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Senate Passes War Powers Resolution to Stop Trump From Launching 'Illegal' Attack on Iran

The orange beast will just ignore it, even if the Senate could somehow override his veto. It’s just so much noise.

If they were serious the resolution would include ALL countries, not just Iran.

Well, thank goodness the internecine conflicts slow the war machine down a bit. To be clear,. they’re not prohibiting illegal attacks on the rest of the world, so presumably we will get the two parties playing “good war” and “bad war” like Obama did, at least rhetorically, while running and upon taking office.

But that’s marginally better than giving any bozo in the oval office the right to blow up absolutely anyone, as Obama claimed with the slaughter of al Awlaki and family.

Get real, why don’t you? The Senate ONLY passed that Bill because they need a dodge of some sort to “separate” their own Karma from that of the President. It won’t work to do that, of course, but it WILL be endlessly “employed” to that end by the ROTpublicans.

After all, it will be the work of a moment, for President Trump to veto the thing, a “detail” that they surely have considered, and that we naturally should take into account as well.

This “vote” is a setup to try to “recover” the “good will” of the voters for “their” ROTpublican Senators; at least on the Senate side it surely is…

Thanks a lot, Jake, for telling us who the 8 Republican Senators are.

the oldgoat, "what is wrong with this picture "? Every American business person stands to gain, some massivley, from the persecution of the S.A. nations. Therefore you won’t be seeing any action in the future to cut back on their attacks against them. You only need to see the hypocrisy displayed in their Congress with the recent welcome of that pretend Venezuela President, who has never been voted into anything in his own country. Yet the U.S. and others, willingly lay down the door mat for him.