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Senate Passes Fast Track Bill as Opposition Readies for Showdown


Senate Passes Fast Track Bill as Opposition Readies for Showdown

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At the tail end of a frenzied legislative week, the U.S. Senate quietly voted to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), also known as "Fast Track," a bill that would give President Barack Obama increased power to ram through trade deals without congressional input.


Just take a look at those faces, people. Those are the faces of treason against every American family, every American worker, every student in the USA. They have done nothing but thwart the expressed willingness to succeed, to grow and expand the economy, the ecological safety of our environment. Just look at the BILLS these same men voted for over the past several election cycles they’ve been in office. They should all be removed from office and never allowed to come in contact with any government official for the rest of their lives.


Working men & women the US economy & US soverignty is betrayed by our treasonous senators & traitor democrats like Feinstein & Widen. What ever happened to proudly made in America? Can we organize a boycott on goods made over seas? What can we do? Ideas anyone?


Wholeheartedly agree!


Every time the gooney birds successfully employ another acronym, the meaning drains out of things and people of reasonable view lose another inch of arm-wrestle.

Hard enough to learn what TPP stands for (Trans-Pacific Partnership). But on top of that comes TPA. Trade Promotion Authority is the supposed translation of that-- at least there is correspondence to the capital letters.

But TPA is also supposed to connect to the words “Fast Track,” another example of mind fuck. Real fuck of course is the goal of those who endorse it.


So many of the every day products we use are from third world countries. Our markets are flooded with imported goods. Ever try to purchase ONLY stuff made or grown in the U.S.?

So many attempts have been made to curb the progression of our demise; and failed. It seems that our own government wishes to create another third world country–us! Yes, the leveling off of the playing field has been in the works for decades. This is not new–just the end result. The wealthy go along with this idea of multi-nationalism because it guarantees them cheap labor, and more profit. The numbed and dumbed down Americans who think “FREE” Trade is “FAIR” Trade, have been duped royally. Free trade means…free to extort every penny from the land and worker, whereas, fair trade considers the well-being of all involved in the transfer of goods. The capitalist/corporate traitors of the people have worked hard to confuse and distort the difference.

At this point, after expending much energy writing letters to editors and senators, etc., and joining vigils and protests, I realize there has been little change. As a personal gesture of resistance, I have resolved to buy local as much as possible. My family and I grow vegetables and raise chickens. We try to buy locally raised meat products, and additionally have cut down on meat consumption by over half our previous intake. To say I am disillusioned is an understatement. Every small step forward made by good-hearted people, has been crushed, trampled on, belittled, or forestalled. Progressive movement forward is met with militarized police and governmental denial of same.

I believe the only way to stop this march over a cliff is to rid ourselves of the traitorous concept of crony-capitalism, along with lobbyists and corporate power. After that, we need to clean up our electoral process, our two-party system, and our divisive red state/blue state mind-set. In essence, we need to change the whole system–now!


Exactly what is it that our President and Congress hope to accomplish by selling out our country? With the multinational corporations now writing the laws and paying big time to our representatives to let them do it we really have no need for any more elections. Doing business behind closed doors in secret is not in the best interests of democracy, in fact there is no democracy involved in this procedure. Until the entire country is informed totally and there are actual debates about all of the details we are being sold a bill of goods that will leave us bereft of any regulations that protect us in every facet of our lives.


These are the faces of Treacherous Fossils bent on treason.


Diann Feistein also managed to buy the historic post office building in Berkeley. The GOP made fictitious demands on the worlds best postal service forcing them to come up with pension to cover the postal retirees for the next 35 years a completely unreasonable demand. However their true motive has been revealed and it is to liquidate the prime real estate the postal service owned and to privatize mail delivery. These monsters are very vicious anti public self serving creatures that must be gotten rid of.


OK, so whom will you replace them with? More D/Rs?


