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Senate Race Between Outsider Leftist and Establishment Candidate Intensifies in MD


Senate Race Between Outsider Leftist and Establishment Candidate Intensifies in MD

Nika Knight, staff writer

Demonstrating the anti-establishment sentiment that has transformed this election season, the progressive Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards has launched a surprisingly successful challenge against the well-connected party insider Chris Van Hollen, also a Democratic Representative in Maryland, in the state's open Senate race.

Both candidates are vying for the seat of Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who isn't running for reelection.


This is interesting. I wonder if Sanders was African American, how would he be faring now? Still wins in Idaho, upstate NY? Still losses in the south?


I wonder if the Maryland voters, who want to see the first female president elected, also want to see the second black woman elected to the Senate? Things just got more interesting in Maryland.


CvH I am "willing to compromise" Sounds like Hillaryspeak for "I Know a foundation"


"A lawmaker close to Edwards also noted to Politico that she can seem reluctant to hobnob and socialize, instead focusing single-mindedly on her work, and alongside her progressive politics this may have hurt her when it comes to collecting endorsements."

This hobnobbing and socializing at the expected frequency with status quo power brokers possessing very poor vision can subtly demoralize and pollute the vision of a compassionate leader like Edwards; her "single-minded" focus on the work she was hired to do sounds like a ringing endorsement to me. Every voter should think deeply about who they really want in office: an obeisant socialite or an independent leader?


I would love to see Donna Edwards win this seat. Is the Sanders campaign working with her on joint appearances? If not, what a terrible missed opportunity for the progressive movement. A vote in Maryland is worth as much as a vote in Connecticut, and this would give the candidate of the progressive movement a chance to support a phenomenal black woman who is a true progressive.


To answer my own question, someone who looks and sounds like Obomber, but carries Bernie's message would never even be allowed to get close to the elections. Bernie is a fluke, that's how he got in this far...


Isn't this a next step for a viable progressive movement, getting progressives elected at every level of government? The New Deal Democratic Party has been largely hollowed out by market fundamentalism, which might make room now for progressivism to move back in and occupy the Democratic Party. I think how the Tea Party emerged provides any number of healthy clues to what a successful strategy might look like. Isn't this how we get to systemic change, which really gets at the root causes of the problems Bernie is talking about. I only wish Bernie had spent more time Forging a coalition of progressives into a movement that was first announced in the Declaration of Independence:, "We hold these truths to be self evident..." To date, Bernie's campaign hasn't been big enough or sufficiently connected to the exceptional arch of the American experiment.


and why is this leftist woman supporting Hillary Clinton, when every thing she stands for says BERNIE? In fact she was one of the folks who you can find standing up for progressive politics along with BERNIE in the dynamite documentary called HEIST:WHO STOLE THE AMERICAN DREAM, now available free ONLINE at vimeo.com or youtube. made by my brother Donald Goldmacher and Frances Causey, it tells the truth about how we all got shafted and Bernie and Donna made some notable comments in the film. go watch it. When I learned that Donna was and is a Hillary supporter I stopped sending her money. when she realizes that may be why she is beginning to lose ground in her race for the Senate, that the old line dems like Hillary could care less about what she has to say, she may yet turn to BERNIE. Let's see what happens in Maryland.


Next to Barbara Lee (the only house member with the guts to vote against the authorization of force resolution demanded by Bush Cheney to give them an excuse to wage unending war throughout MENA) Donna Edwards is my favorite black woman serving in Congress. May she succeed in making the stodgy Senate a more lively place than it presently is.


The Congressional Black Caucus is an ass licker of the DNC. What can one expect. Is Edwards really a supporter of Clinton?


I'll have to go do more research..... we sent her 2 or 3 donations so far. Could have sent those to Bernie.....


I personally wrote to her and she answered me and told me herself that she is a Hillary supporter. go figure - I immediately stopped sending her money. All of us should only be supporting progressives who support Bernie. I have sent money to 2 of the women Bernie suggested we support financially and of course to Bernie. He is changing the politics of this nation for us all and he needs to be supported into and during the convention. That is my plan and of course working to change the local city council and mayor's seat right here in the once progressive city of Berkeley, now filled by corporatist sellouts! These folks need to be cleared out of every level of government. a clean sweep. GO BERNIE GO for helping us move forward to a true progressive nation once again. Eleanor and FDR must be smiling down upon us all right now. What we all need is a new NEW DEAL.