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Senate Health Bill Would Kill Essential Homecare Jobs


Senate Health Bill Would Kill Essential Homecare Jobs

Elly Kugler, Marzena Zukowski

The Senate Republicans’ “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” which would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), would slash resources needed for Medicaid to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy. The homecare workforce, one of the country’s fastest-growing, would be extremely hard hit by the plan. The passage of this bill would not only kill homecare jobs, but make homecare workers sicker, while permanently destabilizing the homecare industry.


This bill kills what it means to be Family! Just what the banksters want! Chaos. Dis-information. More news outlets like NPR. More rat-race lives for stressed-out American workers. Zero social safety nets. More prisons and walls. Isolation. Surrender to a new peon-labor force enforced by ex-mercenary para-military transferring into state, county and city militarized police forces. WHO THOUGHT THIS SHIT UP? lol - People with more money (than brains) that could be spent in 100 lifetimes! Oafs. Wiseguys. Madmen.


Homecarej obs will just be the tip of the iceberg and first wave of job killing.

TrumpDon’tCare will also gut Medicare. In many rural areas (that went big for Trump, allegedly to increase their job opportunities) the local hospital and supporting medical services currently provide the biggest payrolls in their respective counties. With many rural patients being on Medicaid or Medicare, at best TrumpDon’tCare will result in many rural medical services employee layoffs, while in many locations the hospital will close, spiking the local unemployment rate beyond what it was in 2009.


So why isn’t the Democratic party flooding the airwaves with ads trumpeting the “jobs killing ACHA” the way the Repubs did with the ACA–Never mind that the latter was not a job killer. the former actually is!–For that matter why are the Democrats so reactive but never take the initiative, never take it to the opposition–They’re a tired old party the TOP.