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Senate GOP Slammed for Allowing Eviction Moratorium to Expire, Putting Millions of US Families at Risk During Covid-19 Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/25/senate-gop-slammed-allowing-eviction-moratorium-expire-putting-millions-us-families


If more people were “woke,” we would evict the Republican Party itself - now more than ever, for its total complicity with Trump.


This week we have available a one bed (sort of), no kitchen and no bath spot under London Bridge.
A nice summer getaway. Cheap.


You will have to get used to the smell of piss and hopelessness though.


Perhaps on January 20th, 2021 when the Trump brand has become a dirty word, and the Southern District of New York has prepared enough evidence of Fraud and Corruption on the criminal exiting the White House to keep him locked away for a very long time, perhaps the rat will slip out before the sun rises, get on an international flight, and take up residence under that bridge.

I personally hope he refuses to leave so that either I get to see him dragged out by the White House Sargeant at Arms, the Park Police, or by the millions of us who will be traveling to DC to physically remove him ourselves.

It’ll be a Win-Win for the country any way you look at it.


Funny, I was just thinking along that same line. If we can’t impeach the SOB, why can’t we file claims of assault against the president and “All the President’s Men.” (I was trying to work “Impeach the Cox Sacker” in there, but it didn’t seem to fit anywhere.)

Has anyone heard Pelosi or Schumer on this issue?

The only plan the Dem clowns have is to continue the block on evictions. Meanwhile, the back rent piles up and people go into debt and bankruptcy.

The headline focuses only on the GOP but the Dems are no help either, and have had since their voice vote in March for Trillions for the Ruling elite to make a REAL STAND for a REAL PLAN but nope… The Dems are just as guilty in not giving any f’s about the 99%!!!

The 99% are being forced to revolt to stay alive… And here at Commondreams they only point to the GOP when the two party system is happily and wholly at fault. How sad, how misleading.


The GOP is starting a revolution, not sure it´s deliberate but with all those millions unemployed add the homelessness and you have a powder keg the fuse and all eady for ignition


Free bbqed Frog and river water drinks


Mr. Tuttle,

Anyone with an IQ knows damn well both corporate parties are to blame for our current political state of affairs.

One only needs to look at how just the right number of Democrats are always complicit in voting with the Republicans to pass the GOP agenda.

It is sickening to those of us who watch virtually everyone we know go to the voting booths every election and give their support to the two most degenerate political parties this country has.

Revolution is the only answer, however like I said the majority of our friends, family, and coworkers wouldn’t lift a finger or a pitchfork to expel the criminals they put in office.


They’ve given up on believing they could make a difference.


Back in the 50’s, my Mom used to buy and eat frog’s legs.


She was a lifelong Republican.


The fake opposition Party is excellent at conning people that they are the opposition Party.


How any of you idiots have been supporting this kind of shit for the last 20-30-40-50 years?

Quite a fucking lot of you, because it’s been a solid wall of federal governments that take from the poor and middle class and give to the rich since at least Richard Nixon’s days.

Well, here you go now. You’ve arrived.


Yes - Senator Wyden’s bills are actually co-sponsored by Senator Schumer on the extension of the $600 extra unemployment and the eviction moratorium. Both of those have also already passed the House where Pelosi favored them.

Exactly - this article was just about the moratorium (though the $600/week does help) not about any rent or debt jubilee initiatives.


If we had a compassionate country or one that actually followed Jesus’ teaching rather than worshiping $ with a bipartisan amen, we’d consider a debt jubilee, a forgiveness of debts – student debts, rents, credit cards,… If there ever was a time for it, it’s now. Check out the Washington Post op-ed, “Debt jubilee is the only way to avoid a depression,” by one of America’s few decent economists, Michael Hudson.


She must’ve been part French

Why didn’t people revolt before this? We did! SDS"s Port Huron Papers. We did it all. Voting rights for all, civil rights, women’s rights, decent health care when Nixon made it for-profit, anti-war, not just against Vietnam War…and we burned out. The majority just didn’t want change. They enjoyed American Exceptionalism, White male Supremacy, the myth of the self-made man.The stag-flation of the 70’s economy fed into the ennui, paving the way for the Economic Liberty bunch based in the University of Chicago. They tried in 1976 to put Reagan in power, but he truly did scare the GOP and everyone else. They went with Rockefeller, planning on continued economic woes to sway We The People to their way of thinking. Sure enough, Carter and Congress caved on deregulation and the lies that regulations were behind the sluggish economy, not corporate and individual greed.
People will believe lies if it fits their world view. And, doggone, the American myth of Horatio Alger’s stories, of rags to riches, made average Americans believe poverty was the result of laziness and immorality, a crime. If you were laid off or lost your job because it was outsourced, well, that was your fault for asking for too much. You should have just taken another job and been content. If you were disabled or elderly, too bad. That’s god’s way of testing your survival skills. You can take in laundry or watch working people’s kids. Or be a greeter at Wal-Mart.
Race to the bottom…Wal-Mart’s public business plan. We’re competing with the poor in Laos, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Guatamala for slave wages. Have you looked at where your clothes were made? Used to be union proudly made in the US. Now it’s third world countries and they fall apart in a year or two.
Now…there are empty buildings in Washington DC. We can live there for the nonce, and tell our elected officials to work from home. Especially 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Room for a hundred people there, with a free campsite on the grounds.


This is what the right-wingers hope for. That we all come around to the position that nothing works therefore we all have to be individuals and go it alone. No community other than cocktail parties, no village to share, and no safety net.

There aren’t enough people in dire need to push for revolution. A $300 check here and a $1200 check there. When enough people are out of work, out of money, have no decent place to sleep, have to use food pantries, maybe we will see some action.
A strong leader or two to get people motivated is necessary as well.


How do we explain the opposition party being in opposition to social security reduction, being in favor of m4all, to a large degree, helping the unemployed, the uninsured, the people about to lose their abode, push for voters/voting rights to be honored, wearing masks for heavens sake.
These are two very different parties imho.
And we can’t compare DJT to any other human, much less to a democrat or independent.

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None seem to be stepping forward. Perhaps they will in our time of dying.