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Senate Rejects "Hatchet to Americans' Privacy"—But Threat Remains


Senate Rejects "Hatchet to Americans' Privacy"—But Threat Remains

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday failed to pass a bill that would have dramatically expanded the FBI's warrantless surveillance powers, but the fight is not over as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may call for a second vote on the proposed legislation.


Foreign & domestic policies of the USA/W. Europe corporate-driven empire produce more and more insoluble problems and increasingly more-horrible disasters -- both at home and abroad.
Since most of the western world's news media are now controlled by these same greed drenched corporations, harried average people (USA people, especially) keep getting easily propagandized to believe that, despite all the world's problems and crises, we W. Europeans and 'Mericans still live in the best-possible countries in the world.
Eventually, the threadbare fabric of this weak and vile, mostly US-propagated lie (essentially, about corporate capitalism's alleged virtues), will totally disintegrate -- but what happens to the US and the world after that mass-cognition advent, is difficult for me to predict.
So, FWIW: I'm trying to save enough money (however unlikely) for a down payment on a long abandoned farmstead in SE Iceland, even though Iceland's official governance, too, is getting more corrupt and wobbly by the day; but at least THERE, there's a better prospect for a successfully-non-violent, people-driven, Humanist revolution sometime soon. . .


The ACLU also noted that the amendment would "make permanent the 'lone wolf' provision, which has reportedly never been used and allows the government to obtain secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act orders for individuals who are not connected to an international terrorist group or foreign nation."

"Lone Wolf" provision?!? OMFG. Doesn't even bother to pretend to rule out anyone, does it?


Don't need the FBI. Ask HAWAII, or some agents in HAWAII. They've sure accessed mine. And I'm not accused of spying. Maybe that's the difference. Shouldn't be. Agents in or OF HAWAII. Maybe HSPLS trumps laws meant to check FBI.