looming DeVos Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Telling democrats to hold the floor is not enough, telling the GOP that you will hold them accountable next election might just get one more on board to oppose this horrible choice for the educational system used by the majority of Americans. I'm sure that vouchers would go over well in the rural US when there is no way to get the kiddos to the big cities. They just haven't been clued in yet to the devastation this will bring to the educational system. I have written to my senators, both of which are democrats,(NM) but we need one more GOP to block the path to the cabinet. Average folks will be left in the ashes of the new admin. if left unfettered and I do hope some semblance of rationality prevails in these troubling times.


Mark these words. In four years there will be no dept of education, as federal aid for state education will be all but eliminated. The EPA will disappear. And the dept of the interior will become a real estate company selling off public lands.


Why didn't they do that for all Trump nominees?


This is a little strange. Republicans can shut down gov'ment, but Dems can't? Whatever. She'll get voted in for sure.


because those were managers of the security state. DoEd is expendable.

Schumer's funny, ain't he? "Now is the time to put country before party."

Good lord. Utterly shameless.


Good question! They said they would resist ... but have not ... liars, all ... and yet still want us to pay them ... send em all home .... we podunk everyday people can at least be honest and forthright ... with a bit of integrity thrown in ...we can so a better job than they. .. the system is broke beyond repair, I believe .mm


Nobody even asked the question, what makes her qualified for this job ? No one Fracking asked !!!!
Are they all nuts or dummer than we thot ? Yikes !!! Lord help us is right ! Divine intervention is needed now for sure !
Jeeezuuuzzzz, come quickly please ....


Because Democrats have to oblige by the peaceful transition of power. They have ethics to uphold and yeah I can't continue this with a straight face.


Indeed. The only reason why Democrats and a few Republicans are opposing this is to claim that they are progressive too. More superficial political bullshit.


Her views on education are not just 'Extreme', they are based on how best she can benefit financially from them.


Someone should ask Schumer if he would like to donate his yearly stipend from the Federal Government and give it to the poor and needy who will be ravaged by the Orange One's policy reversals that take from the poor and give to the Corporations.


Explains pretty much every one of Trump's appointees huh.


The democrats have enough people to have a real filibuster ----hold the floor until the republicans pull the nomination !!!!! And a topic to discuss would be campaign finance reform----how many of these senators are bought and paid for by DeVos??????

The NYT reported this week how Trump is fulfilling a wish list of the Kock brothers. Make this an issue-

Democrats if you get on the side of common people you will win.


Apparently to the Dems torture's better than an incompetent at the helm of Education... as if they had to make a choice between the two...


If they work against the common people they get paid handsomely.


Betsy DeVos is not the educational representation of my tax dollars (my tithing) that I want steering the creative potential of our school children. Betsy DeVos seems slanted towards the Mammon Corporate Empire. Our children are not for sale. Our children are not corporations. Betsy DeVos privatization mission will only manipulate the numbers and siphon off our best resources leaving students vulnerable to becoming a corporate number without a sense of abundance and creativity. The Department of Education has been limited and rigid. I would prefer a candidate who has experience in the educational field and has evidenced that our public schools work and wants to demonstrate, collaborate, uphold and sustain our great public educational resource. Please take another look for a candidate from the educational field. Don’t sell our children to this bidder.


There #1 reason the GOP wants to give DeVos this power is that her family gave the Republican Party $100,000,000.




While I, too, am disappointed the dems don't block the other horrible nominees, I still hope they can keep her out.
It does seem like the corporate dems won't take on the causes that upset the monied-interests.
They are still beholden to their corporate donors. Going to the mat on Guns, gays, Choice, wont cost them the big checks. Banks, Oil, Pharma, barely a peep. They are pretty transparent, aren't they?