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Senate Republicans Block Sanders-Backed 'Trump Proposal' on Rx Drugs


Senate Republicans Block Sanders-Backed 'Trump Proposal' on Rx Drugs

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a Bernie Sanders-backed amendment aimed at lowering prescription drug prices and allowing for the import of low-cost medicines from other countries.


"And, as far as I can tell, the prescription drug industry always wins, but the American people lose."

The rich always win in this corrupt empire and the public always loses.


The Obamanation's last "Phuck You my fellow Americans" on his way out.

What a jerk.

Hey Obama, stick that TPP where the sun don't shine. At least we took that away from you.


Phor the love of money i$ the Rxoot of all evil...


Gotta check my cynicism. No surprises here.
Universal healthcare is so long overdue.


"Sanders (I-Vt.) sought to attach the proposal to the controversial 21st Century Cures Act, which is ostensibly geared toward fueling medical innovation. Both Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have decried the legislation, poised to pass the Senate on Wednesday, as a Big Pharma giveaway."

The 21st Century Cures Act is a Big Pharma giveaway, and Obama is going to sign it.

This pretty much sums up Obama's presidency.


And people keep asking, "What is fascism?"


This is the kind of news many "liberals" I know never read, for they they're good, thank you, with PBS. And so, they don't believe Obama does these things like sign off on more blood infusions from the people to Big Pharma. The only possible truth is that the evil Republicans blocked him from doing all he might have done. Never mind that the Dems had all 3 branches in 2009-10 and did... what exactly? Oh, yes, they let millions more be foreclosed on, and kept the War on Terror open for the business of terror, and bailed out the billionaires, and squashed Single Payer, and expanded corporatization of education... oh, yes, there were some "recovery" programs for the people, too... just enough recovery to hand the Presidency to Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi's Democrats are not going to permit a progressive-populist transformation of the Democratic vehicle from within. We need to build (build further or build from scratch) accountable organizations that can be a vehicle for people power; if people power is systematically shut out of an organization, how can it possibly express the will of the people?


Yep, just more proof that we need to amend the Constitution of the US to what it really is : OF THE RICH PEOPLE; BY THE RICH PEOPLE; AND FOR THE RICH PEOPLE.


This is an example of the progressive wing of the Dem Party now led (regardless what some see as betrayals) by Bernie Sanders - I hear few if any machine Dem voices from the Clinton/Obama sellout wing hacks, speaking-out to oppose corporate fascism, the Trump regime taking shape, or actually reform the party - instead they promote the failure that is and has-been (fits don't it?) - the uncle tom corporate-whore nearing the end of his tenure as sellout in chief continues his MO of deceit and betrayals of progressives and issues to serve big-money and profits uber alles - he has betrayed the vast majority of Americans (regardless the BS defense of his tenure from Dem/R'Con shills, idiots, and trolls repeat ad nauseum).


Wow! You have as much class and intellect as your namesake.


And I am confident that the vast majority of the Senators of both stripes (more on the right side of the aisle who, in lock-step, consistently vote to serve their own personal financial interests) who blocked Senator Sanders' proposal to CARE FOR ALL AMERICANS received Christmas "bonuses" from the lobbyists paid by the following list of parasitical pharmaceutical purveyors. And just in time for the holiday break for Congress! (Along with a free year's supply of either Viagra or Cialis to keep things looking up.)

In order of revenues, the top 10 Big Pharma conglomerates follow.
1 Pfizer
2 Novartis
3 Merck & Co
4 Sanofi
5 GlaxoSmithKline
6 Astra Zeneca
7 Johnson & Johnson
8 Eli Lilly
9 Abbott Laboratories
10 Bristol Meyers Squibb


Bend over America... here comes the pharmaceutical industry!


Obama is the GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY all-in one president.


Drug double dealing


With good being the third priority by far.


The LACK of money is the root of all evil.


► It's not like we are given good choices anymore.

By all means come back in four more years with the same words of wisdom


Trump isn't in office yet. It's Obama who will sign the bill into law. And guess what? Here in the US, the president doesn't have to sign every piece of crap legislation that Congress sends him. Obama just chooses to do so, and then calls it "bipartisanship".


What an obtuse uninformed comment.