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Senate Republicans: Do Your Job


Senate Republicans: Do Your Job

Elizabeth Warren

There's a vacancy on the most important court in America, and the message from Senate Republicans is crystal clear: forget the Constitution. For Senate Republicans, it does not matter who President Obama nominates because they will allow no votes and will hold no hearings on that nominee. Their response to one of the most solemn and consequential tasks that our government performs is to pretend that the nominee—and President Obama himself—do not exist.


The do-nothing, know-nothing, resist everything Republican party has become a blight upon the nation. Having never registered for a political party, I can only imagine what it might be like to be registered as a Republican if one's values were based upon the values of Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt. The Republicans need to lose large this November and then find some sane leadership. A one party nation is not the answer, as history has shown. While a part of me relishes in the self destruction of the Republican party, a bigger part fears its long term implications.


Yes, it is Constitutionally correct and proper for Obama to nominate the next judge to the Supreme Court, but be careful of what you wish to see. Obama's choices, so far, don't show much hope that there would be any restoration of our rights lost under Obama's reign or any hope of overturning Citizen's United. Don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want to see an Obama clone on the Supreme Court. Personally, I would rather take my chances with Bernie Sanders as President.


Thank you Senator Warren. You write so clearly and inform and teach as you do. It is so refreshing to not be dumbed down or manipulated either. Much appreciated also is your common sense. What the hell happened to us? Where is the America I was taught about in school (I hardly recognize it anymore)? Our republic was not created as a two party government (opposing parties at that) where the public is disenfranchised at the whim of one party or another. We are all supposed to have representation by whomever is our elected representative and not that only that person's party's voters get represented exclusively.

Secondly we now see blatant corruption where (Citizens United is anti democracy at root) representatives offer direct representation for a price to special interests by courting private meetings (and making promises in speeches kept secret to the public?) with big donors and coordinating with super pacs directly.

We are losing our freedoms, our democracy and our faith in our institutions and I for one appreciate your being there representing the America that most of us think how America should be. How is it that one party can decide to not represent us - all of us - and then not do their jobs? They threaten to shut down government at times and have. They act as if they have the right to not do their jobs any time they feel like it if they don't get their way. What the hell happened to America?

P.S. Yes we all want you to endorse Bernie because they are rigging the game on us and it would help a lot to have you in Bernie's corner.

P.P.S. It is my deepest hope that you and Bernie might run on the same ticket. Lol. Sanders/Warren would win in a landslide and America would see what ethics and intelligence can do instead of corruption and veniality in Washington.

P.P.P.S. We love ya Liz and all the good work you do. Thank you Senator.


How many readers knew that Republicans were holding back nominees to all of the offices and positions that Ms. Warren identifies? I didn't.

And I think the intransigence of Republicans--a bunch of Enfant Terribles--who only grant their nod IF the item in question matches their pre-purchased positions (as warranted by their high ticket donors) shows that there ARE differences between Democrats and Republicans at lower levels of govt.

Many argue (in this forum) that the Dems. are worse.

Seldom is that true... apart from the Presidency which has been morphed into an organ that's deferential to the bankers, MIC, and corporate controllers.


I would be ok with the Republicans vacating the political scene. Then we just have, Democrats, stage right. Green party, stage entrée.

Also, I agree with jneastra. Perhaps we should wait till after the election for a new Supreme Court nominee. Who knows, maybe Jill Stein will win, and we can get a Greeny on the bench. Lol!




What if it's Trump or Cruz?


There stands Elizabeth running hose in hand
Yelling fire fire fire

Endorse or stop pretending you care


Warren runs her mouth on Maddow. Telling us what we already know. The question should be what the hell does she think anyone should do? Just talk about it some more? The gop is committing treason. STOP them. Arrest them. Lynch them. Run them out of office. They are traitors against our constitution. Just talk about it??? DO SOMETHING. Endorse Bernie Sanders, make waves or go home and shut up.


Warren is no longer the Warren we knew at first. It may be too late for her to turn things around. That's politics. She's part of the Democratic establishment. She knows very well that the Democrats are in no hurry to fill Scalia's position. They're leaving themselves every conceivable loophole to hijack this election, need be. Warren sold out. Sorry to say. I really liked her.


In the past few weeks Warren sent around her "crazy idea" asking us to pony up to fund Ted Strickland, Russ Feingold, and Maggie Hassan. Well, for starters, check this out about Strickland:




I attended one of her "rallies" within the past few months.

She not only showed up an hour late, but deliberately ignored all of the signs her constituents were holding up asking her exactly what you've just asked: SUPPORT BERNIE. Nada. She's a hot air balloon.


Denial, I liked her but have been watching and am a bit disappointed. Who will she endorse? Thanks for the link.


Like many here, I feel it's time for Warren to put up or shut up.
She's playing the classic political game, sit on the fence and wait for a clear winner to present his or her self, and then of course claim you supported them all along.
Unless Warren comes out in support of Sanders, we'll know she is just another empty (pant) suit.


Yeah. it sure looks that way.