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Senate Guts First Amendment to Guard Israel from Boycott, But Ilhan Omar Can’t Bring Up AIPAC?


Always, Always, Always…Follow the Benjamins! I have huge gratitude for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for saying what needed to be said.
The question is where are the rest of our elected officials??? Oh right; they’ve got the Benjamins.

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I have argued that also. Russia expelled many jews and so did the USSR. So they fled to western europe and the US, where they were not wanted. It was the jewish problem and what to do with them. The answer was to give them a place to run to so that they would leave the western world.
The Zionists were actually right, jews would never be accepted. That has proven true as hate crimes against jews have been increasing in the western countries.
It is one of the reasons why Israel is supported, they don’t want it to fail and have those jews come back.Another is that christians are expecting the end days and Israel is ground zero where the jews will either die or convert.


No not all jews lived there. But the jews in Rusia, then the USSR, fled to western europe and the US. They were not wanted, so the jews, knowing they wouldn’t be accepted (and proved correct about that did ask for a jewish homeland in palestine. It was the great powers that made them homeless, not palestine. Those were the jewish europeans.
Nothing was said about the jews living in the ME and north africa, they were not the ones who were affected by the anti-jewish sentiment. They were not the ones who had to flee.


They were not Europeans; they were temporarily a foreign nation tolerated (or not tolerated) in Europe, and constantly reminded of their outsider status in various persecutions, given the impression they could never be safe while living among the people who had first conquered them and forced them out of their homeland. Calling them European is equating them with their colonizers, the people who forced them out of the land in the first place — their oppressors, the group that I imagine most Common Dreams readers belong to.


That’s not true; Jews did have to flee the rest of the Middle East and North Africa because of antisemitism. That’s why they had to move into the country. There were antisemitic persecutions all across the Middle East in the 20th century. Arguably (not conclusively) instigated by powers like Britain, but nevertheless, they had to escape the other countries they were living in because of intense antisemitic persecution.


The creation of Israel and the stealing of land from the arabs did create anti-semitism that wasn’t there before. But that was after the jews were forced from the other countries. Up until then, the jews in the ME had lived peacefully. Afterwards, they did flee many arab countries. But part of that was what the european jews did to arabs which started the hatred against jews in those lands. Unfortunately hatred paints with a large brush. Just like it does in the US and europe where anti-semitism is on the rise.
All that changed in the 20th century. And from every history and document, it was not just britain, but all the western world and the USSR that did their best to get rid of jews.
I am very aware of the history of persecution against the jews. And very much against it.
The truth is that jews and arabs have a common enemy, the western world, russia, and now china. It would be far better for them to stand together against the hate. But hatred stands in the way, on both sides.