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Senate Stimulus Plan Would Ban Companies Owned by Trump or His Children From Receiving Any Bailout Money

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/25/senate-stimulus-plan-would-ban-companies-owned-trump-or-his-children-receiving-any

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And yet again, our religion/economic system/cult of Capitalism is saved by the very thing that it’s most devoted followers decry on a daily basis.
Imagine how different human civilization would look today if we had just followed the base capitalist principal of permitting free markets to make all the decisions. We would have found that capitalism would have been abandoned as a failed concept, another (economic) evolutionary dead end long ago.
However, now that we are an oligarchy, a 21st century feudal system if you will, capitalism can not, will not, be permitted to fail. So, warm up the printing presses at the treasury dept kiddies, the vampire that is capitalism needs another injection of fresh green blood in order to survive another generation.


Goldman Sucks has all the free money they will need… Kushner can go through his slum houses collecting them $1000 vouchers from the peasants.



The Democratic Party and Nancy Pelosi are DOING THE RIGHT THING! If I understand this correctly, the Democrats are holding out while the Senate does NOT have a Republican majority (self quarantined senators!) for a bailout that protects working class Americans, relieves student debt, shifts government subsidies to renewable energy, not corporate bailouts. Mitch McConnell will NOT ever let any House bills into law if he can do it. NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT THE THUMBSCREWS ON THAT BASTARD.



The sprawling $2 trillion bill, which has not yet been released in full, would “prohibit businesses controlled by the president, vice president, members of Congress, and heads of executive departments from receiving loans or investments from Treasury programs,”

If the bill is so awesome, and there are no loopholes allowing Trump and his kids to profit, why keep the public from seeing it?


Thank you, Ed. It’s been strange seeing the Trump trolls gaining a footing in the comments lately.

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Shh, you didn’t hear it here: Adelson…

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It’s scary as hell and part of what I believe is a concerted paid-for effort to disincentivize enough independents and Democrats from voting in November to put Trump back in.
I can’t get people on these boards to understand that Trump won because of the work of a defense contractor specializing in informational warfare which was paid by the GOP to throw the election.

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Point well made, and in my case well taken.

Some might reply, though, that you have misused the word SOCIALISM. It all depends on the definition, I suppose. But it seems that massive government bailouts of corporate entities does not equal socialism. Strictly speaking, socialism is distinguished by worker ownership and management of production of society’s most important goods and services — for example, food, energy, communications, medicine. The new “stimulus” bill, if enacted into law, will not even nationalize production of any goods or services, let alone give ownership and management of production to workers.

A more accurate term to use in describing the new “stimulus” bill is FASCIST. CORPORATIST would also be more accurate. The root of the word fascism is FASCIA. In a fascist society, government and corporations work together, like the fascia of a living body, to move the various parts of the body in a unified direction. Decisions about what that unified direction should be are made by corporate executives, through their proxies in government. Government becomes converted into an instrument of predation and social control on behalf of the executive fascia. The right hand of government becomes gigantic — police, surveillance, prosecution, incarceration (including torture), execution, conscription, and aggressive warfare — while the left hand (eg, social security, health care, education, environmental protection) shrivels into nothing. The right hand, of course, serves only the executive fascia.


It doesn’t matter - Trumpty Dumpty and his inbred family will find some way to just steal it, because nothing ever changes with these types.


“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.”

  • Frederic Jameson

To paraphrase Henry Higgins, by Jove I think we’ve got it!


I think “fascist” comes from a bundle of sticks, not fascia of the body.


NOPE: The GOP must return all that money they gave out to the corporations through tax cuts and not use this “stimulus” to stimulate their greed in giving them the excuse to further attack our already weak safety net and their stated goal of cutting or privatizing SS and reducing Medicare and Medicaid. These business need to fail or nationalize them and money given directly to workers.

Yes, we know this will not pass the GOP controlled Senate. Question is: Why does the GOP have control? How did this come to pass? Now, after getting passed this version of another bail out to corporations and encouraging them to continue their addiction the very least Democrats can do is demand the tax cuts not only be rescinded but corporate taxes be increased. This might help them to get control back of the Senate in November. Oh, and offering up a candidate that not only shows clear cognitive decline but is on record to actually cut SS and Medicare will not help.


If it doesn’t bail Tramp’s businesses out, do you think he is actually going to sign it? Maybe. Maybe not. All the pressure to sign against his selfish interests might make him have that final, psychotic breakdown all the psychiatrists have been predicting. Maybe that would finally end his reign of terror. Or not.

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And of course the actual distribution of said goods and services. Perhaps you would include this in the management?


Yes, true, but the idea of anatomical fascia invisible beneath the skin directing the organs of state/corporate union is appealing.

Hi Bill,

I would encourage you to engage with folk with whom you have a different perspective. Using epithets, such as ‘Trump Trolls’ , dehumanizes people. Dehumanization can be used by people with power , to rationalize oppression.


I would call it social fascism as opposed to socialist democracy.

worker ownership and management of production

I would describe that as communist. But who really cares?

Frankly, I’m astounded that Moscow Mitch allowed this. It’s fantastic. However, I’d prefer that a law or other method was found to have forced Fuhrer to fully divest of all his business interests starting the day he became president, and removed his lover Ivanka, and the rest of the family, from any role in government.

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