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Senate Staffer Warns Congress 'Sleepwalking Toward a Gut-Wrenching, Painful Failure' on Covid-19 Relief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/senate-staffer-warns-congress-sleepwalking-toward-gut-wrenching-painful-failure


Of course. Because congress would do nothing on its own except bailout the elites.


The last guy quoted in the article is right:

“House Dems should pass a bill equal to the size and shape of this crisis: $4 trillion with triggers and just refuse to negotiate. Make it a ‘take it or leave it’ as we approach July 31 when lack of action will cause a true Great Depression.”

The problem is, House Dems are not opposition to the Republicans, they are collaboration with the Republicans.

Democratic appeasers cannot bring themselves to confront or challenge anything, because they are terrified to confront and challenge their corporate paymasters, and the bipartisan neoliberal structure of endlessly squeezing the masses on behalf of the looters.

The democrats have been avoiding confrontation for decades now. While the USA shifts to the right, and to the right, and to the right. “Appeasement” has a very bad reputation, for good reason.


At the risk of being unpleasant, it would appear that Madam Speaker has been asleep on her feet for some time.


Anderson, who works on economic and tax policy, ripped the Republican Party for its “appallingly destructive” behavior during the crisis—

The Republican Party needs to be labeled that it really is: A FASCIST, AMERIKAN, PARTY THAT IS AN ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! If it is not destroyed; it will surely destroy us!


As republicans brazenly propose to enrich the elites, democrats propose inadequate bills to give the illusion that they are helping the rest of the nation. Democrats know their bills fail to pass no matter what they propose and they are fine with that. Both parties are in harmony with their drive to make the USA a third world country…and with every job loss, every death and every child born into poverty they are succeeding.


Yes, the Democratic, Party should really be called: THE GREAT PRETENDER PARTY! But I have to admit the dems. do a great job at fooling sooo many people that they are the Party of opposition…when they are really…the fake opposition Party!


Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Chairman Harold Frazier, stated the issue by saying; “ the virus does not travel, it’s the people with virus that travel. So, we know that that’s the only way that that virus will get into our homes,”


Not so much “asleep” as a selective “on pause” when the people need help.

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Regarding Jayapal’s plan - the funds go direct and not through banks, correct? So , it removes a step from the process, making it less complicated, not more. Plus, we have seen how well the process of distributing funds going through the banks in previously legislation - not well at all.

By excluding the Jayapal measure, Dems leadership proves once again what a failure of imagination and ingenuity it has. They keep going back to same failed plans and processes because they are unwilling to try anything else. And the American people lose as a result.

Need to go big and get creative, Dems.


Give her a break! She has to manage two (that we know of) whole refrigerators!


What would Cuckie Schumer know about Roosevelt?

For more than three decades Schumer and the rest of the DNC operatives have idolized Ronny Raygun while pretending that Democrat POTUS prior to Raygun never existed. Jimmy Carter hasn’t been invited to a DNC Convention in a long time.

Although “Sleepwalking” implies incompetence or ignoring the problem, the best Congress money can buy’s performance since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation serially reconfirms that bipartisan continues to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

These actions have been 100% premeditated…no sleepwalking required.


That is ALWAYS their FIRST priority - ain’t it.

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Maybe Nancy and Chuck need to go back to management 101.
The negotiation process is very simple. You Go to your budget meeting knowing that you need $5 to run your department next year. You then request $10. And then you “settle” for $7.
The Democratic Party is incapable of negotiation. The last two democratic presidents were arguably the worst negotiators in political history. Clinton simply said “I would like…oh wait. That’s my dick hanging out of my pants. Never mind GOP. Whatever you want. Crime bill? Done. Welfare eliminated. Done. Businesses deregulated. Done. Now please try and forget my dick”
Obama was even worse than that. Single payer option off the table before negotiations even begin. Now if you let me pass this wishy-washy piece of corporate run crap and call it Obamacare, I’ll look the other way while you GOP guys build a police state, pack the courts with nazis, gerrymander every district in the USA, and make voter suppression sacrosanct. And to consummate the deal I’ll permit you to piss down my throat while I whisper “why can’t we all just get along.”
And now we have Nancy and Chuck. “When you conservatives are done with dinner, may we lick you plates before we do the dishes?”


A neighbor of mine, about ten years ago when in her nineties and now deceased, described her worst day during the 30’s depression. She lived in a rural Iowa town. Local hog farmers took their product to the train station, hoping the railway would credit them the cost of shipping the hogs to the meatpacking plant. No go. The farmers couldn’t afford to take the hogs back and feed them, so they slaughtered and burned hundreds of hogs there at the train station.

Farmers are plowing crops under now and cattle ranchers are similarly watching a stalled market for their labors. And out of work households can’t find the money or means to put food on the table. It’s depression level trouble.

Real economists–certainly not me–understand the many contributing factors to the 30’s depression (in the 19th century such events were called “panics” but an early wag thought it better to call them depressions until this 30’s wallapalooza set in so now for the same semantic reasons we now only have “recessions”–yeah, suck on that one). And since these real economists know all these factors and the means to countervail them, they now are quite sure there is no depression in America’s future–or at the very least, not a long-lasting one.

If there’s one thing all the economists say about recessions, it’s that they appear when all the economic indicators say they really shouldn’t appear. So, Trump is in pretty good company here: economists at both ends of the spectrum see only a stalwart economy suppressed by a nonsensical virus. In other words–oops.

I like that this report comes from an exasperated staffer. You should accept it as telling. I’ve met staffers who are the real brains behind the Member’s policy stances. Sure there are political wallflowers in many offices, but Member who hire expert staffer get someone who knows policy ups and downs and history of those policies, bringing real content to the committee room. I believe that’s what we’re reading here, and no doubt this staffer has his resume out because his boss isn’t listening.


just refuse to negotiate

Amen to this. But it is the Dems so we all know how this will go.

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It’s like watching a slow motion disaster. By the end of summer there will be food shortages and price gouging in the USA. You reap what you sow, and right now, nothing is being sown for the late summer/early fall harvest.
2021 is going to be a tough winter.


Nancy and Chucks job isn’t to negotiate. It’s to provide the illusion that we have a choice


And her $120 million that she made while doing the people business making about $165,000 / year.
She’s a genius - aint she.