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Senate Poised to Override Obama's Veto of 'Long-Awaited' 9/11 Victims Bill


Senate Poised to Override Obama's Veto of 'Long-Awaited' 9/11 Victims Bill

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Senate is poised on Wednesday to override President Barack Obama's veto of the bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue nations, including Saudi Arabia, for any role they may have played in the attack.


Obama is a warmonger with the blood of thousands on his hands.


" While opponents say the bill would jeopardize America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia."

The relationship with one of the most egregious regimes in the world! Is more important than the U.S. relationship with its own citizens that lost their loved ones on 9/11! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! ON THESE OPPONENTS!


Yeah, but what we now have to contend with is another war criminal being selected for POTUS.


Not yet. Vote Stein/Baraka 2016


Ya, but the real issue is that the Saudis hold an s-load of US dollars, recycled back to the US in T-bills. That is why he vetoed the bill.


Hey, if corporations can sue nations for expected loss of profits, why can’t REAL people sue nations for real loss of life and livelihood?


The real threat is that this “exceptional nation” might lose “sovereign immunity” for its war crimes.

Oh! Perish the thought! To be treated as equals with the rest of the world!

The time is long past due that we ALL be treated equally before the law.
Yes, even the “chosen ones” …


This law is helpful, but what we really need is for some kind of international convention allowing victims of US abetted terrorism to sue the US government. Yes, it has been tried under the US’s own Alien Tort Claim Statute of 1789, but without success.


Israel and Saudi Arabia are best friends and have been for decades. Both countries hate Iran. Saudi Arabia hates Iran because its full of Shi’ites.
Israel hates Iran because it isn’t owned and operated by Israel.


Jill has had my support and will continue to get it even though her chances are slim to say the least, but maybe by 2020 we can get her elected. After all, one African American ( Rosa Parks) refusing to sit in the back of the bus ignited the civil rights movement…so keep the faith!


I bet Congress is doing this more as a spiteful middle finger to Obama than out of kindness of their hearts.



The people who should be celebrating this aren’t the families of the 9/11 victims. The people who should be ecstatic are those people who live in countries where the US has stuck its nose where it has no business and has caused untold suffering. We can expect to hear from citizens of Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua, Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Okinawa, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Philippines, The First Nations, Libya, Palestine, Zambia, Zaire, the Congo, and many others where the US has supported dictators against the efforts of their people. By the time we get finished paying off their claims, there won’t be enough left in the treasury to buy an assault rifle.


I suspect that a bigger reason is that now that the precedent has been set, the US is opening itself up to much bigger claims by citizens of countries where we’ve caused a lot more havoc than the Saudis did on 9/11.


Can someone explain how this bill will work? Suppose a family member of a 9-11 victim sues Saudi Arabia, and wins. Would the judgment be for money only (rather than jail time, restorative actions, or other penalty)? How would it be enforced – how do we force a foreign government to pay a sum to a U.S. family? Separately from the above clarification, I concur with others that the rogue government that should be sued by 9-11 families is the U.S. government. The evidence is overwhelming that insiders in GWB’s administration at best allowed the attacks to happen on purpose, and at worst, actively orchestrated the placement of explosives for a controlled demolition that could be blamed on simultaneously misdirected wayward planes. It might be quite ironic if Saudi Arabia were sued and used as their defense, the evidence that it was actually the U.S. who did it!


Makes me wonder when 97 F-UP US Senators out of 100 are saying F-U Obama. What-up Obomber!


Now we are talking Justice! And fascist, imperialist amerika will eventually be made to face its crimes against humanity! The sooner the better; its all part of the collapsing empire, and the long struggle to World Peace.


i believe that this is simply within the US court system, and does not legally impact Saudi Arabia directly. There may be requirements for the US to take certain actions in the case of certain findings, but nothing the US Congress does has direct legal authority over another sovereign country. Anyone with more clarity about the specific legal implications of this, please elaborate.

But: What might come out in the course of the court proceedings, with investigations into what led up to the 9/11 events, and formal findings based on those investigations, is potentially hugely significant.


I’m guessing the Saudi’s will go ahead with cashing out Billions in US holdings. Keep in mind this house of cards was built of the US dollar for Saudi Oil scheme. The only other
option for a economic collapse. Would be to bring on WW3… Events in Syria lead me to believe that WW3 is a very big possibility.


The Congress - an enlightened moment or a tiny sliver of “the dawn’s early light”?

97 to 1, that is really something! As the article indicated this opens up the chance of a flood of suits against the US government and the clique of the ‘shock and awe’ invaders of Iraq, as well as implicating Obama for attempted cover-up.
It all depends how American courts react to the suits. I do not have much hope, but one can dream. This will no doubt attract a lot of international attention.

I am convinced, that the Bern and the Progressive threat had a lot to do with that vote. He has now chosen the route, which will advance his agenda by the best and most effective means possible prior to 2020.
Too bad, that many of his fickle former supporters are unable to see that
A lot will change prior to 2020.
Meanwhile in 2016 support the cause by voting for Jill Stein.