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Senate Passes War Powers Resolution to Stop Trump From Launching 'Illegal' Attack on Iran

The Ruling Class Observer - I can’t figure these guys out.

Finally the senate shows some spine! Resist at all levels, at all times!

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Like he won’t veto it…

Seriously? Have you been on vacation for several months, or something? Congress has been so eviscerated, they’ve got no fingernails left to start reclaiming with. I don’t know what Congress is supposed to do anymore, aside from political puppet shows. No power remains in the US Congress.


“So if he vetoes it, what then? A 3/4th’s majority or something? Yeah, like that will pass” Congress and the Senate need to ask themselves what America’s wars in the middle east have wrought so far. How many young American soldiers have been wounded physically and mentally over there? How many American mother’s sons have been killed? How many American taxpayer dollars have been spent on those wars so far?And finally, considering the results so far, has it all been worth it and do we want to continue to enable a president to keep at it?


They do. The answer? PROFIT - PROFIT - PROFIT

The rest is secondary.


Is there a time limit on war powers resolution–in terms of how long it takes for the president to sign something—or can Trump just ignore it—and after a certain number of days, the bill dies?

Where were all these democrats while we drone striking Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen?

Oh right. Obama was the president. How silly of me.

But whatever, pass your resolution. It’s pretty clear trump had no intention of escalating with Iran anyway since were not at war with them now. But hey, at least you can pretend you did something.


A Meaningless Gesture.

Unfortunately the Mad Emperor still holds the Veto Pen.

The Senate would NEVER Override the Emperor’s Veto.

You would have a better chance of getting the Senate to Increase the real Cost of Living on Social Security recipients.

The Senate is Stacked with a Bunch of Frightened Children Petrified that the Emperor might be displeased if they did anything that would irritate the Demented Psycho.



One: A resolution is not an act (law) of congress.

Two: There is nothing to veto as it is not a law.

Three: At the very bottom of this ‘courageous’ senate resolution is the fake justification
used by Trump to murder General Soleimani … except if case of imminent attack.

Four: Depending on type of paper, Trump will wipe his a** with it.

Five: If it had any real authority to stop US endless wars. No democrats would vote aye.


I thought he could invoke the war measures act and over rule any opposition !

well yes and no because the severe sanctions in place against Yemen, Iran and Venezuela are acts of war.


maybe just grandstanding to make some os us feel better ?

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WHILE no one was watching.
We have been at war with Iran since 1980.
In late January, 1980 we planned a five division army amphibious assault.
Called off late February due to strong Russian objections to us having their southern border in addition to the other three we already controlled.
So we back Iraq in war against Iran. 200,000 Iran teen infantry killed.
Then we sanction (Blockade is an act of war) and kill 1,800,000 elderly and children due to lack of medicines.


Don’t forget Venezuela ttps://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/accusing-us-crimes-against-humanity-venezuela-calls-icc-investigate-sanctions


What I was going to ask – “Just Iran?”

So Trump can attack anywhere he’d like – but not Iran?

where were these assholes when the village idiot lied us into war in 2003.

Call as many senators as you can. Thank the ones who showed some spine and encourage them to override if Dump vetoes.

And call the cowards or hawks and ask them to override.
Why didn’t Romney support the resolution?
For senators’ numbers, go to senatedotgov

And, since Iran seems to be able to make more effective weapons at a better price…

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Political theater - Trump will veto the measure and no one believes it will be over-ridden.