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Senate Republicans Vote to Acquit Trump in 'Cowardly and Disgraceful Fnal Act to Their Show Trial'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/05/senate-republicans-vote-acquit-trump-cowardly-and-disgraceful-fnal-act-their-show


One of the scariest things about this acquittal is that a precedent is now on the books for anyone to thumb their nose at subpoenas, right or left.
What investigations?


Loyalty to Party over critical thinking.

When the Senate impeachment vote tallies went down red and blue lines, it just proved how Republican senators, unburdened by their oath, have ceded their critical thinking abilities to their Republican Party loyalty, which by default fails the American people and the vaunted US Constitution.

The US just got closer to totalitarianism today, flag lapel pins notwithstanding.

When the primary consideration for how one votes is the label of one’s political party, and not the facts available and withheld, the US is now much more like totalitarian Communist China. I fear it will get much worse before better.

For the sake of the USA and the World, American voters need to remove Trump and all Republicans out of office in November.


Hitler had full control of the Nazi Party and Trump has full control of the Amerikan Nazi party. What a travesty! The Republican Party needs to be destroyed before they and Trump destroy us all.

The Republicans all took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the U.S. and the fact that they did not in my view is nothing less than treason to the people of the U.S.and they all need to be indicted for treason to their oath!


"A government of, by, and for the people."–That means you support Bernie Sanders.


That flag bit has always been problematic given US America sitting on occupied indigenous land. As it has been pointed out:“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.


The Senate was founded by those that framed the US Constitution to protect the privileged from what they deemed the “Tyranny of the majority”. The Senate by design helps to ensure an impeachment can rarely be successful as its members act to protect their own.


This was always the democrats plan, no surprise here. In my view we should drop it now and move on. At no time did a single person of even slight intelligence not see this coming so lets not make it the headline story at the exclusion of all else for the next four years. After the Mueller fiasco, and the impeachment foolishness, I have to admit to a huge amount of media-hype fatigue. It seems pretty clear, you vote for NAZI’s, you get NAZI rule. Perhaps voting for someone who’s not a bribe taking right wing Oligarch would be a better strategy, than buying into this blame someone else for your political losses tack.


At best, the Republic known as the United States of America is now nonfunctional. At worse, it is dead. The Constitution needs to be torn up because neither political party currently fully follows it, if they ever did.

Where do we go from here? Should we go “anywhere”? Would we and the rest of humanity be better off, if we just let the USA die on the vine?

What will each and every one of us DO?


Oh Dems… Clinton, Perjured himself—but the DEMS in control of the Senate let him off.So, the GOPers —well this was even more ridiculous—but how GOPers— can you have a trial with no evidence and no witnesses? Oh wait, as has been pointed out, Reagan and Ollie North undermined a sitting resident, and Carter was the one undermined—and yet no consequences for them.

Maybe we need to change the Constitution , The House presents Evidence, the Senate says why evidence is or is not true, then THE PEOPLE vote… wow, what a concept—the PEOPLE vote… not the electors or the party in power at the moment!

AndTrump wasn’t really cleared anyway—the GOPers refused a trial and evidence… hmmm, wonder if Harvey the Creep SpermStain will try the same moves?
Oh and thank you Mitt Romney for doing the right thing and voting against the Trump/ McConnell sham. There is but one honest republican in the Senate—oh that is very , very sad. : (


Very good and poignant questions. A very sad day today and a day that sets a dangerous path from here on…


Yep, they might as well amend out Article II, Section 4 . King Bonespurs can black it out with his Sharpie in the meantime.


If the Monster is reelected in November—and the latest actions from the DNC may make that a reality—then I, for one, will concentrate on local matters, doing what I can to help my family, neighbors, and hometown survive the shitstorm.


There are no heroes in this long and sordid farce.
Just about the only thing that Trump has done in more than three years of office which was not impeachable was his decision, firstly not to supply the Ukrainian forces, led and directed by neo-nazis, with deadly missiles designed to take out tanks defending the people of the Donbas from a government-in Kiev- which has never deviated from its hatred of "muscovites’ or Russian speakers. And secondly to discover the role that Joe Biden played in getting his son a million dollar a year job and having the official investigating it as corruption, fired.

One of the most shameful and mind boggling moments of the ‘trial’ was the speech that Jason Crow gave in which he recycled and embroidered upon the totally discredited nonsense that the Russian government put Trump in office.
The truth is that it was right wing Democrats who put Trump in office, have kept him there and will ensure his re-election.


Thank You Senator Romney----its a big deal how Romney voted----Romney is from Massachusetts and I’m sure he has walked the greens of Lexington-Concord-----No President should be inviting foreign powers to involve themselves in our affairs. Its amazing how so many in this country seem BLIND to this understanding.

In 2000 the republican Supreme court over threw the government of the of the US----9/11 happened----the patriot act happened------and the US has been bombing the globe since 2000 -----KILLING THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.


I agree with everything you say. At the same time I am disappointed that Romney didn’t also vote for impeachment on the grounds of obstructing the Housse. I find his action very strange in that regard for there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind but that Trump DID obstruct the House. His refusal to allow White House staff to be interviewed or testify was a clear obstruction.


A couple of months back, Michael Nabaro of The Daily (NYT) interviewed a young boy, who - at eight years old was a lot better informed and insightful about the impeachment process than most adults.
He was asked why President Zelensky said there had been no pressure. Answer - because he was afraid. Republican Senators are ****scared about their election prospects and about possible reprisals. Make no mistake, Trump is going to make life hell for anyone who so much as suggested that he had behaved improperly. I wouldn’t like to be Mitt Romney, nor Lamar Alexander for that matter.


Well, Fascist cowards will cower


I must say, even though we all pretty much knew this was coming…it casts a bleak and dark pall over the day. And a long haul for a decent future.


Not necessarily, Giovanna, it means we support the Democratic nominee, regardless of who it is.