Get rid of D/Rs - put non corp indies in office …


“Our government …” Yup, the one we put in office …

And i suggest that your solution has the order reversed - we need to use our electoral process to rid ourselves of the crony capitalism and corporate power that infests our governing bodies at all levels, ASAP!


Bingo! What do you suppose TPP et.al. is all about? It is about making it all but impossible to be able to use our electoral system for change - they know we still could and they want to forestall that possibility - It is so ironic that the corps know the potential power of the electoral system to upset their applecart, while we the people, who would most benefit from using it that way, are not only failing to do so, but actually preaching that “it can’t be done” - so while we are “moving in the streets”, our perhaps most powerful weapon for change is being disarmed -

THAT is the ultimate triumph of the corp machine - convincing US that the electoral process is useless, even as they use it to make it so …

“Just when i stopped opening doors, finally knowing the one that i wanted was yours, making my entrance again with my usual flare, so sure of my lines, no one was there …” Send in the Clowns


How do you propose to do it?


There has been almost no mention of the TTP or the Fast Track for that matter. In fact the media hasn’t show much interest at all in this colossal ‘secret’ plan. Either the media is complicit as the media is owned by huge corporations or there simply are not any investigative journalists any more. Whichever, the media is totally absent in providing valuable information to the public, information which our government should be providing but is not. At least we have been able to garner a few bits of information that tells us this is never going to be in the best interests of we the people. I foresee a Congress totally disbanded in favor of CEOs in
charge of everything. I also foresee an entire planet destroyed by GREED,


Ever notice when something actually needs to get done in Congress, something that might make a difference, the whole bunch grabs their hat and they are out the door, hurrying to ‘get away’ from responsibility? Snow storms, vacations, doesn’t really matter what it is. It seems no one has time to actually do their job, too busy getting reelected to a job they don’t really want in the first place. One of their jobs, which appears to be neglected, is to READ the bills that need voting on, Oh, yeah, reading the bills and UNDERSTANDING bills and how they are going to affect their constituents and their country in the long term. Much easier to kick the can down the road and deal with it later. They are so very good at extending votes for a while. An effective Congress would make sure that any and all legislation would be up for debate by both sides of the aisle before voting, It seems that when legislation is being drafted in secret by those who filled their campaign coffers it would trigger enough concern to pass a couple of bills to stop this kind of extortion. When the CEOs are taking over their offices to run this country they might regret not having spent more time actually governing. When Jamie Diamond sends McConnell home to do whatever it is that Mitch does he might rethink what it is that the majority leader of the Senate should have done when he had the chance.


I have no idea. Referendums? Grass roots consensus? Somehow the current system needs to be completely dissolved. There are so many knowledgeable intellectuals in every field that would be far more effective in moving this country forward but can not be utilized because they do not have the resources to come forward to offer their services. The ‘revolving door’ in our system has only managed to stifle progress when everyone is involved to furthering their own agendas. I wish I understood more that I could offer plans, but I don’t, so I am faced with struggling with immense dissatisfaction and taking solace in commiserating with like minded individuals.


To pass a couple of bills … aye there’s the rub, the folks who would be in charge of passing those bills are the same ones who don’t want that kind of scrutiny - sure they could, could have some time ago - the fact that they haven’t rather indicates they have no interest in doing so … That is why we have to use our electoral system, rickety as it is, to toss them out and replace them with non-corp indies before the duopoly collapses that system altogether …


I know your frustration … it is shared by many …

There are many good folks who have “offered their services” in one way or another - but those aren’t the folk the establishment wants … Referendums on many issues are not possible in many states, and certainly not at the Federal level, the grass roots has voiced consensus opinions in poll after poll - and that and $3.50 (or has the price gone up?) gets them a cup pf coffee … The way to express our consensus in a way that would have any real effect, IMO, is at the polls - if all the folks who said they wanted certain things, SP healthcare, e.g, translated those votes to the polls we’d have a Green Congress/Pres by now, or pretty damn close, but we persist in electing folks whose agenda bears no resemblance to ours, for reasons which escape me …