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Senate Finally Approves Flint Aid—At California's Expense

Senate Finally Approves Flint Aid—At California's Expense

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The California provision was tucked into the massive bill against the wishes of one of its primary authors, retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). (Photo: Daniel Mennerich/flickr/cc)

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It galls me to see Repugs being rewarded for their dereliction of duty. Aid to Flint should have been approved two years ago, with no toxic provisions. And still no call for Rick Snyder to come before congress and be in any way held accountable for his actions. Shame!


Even when they do something ostensibly good, it’s too little, too late and at someone else’s expense. WTF is wrong with these so-called legislators who can only think of how to screw the public?


another example to show us why we need a real REVOLUTION that helps all people everywhere in this nation. the 2 party dog and pony show is despicable! enuf already with games at our expense


As if this isn’t bad enough, Trump wants every new regulation to come with two that are eliminated. At that rate we will have no regulations on anything. Chaos will ensue but no matter to them if their rich friends can continue to make that money.


Kleptocracy whining about being forced into accountability is only just beginning because people are waking up. Galling beyond words is that NOTHING is even proposed to be cut from the obscenity known as the pentagon, the cia, the rest of the patently delusional welfare for military madness.
Look closely. To squander the already grossly exploited resources in retrogressive colonialistic abrogations of ethics against peoples, biomes, equilibrium and COMMON SENSE, the insane swilling not of a smaller government, but the human genius of the diversity of the entire planet … down the drain.


The Trump/R’Con pathology and MO will be to pit group against group, demographic against demographic, and punish any state, group, or individual that did not or do not support and grovel before Trump and his regime of exploitation - corruption, cronyism and nepotism rampant - contempt for, and destruction of, Mother Earth the norm - where do these creatures get their sense of morality or utter lack of it?

Trump has sown hatred and division across America - he likely has never cared - actually cared - for anything or anyone, except perhaps his family of clones. Their worship of money, power/domination, and profits above all else is not to be lauded, it must be understood as madness - arrogant ambition gone mad …and all will pay a very steep price for their hubris, de facto insanity, and avarice.


Why not deduct the $170 million to fix Flint’s water supply from the $10.2 million per day we give Israel to carry out crimes against humanity? http://ifamericansknew.org/stat/usaid.html

That would be only 17 days of U.S. handouts to Israel! Problem solved.


Where will all that water come from to support farming and Ag interests, the drought isn’t over and the groundwater is disappearing.


Yes, I am … ya’ know, there are no words… for how I feel about all of this… the power struggles we are going though, to save our planet… oh, wait, the planet will be fine… it’s us … AND MANY MORE SPECIES OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS… THAT ARE AT STAKE… so, I can barely stand to continue functioning in this ridiculousness we call our civilization/ culture/economy… it’s not changing fast enough… I try in my own way to make changes… but, it’s not even a hill of beans… compared to the wars, the uselessness of the rich and their waste… and the overall apathy and NON CURIOUSITY from most of the rest of humans… I talked with a young man yesterday… who voted for Trump… He’s 23… he did say that if Bernie had been in… he would’ve thought about voting for him… … UJUUMMMM, how do you go from Bernie to Trump…/??? I don’t get … and if one more person says to me that … "Hey, Trump is brining change… we need change… " … well, I will have to stop being nice and tell them like it is… in a not nice tone… I’m tired of being “nice”… I am so fed up with people not understanding… I explained to the young man… some reading he could do… and he refused… saying … he didn’t need to read… many many other people say this to me also… I am really not getting that…


Video from Democracy Now, earlier this year:

Michigan’s Water Wars: Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water

Published on Feb 17, 2016
http://democracynow.org - As Flint residents are forced to drink, cook with and even bathe in bottled water, while still paying some of the highest water bills in the county for their poisoned water, we turn to a little-known story about the bottled water industry in Michigan. In 2001 and 2002, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued permits to Nestlé, the largest water bottling company in the world, to pump up to 400 gallons of water per minute from aquifers that feed Lake Michigan. This sparked a decade-long legal battle between Nestlé and the residents of Mecosta County, Michigan, where Nestlé’s wells are located. One of the most surprising things about this story is that, in Mecosta County, Nestlé is not required to pay anything to extract the water, besides a small permitting fee to the state and the cost of leases to a private landowner. In fact, the company received $13 million in tax breaks from the state to locate the plant in Michigan. The spokesperson for Nestlé in Michigan is Deborah Muchmore. She’s the wife of Dennis Muchmore—Governor Rick Snyder’s chief of staff, who just retired and registered to be a lobbyist. We speak with Peggy Case, Terry Swier and Glenna Maneke of Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation.


“We should not have to trade delinquent Congressional action in Michigan for the erosion of endangered species protection and a threat to fishing jobs in California, but that is the result of the partisan games at play in this bill,”

I just coined a new term for myself anyway…corporate partisanship, as “partisanship” is a completely vacuous term, aside from the utility of obfuscation for those advancing corporate governance.


Good one. or corpartisanship.


166 years after attaining statehood doesn’t the California flag still read CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC ? Having the world’s sixth largest economy, shouldn’t California be seceding post haste ? If I hadn’t moved out of CA a quarter century ago I would vote for secession.

Yes, i know that fear of California joining the Confederacy was as much a driver of the Civil War as slavery was, however, the conditions are different today and the time is right for Calexit.


It is apparent that anger supported by sound-bite “factoids” and ugly slogans are what are driving these Trump voters. Many of them feel disaffected and abandoned by the establishment, yes, especially with the loss of many high-paying jobs and are therefore attracted to the fearless, angry, and rebellious rhetoric of politicians like Trump. Anger unfortunately damages people’s abilities to think clearly, no matter how justified that anger is, and just adds to the ignorance and confusion that these people exhibit. It can happen to anyone, not just Trump supporters.


They’re all worried that the pentagon won’t have enough depleted uranium and white phosphorous to drop on “our” enemies in a timely fashion if they actually use our tax money to help U.S. citizens.

That’s my guess, anyway. Also, exterminating undesirables with ancient lead plumbing is absolutely free…


I just hope against all hope that Americans from all walks of life rise up against Trump and throw back the dog shit onto his face.


A game too many in the congress like to play: Rob Paul to pay Peter. Even Obamacare does this and it has unfortunately exacerbated middle class resentment against the poor. So many reasons we need an ecological socialism to protect Mother Earth and all who depend on her and to implement economic equality which will ensure democracy too.


Not much unlike the small pox blankets sent to the Indian tribes for same shameful aim.


What is wrong with them? I’ll take a crack at some of it:

  1. love of money
  2. love of power
  3. love of their particular ideology