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Senate Rejects All CISA Amendments Designed To Protect Privacy, Reiterating That It's A Surveillance Bill



Whenever entrenched (as in corporate/1%) interests do not want remedial changes made, they appoint a commission to study the issue.

In parallel, whenever State Powers are countered, new protocols are announced. However, when the problem is the lack of accountability on the part of persons in power, there is no "good faith" in place. Power can say anything because it's understood that civilians have no capacity to scrutinize, change, or oppose what THEY--the post-law entities--do.

Just as the TPP is likely to be crammed down our throats; and the bailout to banks took place without public consensus as did the rush to war against Iraq (on false grounds); the public's opposition to the Spy State is of no interest to those who designed a False Flag in order to obtain the kind of power that is next-to-absolute:

"Once again, these kinds of actions really only make sense if CISA is being used to justify warrantless domestic surveillance. Which once again raises the question of why Congress is willing to move forward with such a surveillance bill. We just went through a whole process showing that the public is not comfortable with secret laws and secret interpretations that lead to surveillance."

Like those committees appointed to "study the issues" (a delay tactic, if ever there was one); news outlets publish a bit of noise about the public's opposition to all this surveillance and all the while, the same metrics remain in place and the pace of scrutinizing operations intensifies.

It makes one hope for a Harrington Sunspot event to take down the grid and burn through all the data these lawless spooks helped themselves to in violation of the Bill of Rights' Right to Privacy!

How dare they!