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Senate Rejection of Green New Deal Won't Slow Americans' Desire for Climate Action

Senate Rejection of Green New Deal Won't Slow Americans' Desire for Climate Action

Rhea Suh

The Republican-led Senate is poised to vote down, as early as Tuesday, a resolution laying out the broad ambitions of a Green New Deal, before the Congress, or the country, can even discuss its potential to help fight climate change. There’s more at stake, here, than a resolution. Republican leaders won’t admit we face a crisis they’re ignoring at our peril.

Dear Arrogant and Greedy Politicians:
Like Kermit the Frog said, “it’s not easy being GREEN!” But unless we go green , we will quickly kill the only planet that we have. It is concerning that so many of you Senators don’t worry about how polluted air, water and food can kill us all or make us all so sick that living would seem like a curse.
It’s not easy being green–maybe soon I will walk everywhere, and maybe too the food I like won’t be around, or the animals i love will disappear------and WHY did a never-before- seen Sun Fish just land on a beach when it is a deep water fish from afar? I think the Ocean is telling its truths that it needs to be green too.

GREED loves green money----but probably doesn’t think about trees at all you know, TREES the LUNGS of Earth.
As fire tornados grow and winter’s frozen blizzard storms grow, and then giant tornadoes churn out of tornadoes until the midwest is as flat as Nebraska in a flood---- maybe then things will change-----BUT the Senate doesn’t believe in Climate Change and the Need for the Green New Deal---- sigh -----Senators who work only for the color of greed--------I think that those citizens who are damaged and who find no help from a government said to be of , by and for the People---------very sadly I think people will see America turned into another Puerto Rico--------and then----when all hope is gone, you sad and strange senators----you better hope that all that anger is focused on repairing this world and not focused on YOU!


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Had it passed, the measure voted on in the Senate would have brought the resolution to the floor for debate. Not one person voted to open the debate. Not the bill’s sponsor (Ed Markey) and none of the Democrat presidential candidates. Do none of them have the strength of conviction to stand up for what they say they support?