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Senate Republicans: Do Your Job


Senate Republicans: Do Your Job

Elizabeth Warren

Senator Lindsey Graham recently appeared on “The Daily Show’’ to endorse Ted Cruz for president. During the interview, host Trevor Noah ran an earlier clip in which Graham said that the choice between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz was like picking between getting shot or poisoned. Graham shrugged and said he’d decided to support Cruz because, well, Cruz is poison and maybe there is an antidote. What an endorsement!


The thought of having to chose between a Clinton (any Clinton) and a GOP candidate in the general election will be a choice between getting my left leg amputated or my right leg amputated...no possible antidote.


These lumbering therizinosaurs of humanity keep getting re elected.
Their platform of religious recidivism and racial hate is directed at a populace that enjoys their meteor targeted temporal comfort.
These folks have had every opportunity to open their eyes and realize what they are being fed, but they contort to confirm for some sliver of hand me downs.

The planet is being fried for the same reason.
Bashing defanging and castrating the black president is their Viagra.

Viva la civilization!!!
It is dead.


In 2004, when Obama gave his famous speech at the Democratic National Convention, I turned to my wife and said that this guy is going to be President someday.

With any luck, Elizabeth Warren will succeed Bernie Sanders as President in January, 2025. They both share a laser-like vision of what the issues are and the solutions that need to be implemented. Neither are handicapped by the lower-your-expectations vision brought to us by Hillary or the Xenophobic/reactionary rhetoric of Cruz, Trump and Republicans in general.

I only hope I can live long enough to see the changes both Sen. Sander and Sen. Warren articulate, that we so sorely need and that are so critical to my children's future.


The bottom line is that Sen Warren is the true feminist token among the Democratic establishment--not Hillary--who is a like a legacy sorority member-tolerated because she is related to an alumnus and not for any merit of her own.
Sen. Warren is a company girl through and through which is why her attacks are partisan and not reality based (ie both the Democrats and the Republicans are bought and sold to organized money).
But the blond lady really looks better in blue than red--no wonder she chose to be a Democrat instead of a Republican!


Give it up Senator Warren, they will do what they always do obstruct, there base loves it but others don't. There are many more important fishes to fry so move on. Now is the time to put your support with Bernie and then in future we will have Elizabeth Warren as first women President of the US of A and leader of the free world. Oh geeze, don't let it go to your head. he! he!


The question Warren and everybody else needs to ask is: why did the GOP control Congress for three quarters of Clinton and Obama's Administrations ?

I agree that it is a rhetorical question with an easy answer.

Clinton's zealous promotion of NAFTA, and Obama's adopting the GOP/Heritage Foundation corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform, both during their respective first year in office, assured that Democrats would stay home for the midterm elections, guaranteeing a GOP sweep.

Every day I get emails from Democrats soliciting money to return Congress to Democrats. Why would I send them money to regain control of a Congress that they deliberately lost control of ?


Warren likely knows that they've no interest in doing their jobs. They don't believe in government; they constantly criticize it.

Calling them charlatans is a kind way to describe them.


I have not heard one compelling, convincing argument for Warrens not to endorse Sanders.

You hear everything from, the “Clintons will destroy her career” to this:

“a Politico piece that ran Monday, using sources close to Warren, gives us the clearest idea yet on how she’s using her endorsement to consolidate and increase that power. Essentially, she seems to be holding out long enough to use her progressive bona fides as a bargaining chip—trading her cachet for power, with the goal of bringing the Sanders constituency back to Clinton for the general election at a time when many have vowed to stay at home.

If Clinton wins enough delegates by the end of March to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, Warren is expected to negotiate hard before giving her support to Clinton. In doing so, she could play a critical role helping to bring young, enthusiastic Sanders supporters into her fold.” (http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/03/its-okay-for-elizabeth-warren-not-to-endorse-berni.html)

Can any true progressive really believe that either of those arguments are acceptable?

I am tired of hearing her sharp, forceful rhetoric which ONLY amounts to empty, damaging rhetoric if she does not endorse Sanders before New York (which appears unlikely).

Headline pieces like this only serve to keep her at hero status for some folks (which I do NOT get).

How can anyone justify her non endorsement? Why would Gabbard endorse Sanders and not Warren?

In essence, she is doing what Obama did so well: saying one thing, doing another (her non endorsement of Sanders is a huge action) which is the ultimate form duplicity and complicity.

Heed your own words E.W. :

"Stand up to extremists in the Senate bent on sabotaging our government whenever things don’t go their way.”

Stand up to the oligarchic political system: Endorse Sanders NOW.


Republicans are "insurgents" who undermine the legally elected government. They represent a minority who want to impose their will on the majority. Since the Republicans cannot impose their policies through the electoral system, they obstuct the the government to stop it working. Right now the United States is fighting insurgents in other countries. We need to clean house and get rid of legislators who do not deserve to be part of a democratic system. Let them find a totalitarian state where they can grab the levers of government to shove their regressive policies down the throats of the people. This is part of the "neoliberal" disease that has infected the United States since Reagan. Out with the bums and bring in Bernie.


Some weeks ago I wrote V.P. Joe Biden as the President of the Senate asking him to start proceedings to impeach "mitch". I wonder why I have not gotten an answer? "mitch" flat out stated on national television no one would move forward on the scotus issue unless "approved" by the nra. This is cause for impeachment all by itself, let alone the history last 7 years. Since the Constitution is a living thing just as you and I are, it needs to be exercised like any muscle. If it's not we do not have a government. Guess what?