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Senate Just Killed "Trump's Plan to Hand Our Public Lands to Big Oil"


Senate Just Killed "Trump's Plan to Hand Our Public Lands to Big Oil"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Just when we thought all hope was lost, common sense prevailed today in the United States Congress," said Jessica Ennis, senior legislative representative with the environmental law organization Earthjustice.


Thank goodness for checks and balances. And for 3 senators who put life over party.


Quite naturally, it was a close vote. Best thing McCain's done in a long time. On a related note: if the Republican pols (Dems too) don't put country over party, we will lose our country to Trump.


T-Rex and his cronies are crying in their baked squab breakfast this morning.

At last, a modicum of HUMANITY is blooming on the GOP side of the aisle, albeit just a trickle that will hopefully turn into a steady stream of conscience.


First time I've thanked McCain or Graham for anything!


Most surprising to me is that three Republicans don't have shit for brains.


Big thanks to all the activist organizations and $upporters who have been mounting letter writing campaigns and petitions to reps and agencies.

Time to double down on all issues.


"If a stranger batters your door down with an axe, threatens your family and yourself with deadly weapons, and proceeds to loot your home of whatever he wants, he is committing what is universally recognized — by law and morality — as a crime. In such a situation the householder has both the right and the obligation to defend himself, his family, and his property by whatever means are necessary. This right and this obligation is universally recognized, justified and even praised by all civilized human communities. Self-defense against attack is one of the basic laws not only of human society but of life itself, not only of human life but of all life.

The American wilderness, what little remains, is now undergoing exactly such an assault. With bulldozer, earth mover, chainsaw and dynamite the international timber, mining and beef industries are invading our public lands — property of all Americans — bashing their way into our forests, mountains and rangelands and looting them for everything they can get away with. This for the sake of short-term profits in the corporate sector and multi-million dollar annual salaries for the three-piece-suited gangsters (M.B.A., Harvard, Yale, University of Tokyo, et alia) who control and manage these bandit enterprises. Cheered on, naturally, by Time, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal, actively encouraged by those jellyfish Government agencies which are supposed to protect the public lands, and as always aided and abetted in every way possible by the quisling politicians of our Western states (such as Babbitt, DeConcini, Goldwater, Hatch, Garn, Symms, Hansen, Wallop, Domenici — to name but a few) who would sell the graves of their own mothers if there’s a quick buck in the deal, over or under the table, what do they care.

Representative democracy in the United States has broken down."

--------Edward Abbey, Forward from Ecodefense: Field Guide to Monkey Wrenching. Dave Foreman. 1985


Well, not for this vote it seems.


Strange how Lindsey Graham and John McCain seem to have become almost rational in these trumpian times. Who'da thunk it? Most of the rest of the right wing has been left trying to run on their marbles and have trouble standing on their own two feet.